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Updated by Catalina Forbes on Feb 26, 2015
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Top 10 Must Have Things in Backpack on Music Festival Goer – ease your stress away

For some people, music is their. And for some, more than life. Whenever there is a music festival comes to town, they make sure they get there on time. Life is too short, but some would willingly make it more entertaining. All that depends on your backpack, and what is in it when you enjoy the festival.



A portable music player is a good boost to carry to a music festival. The best thing about it is that it lasts for 10 hours. With Jambox you do not have to worry about your drunken buddies playing mess. The jambox has a spill-proof layer. It is an open sesame to share music with your friends through Bluetooth.

Well, some would simply prefer their own phone. But it is doubtful if you could have the facilities as best as it is in the Jambox.


Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are becoming a trend now. Some of you could be pretty reluctant to go for tattoos. But most music fans do not forget carry a set of flash tattoos in their backpack. It is mostly popular among girls. Just as the jeans became fun among most girls, flash tattoos are slowly making way in along with metal jewellery.


A solar charger

You must be too engrossed with the festival to have your phone charged. In such an instance, a solar charger could be a good option. You realize your phone's battery is dying fast, and you cannot spot a single power socket within your reach. The solar charger comes in handy. So keep the solar charger ready and be prepared for any sudden occasion. You can leave the charger in the hotel. If you look for a hotel, Sundowner Tamworth Hotel NSW is a good one located Sundance Park Tamworth.


Undercover bra stash

Festivals are notorious for smuggler-crowds. This then is a good news for ladies. The undercover bra stash can keep your cash and other identification documents safe. It is a good opportunity to keep your head free of worries. If you are worried about how much it would occupy, the bra won't take much space of your skin. It is a thin silk and discreet one that could be worn under clothing.


Coconut water

Hangovers are quite a common incident during festivals. More than going for unknown chemical-filled drugs, it is always better to go for a national cure such as coconut water. Its capacity to cure a hangover is much stronger than most cures, with its sizeable quantity of potassium. The water also has antioxidants.


Drug testing kit

Before going to the festival, you buy drugs. But you need to check whether the drugs are genuine or not. The medical kit sold by the Bunk Police has a good price and could be used about 100 times. The bunk police will also enlighten you on how to detect substandard drugs.


A pair of sandals

To enjoy the festival to the maximum, you certainly need a quality pair of sandals. Most shoes in the market are now designed to suit the minimalist style. The fashion is now with minimalism – and minimalism is posh. So you can go for a convenient minimalist sandal. It not only saves your money, but also serves you healthy.


A Diva cup

It is always good to have a mug handy with you. This said, you can find quite a lot of trendy cups in the market.


Sleeping bag

Travelling is fun. But having to sleep at night is the least fun. A good portable sleeping bag is a good addition to your backpack.



The festival will go on and on over the night. But you need to sleep. How is it possible? Simple. Take a few earplugs with you. That is the oldest, and best yet, option.