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The Top 5 Things To Do in Habarana

One of the most popular tourist destinations in South Asia is the island nation of Sri Lanka. Known for its 2500 year old heritage, and rich culture, Sri Lanka is blessed with abundant natural beauty in the form of stunning beaches, rolling mountain ranges with lush forests, a flourishing eco-system, and beautiful cascades and sparkling rivers.


Visit the Minneriya National Park

Located roughly 30km away from Habarana is to visit the Minneriya National Park. This park is one of Sri Lanka's most exciting national parks, and is home to over 220 different species of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. A safari through the Minneriya National Park is considered to be one of the best in safari experience in Asia, owing mainly to the large number of animals that can be witnessed, and also due to being able to see many herds of elephants. The concentration of elephants in the park is the highest in any part in Asia, thus, elephant lovers are sure to love this park.


Go on an Elephant Ride

Many resorts in the area offer its guest the opportunity of riding on an elephant. Elephant rides are truly one of the best experiences, as you will get to sit upon a full grown elephant giving you a great view of the marvelous scenery and beauty of Habarana. It is not every day that you get to take a ride on the back of these majestic and intelligent creatures, thus, when make sure to include this on your to-do-list while in Habarana.


Visit the Ruins of the Ritigala Forest Monastery

A historic attraction that is located just about 20 minutes away from Habarana is the Ritigala Forest Monastery. Although much of the monastery is in ruins, there are still many features of the monastery complex which are still in good condition. Dating back to the 4th Century BC, these ruins are a symbol of the sophistication of the ancient civilizations in Sri Lanka, and the fact that many of the pathways, stones steps, tanks, and even lavatories are still intact is a testament to the prowess of the ancient engineers and architects. This exotic and mysterious forest monastery is an exciting location for an adventurous excursion.


Go bird watching

Consider yourself to be an ornithologist? Then Habarana is the best place for you, as the lush forests around the city of Habarana are known to be home to a variety of avifauna. Take a stroll or a trek through the forests of Habarane and you will be amazed at the beauty of some of the exotic and marvelous birds that inhabit the area. The area is home over 130 different species of avifauna such as Indian Rollers, Open-Bills, Painted Stalks, Kingfishers, Purple Swamp-hens, and Great Cormorants.


Trek to Hiriwaduna

Hiriwaduna is a quaint and beautiful village that is nestled amidst luscious forests. The village is far from anything you would see in some of the bigger cities of Sri Lanka, as the city is shrouded with ancient customs and traditions practiced by local folk for hundreds of years. The trek to this village generally commences at dawn, and you will get opportunity to make your way along a beautiful tank bund and through the mystical forests, which is sure to be adventurous experience. At the village you will be able to observe the simple yet fascinating lifestyle of the villagers and the warm hospitality that Sri Lanka is renowned for.