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Things to Do When Snorkelling in Maldives – Discovering the Underwater Tropics

Snorkelling is a fun and rewarding activity to be enjoyed by the whole family in tropical Maldives. Skim across the surface of the shimmering ocean and discover a whole new world of tropical delights.


Choose the Best Sites

Ask your hotel tour desk or tour guide for information on the best snorkelling sites. Many private tour operators or hotel leisure service operators provide a variety of Maldives excursions to the best atolls and bays around the archipelago.


Book a Tour

For convenience and also the best snorkel sites it is wise to book a tour. Many tour operators or even the luxury Maldives resorts offer day excursions for diving, snorkelling and swimming amongst the best coral atolls in the country. These day tours are excellent for discovering hidden coves, colourful coral atolls and enjoying a lazy picnic on a secluded beach.


Choose the Best Location to Stay

If you are an ardent snorkelling fan remember that most coral reefs can be easily walked up to in the Maldives. There are lots of luxury spa resorts in the Maldives that sit serenely by the powdery white sand beaches. Enjoy waking up within a beach side bungalow and setting off on a snorkelling expedition as the rising sun warms the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean. For unsurpassed luxury and comfort you may want to consider the Niyama Maldives.


Ask for Advice on Snorkelling Locations

Ask around for advice on the best dive spots as well as advice on which areas to avoid. Check with an experienced guide for potential dangers such as currents, problem waves and spots that are difficult to enter or exit. Remember to stay safe especially if you are on a solo trip or with the family.


Best Seasons for Snorkelling

Before you set off on a snorkelling expedition to the Maldives check for the best seasons to indulge in this sport; August is tipped as the best time for enjoying loads of snorkelling while December is the rainy season. Remember to avoid disappointments by checking weather patterns before booking your holiday.


Choose the Correct Mask

The waters of the Maldives are extremely clear offering sights to depths as far as 50 metres. A good mask is your best piece of equipment for enjoying the bountiful marine life that live amongst the colourful coral beds. The ideal way to test your mask is to place it over your face without the straps and to breathe in. The mask should stay put and not fall off even when you lean forward.


Finns and Snorkel

Choose well-fitting fins for gliding effortlessly along the ocean, likewise the snorkel should fit comfortably within your mouth.


Wear Protective Footwear

Never walk on the coral as this may damage them. Also do not walk barefoot on the coral beds as your will injure your feet; always supervise children to avoid accidents.


Sunscreen and Protective Clothing

Wear plenty of sunscreen and protective clothing such as a t-shirt to cover your shoulders. Remember the tropics can be quite harsh on the skin.


Be Sensitive

When enjoying the bountiful harvest around the coral reefs of the Maldives remember to be protective of your surroundings. Do not harm the coral formations or colourful fish that thrive in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Be gentle and admiring and do not interfere or influence the natural eco-balance of the area.


Indulge in Plenty of Island Hopping

Do book an island hopping tour for maximum enjoyment of your snorkelling expedition. There are many virgin coral reefs and beautiful bays that are waiting to be explored around the Maldives. Do not limit your snorkelling tour to off beach runs but explore and discover the wonders of the Maldives.