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Headline for Current Issues in Education
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Current Issues in Education

Here are a list of current issues in education and resources you can use to help the situation.

Dealing With Difficult Parents

Here is an article on dealing with difficult parents in your classroom.

Should Struggling Students Repeat a Grade?

Repeating a Grade Can Benefit Struggling Students Evidence From Los Angeles Shows Many Children Retained In Early Elementary School Boost Skills SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2011-Struggling students who repeat first or second grade can make significant short-term gains in their academic skills, according to a study of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District released today by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).

Saving Kids from Stress

Experts are even seeing stress levels increase at the elementary school level. Some educators are working to reduce the pressures on students. Included: One school's efforts to reduce student stress.

Bullying Intervention Strategies

Here are 6 major approaches to stop bullying in your classroom or school.

What Can Be Done About Student Cheating?

It's not exactly breaking news that students cheat in school. Whether it's the student who peeks at crib notes during a test or another who can't keep his eyes from drifting over to a classmate's paper - schools have always had to deal with cheaters on some level.

Effective Classroom Management Techniques

10 effective classroom management tips for your future classroom.

Effective End of the Year Activities

Choose a goal to make the last month of school an effective one. Here are some time-honored Ah, the end of the year. Everyone's tired and losing focus. Some end of the year activities. tests are behind you (state tests, AP exams), some may be ahead of you, and probably no one - you or your students - is really at their best.

Improving School Environments Through Green Cleaning

Switching to organic cleaners can create healthier school environments for students and staff.

Why Teach Current Events?

In order to achieve its goals, the Social Studies course should convey social events, which took place within or out of the school context, into the classroom environment. Current events can be very beneficial so as to transfer the social events into

Help for Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities

Since almost five percent of all students in our nation's public schools are classified as having specific learning disabilities (SLD), every teacher can expect to find students with learning disabilities in the classroom. Success for these students requires a focus on individual achievement, individual progress, and individual learning.

Tips For Keeping Your Child Safe on Social Networking Sites

Idle summertime means your kids have more opportunity to browse online. You may find your child parked in front of the family computer spending hours at a time on popular social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace. As a parent, do you really know who your child is communicating with-or, in some instances, does your child even know?

Making a Case for Music Education

Representing over 10,000 music educator members and the 4.7 million schoolchildren of Texas, TMEA communicates throughout the year with state leaders to highlight how music education is essential in providing a complete education for every student.

Real Math Doesn't Use Calculators

The Dean Dad is worried about remedial math: In a discussion this week with someone who spends most of her time working with students who are struggling mightily in developmental math, I heard an argument I hadn't given much thought previously: students who have passed algebra and even pre-calc in high school frequently crash and burn when they hit our developmental math, because the high schools let them use calculators and we don't.

How Can Teachers Help Students With ADHD?

Tips, strategies and lessons that can help with your ADHD student in your classroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of Block Scheduling

Here are some pro and cons on having block scheduling in your classroom or school.

Teaching empathy

Teaching empathy? This might sound strange if you think of empathy as a talent--something we either have or lack. But research also suggests that empathy is a complex phenomenon involving several component skills: * A sense of self-awareness and the ability to distinguish one's own feelings from the feelings of others.

Are Smaller Classes the Answer?

In this post it discusses how class sizes are one of the biggest, yet most overlooked problems in the current education system - both when it comes to facilitating students academic achievement as well as nurturing their overall well-being and development on a personal level.

How Important Are Extracurricular Activities?

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities for Teens Academics are an important part of each student's high school years, especially since high school grades play an integral role in college acceptance. Parents spend a lot of time encouraging their teens to study more -- and play less -- in the pursuit of this goal.

Back-to-School Planning Guide

Start the new year with back-to-school lesson plans, book lists, printables, and learning activities for early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school grades.

How Breakfast Choices Affect Learning

Breakfast is widely acknowledged to be the most important meal of the day. Children who habitually consume breakfast are more likely to have favorable nutrient intakes including higher intake of dietary fiber, total carbohydrate and lower total fat and cholesterol

Does Inclusion Help or Hurt Students?

The National Association of Special Education Teachers-national membership org for teachers, professors, and college students involved in special education