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Water Sport Activities you must tryout in Doha - Must- Experience Water Sports in Doha

Home to golden beaches Doha is the ideal venue to engage in a variety of water sports. From banana boat rides with the family to Hobbie Cat sailing here are the must-try water based activities in Doha.


Hobbie Cat Sailing

Often regarded as one of the most rewarding excursions one can experience in Doha a Hobbie Cat sailing tour around Banana Island offers visitors unparalleled views of the Doha shoreline. Gliding across the shimmering waves the cruise is ideal for groups of travellers as well as individual holidaymakers.



As a water sport that combines the best elements of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and water skiing, wakeboarding is another popular water sports activity in Doha. Travelling at break neck speeds the pristine coastline and wind conditions of Doha make it an ideal hub for seasoned as well as novice wakeboarders.


Fishing Trips

Angling enthusiasts will also have much to write home about on a tour of Doha as fishing expeditions are rapidly growing as one of the most popular activities along the coastline. Experienced anglers and beginners alike are welcome to put their skills to the test on a fishing tour that can yield a large catch if fortune allows. Fishing excursions in Doha typically include 4 participants at a time while tour operators see to it that visitors experience the finest fishing hotspots in the area.



As a sport that relies heavily on water and wind conditions the best venue to engage in windsurfing in Doha is undoubtedly in the waters around Banana Island. Novices and intrigued travellers can hone their skills with lessons by professional instructors at 5 star hotels in Doha such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara where windsurfing gear and guidance are both available.



Often described as one of the most tranquil and rewarding methods of uncovering the natural beauty of Banana Island and Doha at large a kayaking tour around the coast is another water sports activity available to visitors young and old. Paddling along on a single kayak tourists can experience the splendor of Doha at their own pace while working up a sweat.


Chartered Boat Cruises

Another favorite water based activity among seasoned visitors to Doha chartered cruises or boat cruises combine the best elements of a oceanic excursion with leisure amenities a boat tour can encompass a wide variety of experiences according to one's tastes. From live bands to platters full of delicious dishes and snacks chartered cruises are among the best way to unwind in style in resort havens such as Banana Island.


Jet Ski

Jet Skis are also available on the beach for adrenalin junkies looking to go wave crashing at high speeds. As one of the most exciting water sports activities on offer Jet Ski vendors are available on the shorelines while visitors can admire the beauty of the Arabic Sea with the wind blowing through one's hair.


Banana Boat Rides

Pulled by a speedboat banana boat rides are perfect for families and groups of friends. Bumping across the waves at high speeds the twists and turns of a banana boat ride is a must-experience highlight in Doha.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Also known as SUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a relatively new water sports activity that is a favorite among fitness fanatics. Improving one's cardiovascular strength the activity is accessible to all age levels and fitness levels.