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Paper Editing and Proofreading Services

ProofreadMyPaper offers unbeatable value for your dollar, returning documents super-fast without compromising our high standards. We have proofread written work for hundreds of satisfied customers. We have a great team of highly educated proofreaders who come from different backgrounds and specializations. This means that we can always find the perfect proofreader for your work and cater to your unique proofreading needs.

Thesis Tips for PhD Students

The thesis is an important part of the PhD course, thus prior to writing its students are advised to conduct plenty of research on the topic they have selected. The topic selected for PhD thesis writing carries significant grades, so selection of the topic is a crucial step in thesis writing. Along with this, the following steps are also important.
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Grammar and syntax are two different entities in the English language. Simply put, grammar is a set of rules that the English language has to follow.It includes speech, voice, punctuation etc. that are necessary in order to make the sentence accurate. It does not add meaning to the sentence; it merely provides the rules to form sentences correctly.

Non-Academic Documents Proofreading and Editing Services in USA

We specialize in non-academic proofreading services for your CV, business proposal, novel and technical proofreading. We make the documents the way it should be.

Academic Proofreaders | Paper Proofreading and Editing Services

Got an academic document that needs double-checking? We are your guys! The team here at ProofreadMyPaper have a vast amount of experience in proofreading a variety of documents, but academic editing is our forte!

Formatting Services for Better Presentation of Academic Documents

Is your document complete in all respects? Probably yes, but have you given it the right format? We can do it for you, as we have done for many others!


Academic Writing: How to Organize your Thoughts

Academic Writing: How to Organize your Thoughts

The most important thing for academic writing is to structure your argument clearly and logically. Remember that the purpose of a paper is usually to present the results of your research, along with your conclusion on the subject in question.


Changing the Direction of Text

Changing the Direction of Text

If you regularly use a script which reads from right-to-left as well as English, you may find that sometimes the English script appears right-to-left, like mirror writing.

Basic Structure of a Thesis

Theses vary between different colleges so it’s always best to check the guidelines you have been given. However, this is a basic structure of a thesis that should be a little like yours!


Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

It can be difficult to know whether to use ‘some’ or a number when talking about certain nouns. Here I will explain what countable and uncountable nouns are and show you how to use them correctly.


When to Hyphenate

When to Hyphenate

‘Hyphenation’ is the technical term for employing a hyphen to link two words together. Hyphenated words can include compound nouns,
compound verbs or compound adjectives. In this context ‘compound’ simply means that two separate words have been joined together to form one word.

Word Choice: Cite vs. Site- Proofread My Paper's Academic Blog

It can be difficult to always use the right words in the right context. However, knowing how to do so can gain you valuable marks in your papers. So, read on to find out when to use ‘cite’ and ‘site’!

Structure of a Sentence- Proofread My Paper's Academic Blog

If you’re learning to write English for college, you’ll need to understand how to talk about grammar. You probably already know that there are specific terms for each part of a sentence, but do you know your morphemes from your clauses?

Word Choice: Practice vs. Practise

You may have noticed that sometimes there are different spellings and usages of ‘practice’ and ‘practise’. The difference is a little confusing, so I’m going to explain it to you today!


Harvard Referencing- In-Text Citations

Harvard Referencing- In-Text Citations

Do you get confused over how to quote from sources in your papers? Here’s our ultimate guide to quoting using Harvard referencing!


Word Choice: Then vs. Than

Word Choice: Then vs. Than

The difference between ‘than’ or ‘then’ is so slight that it is almost inevitable that you will end up mixing them up at some point. However, once you have a clear understanding of what each one means, you should be able to spot your mistakes much more easily!


How To Use the Word ‘Sic’

How To Use the Word ‘Sic’

Are you certain you know how to use the word 'sic'? This one can trip people up, so make sure you have it right by checking our academic blog!


Synonyms for ‘Because’

Synonyms for ‘Because’

Do you get stuck always using the word 'because'? Then look no further: on our blog we have several synonyms with a demonstration of how to use them!

How To Write a Dissertation Abstract

When you are getting to the end of writing your thesis, you’ll need to start thinking about writing an abstract. But what is one? And how should you make sure it encourages readers to continue reading? Here are some top tips to help: