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Top 5 reasons to choose a good Spa - Five Reasons to Consider When Select a Reputable Spa

A day at the spa is a luxury most holidaymakers hope to experience on vacation. Selecting a good spa however is integral to the therapeutic experience and the reasons why are explored below.


Cleanliness and Sanitation

Cleanliness and sound sanitation practices are a key element that separates a good spa experience from a potentially hazardous one. As a therapeutic venue that employs a wide range of massage tables, equipments, saunas and other facilities that are used by countless number of patrons during the course of the day maintaining a clean and germ free spa environment is a priority in any reputable establishment. The safety and sanitization practices performed daily help maintain a germ-free environment and although most of us have our own standards of sanitation the procedures and therapy spaces of a spa should meet higher standards as the venue is frequented by a large number of clients with varying health issues and conditions. A good spa will have a competent sanitation policy and minimize the risk of disease and infection.


Spa Menu Options

All spa menus are not created equal and this is a fact frequent spa goer's encounter when shopping for varying spa treatments. The notion therefore that all spas perform facials, massage sessions and body wraps is a misconception and visitors should keep this in mind when selecting a spa. Most spa establishments will offer a comprehensive menu of the type of therapies they offer and finding a spa that provides the treatments/procedures one is in search of is key to a successful day at the spa. Consulting the spa's menu online or at the venue before making an appointment should be a property for patrons to avoid disappointment. Well-regarded luxury spas however will encompass a wide variety of procedures and treatments and shelling out a little extra to spend a spa day at such a venue is therefore justified in some cases.



As a venue that employs a wide range of therapists, masseuses and treatment specialists a spa's reputation is heavily reliant on the professionalism of its staff and the etiquette of its personnel. Showing attention to detail and providing a courteous and professional service to patrons is the hallmark of a successful spa. A competent staff should not only inform and guide patrons through the treatments and therapies on offer but also ensure their comfort levels and expectations are met in terms of time and the quality of the treatments in question. Good spas are well aware of this fact and take great measures to ensure their clients enjoy a memorable and recommendable experience regardless of initial expectations.


Quality of Spa Products

As a therapeutic institution a spa employs a plethora of oils, scrubs, aromas, herbal concoctions and creams on a daily basis. From basic massage oils to hair care and holistic healing essentials the products used by a spa can enhance or diminish the benefits patrons hope to gain through the therapy. Spa products are manufactured across the world with varying safety standards and results and the brands used by a spa establishment is another key component that directly impacts the results guaranteed by its treatments. Popular spas such as COMO Shambhala for example has its own range of pure oils and other body care items manufactured in keeping with its wellness products philosophy.


Special Treatments

Spa goers who wish to experience special treatments and procedures such as hydro therapy and Ayurvedic therapy options should select a spa that is licensed and registered to carry out such treatments. Gold facials and other luxurious therapies for example are only available in reputable establishments that encompass a wide range of multi-disciplinary procedures within one space.