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Updated by Natasha Hervatta on Feb 25, 2015
Headline for Highlights of Parks and Recreation Season 7
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Highlights of Parks and Recreation Season 7

Parks and Recreation aired on television for the last time on 24th February, 2015 - and it was perfect. With this list, let's have a look at all the highlights of season 7 of this wonderful, wonderful show. Parks and Rec, we'll miss you in the saddest fashion.

Ron and Leslie De-program Jeremy Jamm

Setting aside their rancor, Leslie and Ron try to rescue Jeremy Jamm from Tammy 2's evil spell.

Ron's Unkindest Cut for Leslie

Battling for public opinion over the Newport land, Ron and Leslie's feud finally explodes.

Breaking Ron Down

Leslie tries every trick she knows to get Ron to open up about their feud.

Ron's Terrible Confession

After being trapped in his office, doused by fire sprinklers and plied with scotch, Ron finally comes clean with Leslie about their feud.

Warning : This clip can make even the Ron-Swanson-est of fans cry.

Treat Yo Self Turnabout

As a pre-wedding present, Tom takes Donna to L.A.'s hottest eatery - but it's Donna who has the real gift for Tom.

Donna, Ben, and Gary's Big Day

Donna's wedding day is filled with good news - for her guests and the people of Pawnee.

April and Leslie's Heart to Heart

Caught in a career crisis, April finally opens up to Leslie about her future - and how she feels about her.

Warning : Doesn't matter if you're Satan's niece like April, you will tear up at this.

Leslie Sets the World Straight

On the campaign trail with Ben, Leslie enlightens the press - and the voters - about gender politics.

New Beginning for Gary (Larry, Jerry....)

Greatness is thrust upon Gary in this episode, while Tom makes his big move with Lucy, and Ron surprisingly finds a friendly barber.

Johnny Karate Says Goodbye

With the help of his friends, fans and April, Johnny signs off for the last time.

Sidenote : When it comes to emotional value, this song stands second only to 'Bye Bye Li'l Sebastian'.

Leslie's Finally Ready

In the final scene of the series, we see Leslie and Ben, bolstered by their good friends and former co-workers, announce they're ready for the rest of their lives.