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Updated by Shashi Bellamkonda on Feb 22, 2015
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Marketing Lessons From Everyday Experiences

Small Business Thoughts While Having a Pedicure

I did something a week ago that all males should do often - got a pedicure. As I relaxed my legs in warm water, I wondered why the nails/manicure/pedicure industry does not lure more male customers. According to a research company, IBISWorld's Hair & Nail Salons Market Research Report, this industry had a revenue of ...

7 Local Marketing Lessons From My Barber Shop

I learn so much from small businesses that I visit. I have previously written small business thoughts while having a pedicure and recently, I looked around as I sat in the chair at the local barber shop. Suddenly, I had many useful thoughts about local marketing lessons that could be gleaned from this small business.

Selling to The Bottom of the Pyramid

The "bottom of the pyramid" concept is the theory that even the poorest markets in the world can be revenue generating for companies if they tailor their product and packaging to these markets. This concept was introduced by the Late Professor of the University of Michigan, C. K.

5 Small Business Marketing Lessons from NPR's Car Talk

This week the hosts of NPR's most popular non-news show "Car Talk" Tom and Ray Magliozzi announced in a post on their site "Time to Get Even Lazier" that they would "stop and smell the cappuccino." Car Talk has been on the airwaves for over 35 years of which 25 years has been on NPR.

Business Lessons From Mad Men

The TV series Mad Men on AMC came to my attention very late, season four had ended. The series piqued my attention when a friend mentioned that it was a series on Madison Avenue and the advertising business in the 1960's.

How Online Tools Helped a Family Farm Get New Business

How can online tools help your small business get new customers? I experienced a real-life case study of this principle recently. Together with a few of our friends and family, my family went to Crumland Farms in Frederick, Maryland, recently and had a great experience and perfect weather.

No Parking Marketing: A Look at Marketing in India

This guest articles is written by Shashi Bellamkonda, Senior Director of Social Media at Growing up in India I remember a time before television where advertisements on the radio and those shown before the Bollywood movies in theatres were very exciting. In the 70's and 80's, India was mesmerized by ads like the Liril Soap girl.