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10 Journeys of Unplugging and Disconnecting

We are so connected and plugged in that there is now a National Day of Unplugging, ironically in U.S. it occurs in the dead of winter. I'm not sure why they picked a time when so many people are so desperate for contact but at least in other parts of the world people (if they have such a day) can get outside when they unplug.

12 Imaginative Videos to Expand Your Creativity

Every small business owner could use a few sessions with a business coach to help jump start their creativity. These 12 videos about creativity are the next best thing, they contain a wealth of tips and insights into expanding your creativity.

Top 15 Looks At Journal Writing

Daily writing in a journal may be the best exercise for growing your creative side there is. Journal writing tunes you into yourself while at the same time taking you outside of yourself. ## Dive deeply into the paradox and let your creative side shine.

10 Benefits of Embracing Silence

Slow down you're thinking too fast**. Can you relate to "thinking too fast" or maybe "thinking too much"? Sometimes it seems like we just have to talk or our minds will explode, and often the need to talk happens while someone else is already explaining or sharing what's important to them.

Top 10 Multitasking Myths Exposed

One of the hallmarks of the 21st century is Multitasking and all the warm and fuzzy rewards associated with being a great multitasker. ## I multitask the most when I'm stressed or working on a project that I don't have much interest in.

Portable Muse: Jumpstart Your Creativity

We can now catch fire in a bottle (smart phone) Finding the right documentary film or the perfect book for the creative person can be like finding a portable muse. You can watch it on your phone or tablet wherever you are and like jumper cables these portable muses may jump start your creative juices.

10 Best Mindfulness Practice Insights

The word Mindfulness has become a buzz word and as a result what the word means has become murky and open to meaning whatever someone says it means. But if we go in search of the original meaning we are apt to find mindfulness means be present in the moment or your attention is on what going on right now.