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Pistotnik Law Office Practice Areas

Pistotnik Law Office are personal injury attorneys in Wichita KS. Brian Pistotnik and Brian Collignon handle cases in auto accidents, construction accidents, workers comp, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and more.
Auto Accidents - Pistotnik Law Offices
Car wrecks typically involve three cases: property damage to your vehicle, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits as part of Kansas No Fault laws, and bodily injury claims that allow you to get a settlement to recover for your medical bills, past and future, wage loss, past and future, other economic losses, and noneconomic losses.
Usually when injuries occur at a construction site, the initial claim is workers compensation. However when the companies and their employees at the construction site are negligent, there may be a second case against the construction company and/or their employees. The Kansas workers compensation laws protect the employer you are working for and coworkers and you cannot sue them.
In Kansas, an owner of an animal is liable for injuries caused by the animal only upon proof that the animal owner has knowledge of the dangerous propensities of the animal. This is commonly known as the "first bite is free" rule.
When your wreck is the fault of a drunk driver, your case has a potential for a higher value and juries tend to award larger damages when the other driver was drunk. Drunk drivers can have a history of driving drunk in the past and drunk driving can make a claim for punitive damages possible.
The TWO BRIANS at the Original PISTOTNIK LAW OFFICES know how to help you with your injuries due to your wreck. Insurance companies make lots of money by offering to protect you when you are in a car wreck.
Motorcycle Accidents - Pistotnik Law Offices
Our office has helped numerous victims of motorcycle wrecks and we fully understand the severe nature of these collisions. It is very important to have legal representation from knowledgeable and experienced lawyers to properly handle these cases and to get full compensation for these, often, horrific injuries.
A pedestrian has no protection other than clothing and when struck by a motor vehicle, often receives severe injuries. A pedestrian also has three types of cases, including loss of any property damage such as clothing or other property being carried like cell phones or other personal belongings, a Personal Injury Protection benefits claim, and a bodily injury liability claim.
The TWO BRIANS at the Original PISTOTNIK LAW OFFICES know how to help you with your injuries due to your wreck. These specialized car wrecks obviously involve risk of injury to the children occupying the school bus.
When you are injured on the job, your first case is typically the workers compensation case. However, when your injury on the job is due to the negligence of someone other than your employer or coworker, you also have a second case against the negligent person or company.
Train Accidents - Pistotnik Law Offices
Just like the Rules of the Road for motor vehicle operators, there are many state and federal laws that govern the conduct of railroad companies. Sometimes train conductors are negligent in the operation of the trains by failing to travel at an appropriate speed, by failing to properly sound the horn when approaching an intersection, and by failing to keep a proper lookout and brake.
Truck Accidents - Pistotnik Law Offices
Semi trucks and trailers weigh in excess of 10,000 pounds and can be extremely dangerous to other motorists. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) impose many more RULES OF THE ROAD for these professionally trained drivers. Fortunately, this country has highly skilled and highly trained drivers that do their jobs well every day.
Unfortunately, in Kansas, many motor vehicle collisions are due to the negligence of a motorist who is uninsured. Kansas laws require every motor vehicle insurance policy to contain coverage, in the event you are injured as a result of a collision with one of these uninsured motorists.
Workers Compensation - Pistotnik Law Offices
When you are injured by accident while working, you have a potential case. There are two strict statute of limitations. You must report the accident to your employer within 20 days (the sooner the better) and you must file an application for hearing with the Kansas Division of Workers Compensation within 3 years.
Our office is experienced at handling wrongful death cases. We have handled these types of cases for years. It is important to allow a complete investigation by your attorney to assist proving your case and it is more important not to provide a tape recorded statement to the insurance companies as these statements could easily hurt your case.