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Top Reasons To Invest In An American Storm Shelter

American Storm Shelters, Inc. 1-800-687-4007


Protect The Lives Of Your Loved Ones

You can replace all your material posessions but you can never replace your life or the lives of your loved ones! Don't be caught off guard! Buy your storm shelter today. Tomorrow may be too late!

Increase Your Home's Value

Installing a storm shelter not only adds safety and peace of mind to your life, it also improves the value of your home! This is an investment that will pay you back in more ways than one!


Peace Of Mind

It is our belief that everyone deserves peace of mind and safety during a storm. It is our GOAL to make sure you have it! Call us today! American Storm Shelters, Inc. 1-800-687-4007


Handicap Accessible

Our drop-in units are built with a 45 degree entryway making doors easier to open, they have a natural 3-step entry and large handrails, making them semi-handicap accessible. Our hillside and safe room units are fully wheelchair accessible and all of our units are customize-able to meet your special needs.



All of our units come equipped with built in bench seating and are fully carpeted! Our 6x8 drop in units can comfortably seat up to 12 people and can even be outfitted with a full size bed mattress so your family can sleep right through the storm in comfort and safety!



American Storm Shelters offers a premium product at an affordable price! Save $$ on our already low prices by paying cash, ordering early, taking advantage of our sales and offers or asking us about a payment plan starting as low as $99 per month! Call Today for your free quote!! 1-800-687-4007


Low Maintenance

Unlike concrete and other types of shelters, American Storm Shelters' steel construction requires no maintenance. The only requirement is maintaining the ground outside the unit to insure an aerodynamic surface.


Strength & Safety

American Storm Shelters are constructed of 11 gauge steel and anchored with 3000 lbs of pre-poured concrete blocks or 3000 lb stress anchor bolts. The doors include triple locking points and can be opened from interior and exterior insuring no one gets left in the storm. All of our shelters are FEMA approved to withstand F5 Tornado winds.


FEMA Approved

All of our shelters are FEMA approved! Meaning, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product that you can trust and that your shelter will meet requirements for any state or government rebates or refunds that may be offered. Any company you deal with should be able to show you pre-engineered drawings that have been stamped and approved to meet FEMA 320, 361 and ICC500 guidelines. Beware of any company that does not meet these requirements!



American Storm Shelters, Inc. is proud to carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have been in business since 1970 and you can rest in the knowledge that we are a long-standing, reputable company that stands behind their product!


Steel vs. Other Products

When choosing a storm shelter, choose wisely! Invest in steel! Concrete shelters are porous and retain a lot of moisture leading to must and mildew, an uncomfortable place for your family to have to stay during a storm. Concrete also cracks when the ground shifts leading to further problems which can include leaking and infestation of snakes and insects. Many concrete shelters have been known to have standing water in them and they require a lot of repair and maintenance. Plastic and fiberglass units also often crack and break down over time. All of our shelters are constructed from high strength steel and are tested for leaks in our shop before they are ever installed into your ground. They are painted inside and out and coated with a thick hydrocide mastic coating to ensure there will be no moisture touching the unit that could cause rusting. You have the right to a dry, comfortable place of shelter in the storm. It's your money... invest in a product that will continue to serve you for years to come.


Easy Installation

Our units can be installed in as little as 2 hours! Our experienced installers can help you pick just the right place for your storm shelter. We dig with a small backhoe and use pre-poured concrete blocks so there is less mess. All of the dirt taken out of the hole is used to pack and create an aerodynamic surface around your shelter so there is no waste. Our way of doing business saves you both time and money! Schedule your installation today! American Storm Shelters, Inc. 1-800-687-4007



Your storm shelter is yours for life! If you move you can have your shelter dug up and re-installed at a different location, usually for less than buying a new one.


Drumroll Please......

On not so stormy days your American Storm Shelter can serve you in other ways. Here are just a few ideas:
~Store your valuables
~Use as a root cellar
~Create a fun playhouse for the kids
~Use it as a quiet place to escape to
~Hide from your wife ;)
~Use it for a music studio
.... What fun and interesting ideas can you come up with?