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Hurricane Sandy & NYC Flood Related

This list contains news articles related to the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery of NYC and surrounding areas during Hurricane Sandy. It also includes articles about flooding in NYC.
Hurricane Sandy: Impacts, Response and Recovery Plenary Session
This was a panel moderated by Dr. Kathleen Tierney and including Irwin Redlener and William Hooke. The major points discussed included: 1. There was a lack of taking the threat of Sandy seriously by the local governments and because of that the govt. agencies and hospitals were not as prepared as they should have been.
Architects rush to protect New York from rising sea levels: Detours episode 6 debuts tomorrow
Come along with The Verge for the second season of Detours. We've traveled across the country to find the people, groups, and companies that are solving America's problems in new and unconventional ways. Check in for new dispatches every Wednesday. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy laid waste to Manhattan, leaving much of it underwater.
These 9 Disasters Forever Changed New York's Infrastructure
The 13th anniversary of the September 11 attacks occurred last week; the two-year mark post- Hurricane Sandy looms up ahead. Both disasters dramatically altered New York City's infrastructure and day-to-day functioning.
2 Years After Sandy, U.S. Disaster Policy Is Still A Disaster
WASHINGTON -- Two years ago, Superstorm Sandy devastated the northeastern United States, killing more than 70 people, causing $60 billion in damage and exposing major gaps in federal disaster preparedness and response. But there has been little movement in Congress to change policies to prepare the country for future disasters.
The Undocumented Immigrants Who Rebuilt New York After Sandy
After the destruction and death and confusion, what 2012's Superstorm Sandy left behind was work. The storm littered roadways with the trunks and branches of trees. It flooded hundreds of thousands of basements, rotting walls and corroding wires and exposing insulation. And it ripped houses clear off their foundations and deposited them in other people's yards alongside marooned boats.
Rockaway worries some outside relief workers are carpetbaggers | Al Jazeera America
We all thought we had our work cut out for us when we woke up the morning after Superstorm Sandy (those of us who had slept at all) and held our collective breath at the sights of disaster most of us had only seen on television.
Robin Hood Nest Egg Draws Scrutiny From Congress (Update1)
July 16 (Bloomberg) -- The Robin Hood Foundation is a behemoth of New York philanthropy, where hedge-fund luminaries like Paul Tudor Jones II throw glittering parties featuring performances by the Who, the Rolling Stones and Beyonce to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fight poverty in the city.
"Are we safe? Of course we're not." A climate scientist on preparing NYC for future Sandys
Klaus Jacob has been saying the same thing for decades. But only now are people starting to listen to him. In the fall of 2011, the esteemed Columbia University climate scientist published a prophetic report estimating how much damage New York's subway system would suffer in the event of a major storm.
What Use Is Disaster Planning? Hurricane Sandy's "Fantasy Documents"
The sociologist Lee Clarke argues that many disaster plans should be understood primarily as "fantasy documents". They have little probability of ever being implemented, and instead effectively serve to project confidence from the planners-to rhetorically "convince audiences that they ought to believe what an organization says" (Clark 1999: 2).
This man is ensuring future storms like Sandy won't paralyze North America's largest transit system
Millions of Americans will be traveling this Thanksgiving weekend - a good chunk of them faced with a gloomy nor'easter. These times of heavy travel and weather disruptions remind us how reliant we really are on our transit systems. But that's something John O'Grady never, ever forgets.
In Sandy's Wake, New Yorkers Don't Sweat Small Stuff
I walked out of my apartment at 5 this morning in a part of Manhattan -- the Upper West Side - that never lost power. Still, I skirted around downed trees on my way to the subway. Across the street, a car was crushed by a tree.
Fixing NYC's Underground Power Grid Is No Easy Task
The fury of the great storm Sandy shocked a lot of people, like John Miksad, vice president of the New York electric utility Consolidated Edison. "We hit 14-foot tides - that was the biggest surprise," he told a press conference this week. "The water just kept rising and rising and rising."
Blackout Backlash Builds as Sandy Slow Recovery Drags Out
Nov. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Four days after super storm Sandy blacked out millions of homes and businesses in the northeastern U.S., complaints are rising from customers who may have to wait as much as two weeks longer to see power restored.
Looters add to pain on Staten Island - CNN Video
Looters reportedly pose as relief workers, then rob homes devastated by Hurricane Sandy. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
Crossing the Line - The New Yorker
In the summer of 2007, Eve Mosher, an artist who grew up in Texas and lives in New York, bought a machine known as a Heavy Hitter. Heavy Hitters are typically used to produce the white chalk lines found on Little League fields, but Mosher had an entirely different purpose in mind.
Saturday Night Live Takes On Hurricane Sandy! Watch HERE!
Fred Armisen may no longer be the number one Barack Obama impersonator on Saturday Night Live , but on last night's episode of the sketch comedy series, he effortlessly stepped into the role of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg!
The Midnight Evacuation of NYU Medical Center
I am a medical student at NYU, and I live directly across the street from NYU Langone Medical Center and Tisch Hospital. Last Monday night, these buildings flooded, and PSE&G shut off electricity to all buildings below 40th Street. And then, as you've probably heard, the unthinkable occurred: the hospital's backup power generator failed.
How Occupy Wall Street Turned into a Disaster Relief Group
MORE FROM CAPITAL The morning after superstorm Sandy had pushed the waters of the New York Harbor up and over the streets of Red Hook, a staff member of the Red Hook Initiative, a neighborhood community organization, cautiously checked out the organizations headquarters in a two-story building.
Sandy Versus Katrina
As Sandy barreled toward New Jersey, there were hopeful mutters on the right to the effect that it might become President Obama's Katrina, with voters blaming him for the damage, and that this might matter on Tuesday. Sorry, guys: polls show overwhelming approval for Mr. Obama's handling of the storm, and a significant rise in his overall favorability ratings.
Where FEMA Fell Short, Occupy Sandy Was There
ON Wednesday night, as a fierce northeaster bore down on the weather-beaten Rockaways, the relief groups with a noticeable presence on the battered Queens peninsula were these: the National Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Police and Sanitation Departments - and Occupy Sandy, a do-it-yourself outfit recently established by Occupy Wall Street.
The People Who Panic During Disasters Aren't Who You Think They Are
On Thursday, three days after Hurricane Sandy swept across the Eastern Seaboard, darkening power grids, flooding neighborhoods, and killing at least 74 people, former Star Trek actor and social-media dynamo George Takei posted a lovely photo to his Facebook timeline. It showed two power strips draped over the gratework of...
Disaster Tourism In NYC
HICKSVILLE, N.Y. - Two weeks after Superstorm Sandy, while most utilities have restored electricity to nearly all their customers, there was one glaring exception Monday: a Long Island power company with more outages - almost 60,000 Monday - than all the others combined.
Sandy Far From Finished: Why Storm's Still Super, Headed for New Targets
Sandy covers roughly a quarter of the continental U.S. Tuesday. Image courtesy NOAA. Willie Drye Published October 30, 2012 What was once Hurricane Sandy has already affected more than 50 million people in 20 eastern U.S. states, leaving millions literally powerless and flooding New York City But the superstorm, today downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, isn't finished yet.
How New York's Tech Scene Is Helping the City Rebuild
Photo courtesy of Manuel Colón Each time the Empire City has been faced with a disaster -- whether natural or otherwise -- New Yorkers have shown remarkable resilience, rallying together to help affected communities, organizing food and clothing drives, opening their doors to friends and neighbors less fortunate and beginning the long process of rebuilding.
Cuomo Cites Broad Reach of Hurricane Sandy in Aid Appeal
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, making a case for tens of billions of dollars in federal aid, declared on Monday that Hurricane Sandy had been "more impactful" than Hurricane Katrina, the deadly storm that struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. Hurricane Sandy, which arrived in New Jersey and New York on Oct.