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Houses and Home Designs

Everything about houses, home planning, home building and house designs
What the World's 10 Most Expensive Houses Look Like
One of the perks of having a sky's the limit budget is that you get to customize everything to your heart's desire. For the ultra-rich, cookie cutter houses will definitely not do; when there's enough money to burn, you have the freedom to customize every nook and cranny until each square inch looks exactly as you had envisioned.
7 Most Amazing Homes You Wish You Lived In - HomeHello

Most of us have a dream home in mind. To inspire you to make that dream a reality, we've listed down some of the most amazing homes from all over the world that you wish you could live in. You would think living in the French countryside would mean living in a small cottage.

6 DIY Design Ideas for a Pinterest-Worthy House - HomeHello

Don't we all wish we had a Pinterest-worthy house? Sometimes it feels like it's impossible to attain. After all, whose house looks that perfect all the time? But the thing is, we can at least try to make our homes beautiful enough to be photographed and pinned.

6 Greatest Misconceptions of the World about Australians

It's common for people to have misconceptions based on what they have heard, read or seen on TV. Sometimes, they automatically see it as the truth just because of how often they hear about it. However, not everything we hear, read or see on TV is true.

What A-List Australian Celebrities' Homes Look Like

Ever wonder where A-list Australian celebrities go home to and what their personal space looks like? Walk with us and take a peek into the homes of these famous Aussie talents. Hugh Jackman's NYC mansion is as sleek and classy as he is.

20 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Sydney

When traveling, we normally scout for hotel, if not transient apartments, to stay in. We want it to be as comfortable as our own home or to provide us with a different experience that makes the travel way more memorable. This is what Airbnb offers to their clients.

You Know You're from Melbourne When...

People from around the world think that all Australians are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we practically carry certain aspects that identify which state we are from-like someone from Melbourne, for example. Melbourne is known by the rest of the country as "CBD", "cultural capital of Australia" and "unofficial sporting capital of Australia".

How to Declutter Your House - HomeHello

It is now summer and it is time to stop putting off cleaning and to start to declutter your house. Not only will it make you feel better by having all the mess put away, but it will make your house look cleaner even if you haven't actually started wiping anything!

10 Sydney Hotspots You'd Want to Be Seen In This 2015

Just when you think you have seen the best of Sydney, then think again. Several famous industry names and real estate developers are up with new openings and properties set to make Sydney sizzle even more. We have rounded up this list of top hotspots in Sydney that you should definitely want to be seen in this 2015.

20 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of Australia's most popular cities. With its creative and exciting city centre, vibrant entertainment and nightlife, world class cuisines and its array of amazing destinations, there's something for everybody to explore. There are many options for accommodations when visiting Melbourne, from luxurious hotels, guesthouses, motels and even backpacker hostels.