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Headline for Rebel Art: 10 of the Best Sites for Free Stencils
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Rebel Art: 10 of the Best Sites for Free Stencils

Stencils have a way of making the brick wall canvas a space for revolutionary thoughts and ideas. Once they're cut, the art is easy to reproduce, making it quick for any idea to spread through the city by walls, sidewalks, and mailboxes. If you're not into street art, you can also use stencils on fabric, walls, and any surface that will take paint. Here are 10 websites that offer free stencils for your next project.
STENCILRY is a huge collection of free stencils and tutorials. Daily stencil blog, share, get help and request stencils in the forum.

Stencils might be difficult to learn how to cut at first. Make sure you have a very sharp exacto knife. I use a very thin cardboard so that they last longer. Here's a quick tutorial on Stencil Revolution.
Free Stencils - Printable Stencils
Stencils Free to Download, 1000's of Free Stencils from Animal Stencils to Zodiac Stencils

If you're just looking for something simple, or something to add on to, these stencils are perfect. They look great on walls and as patterns on fabric. There's something beautiful and open in their simplicity. They beg for your creative input.
Free Stencil Maker
Make printable alphabet, letter, and number stencils. Great for painting, quilting, wood working, stained glass patterns, and other arts & crafts.

If you'd rather spell out exactly what you want to say, get your stencils from here. They look great by themselves or over top a picture. Use your imagination.
Free Printable Eyebrow Stencils
Free Printable #Eyebrow #Stencils! If you want to try a new shape for your eyebrows, I suggest you print out my eyebrow stencils. There's sure to be one shape that will compliment and frame your face. Fill them in with makeup.You can use these eyebrow stencils a couple of different ways!

Stencils can also be used for body art and cosmetics. Good eyebrow game is important. Body art is perfect for those summer #music #festivals. - The Stencil and Street Art Community
The global community of stencil, street, and graffiti artists. It started with stencils and became a revolution.

Stencil revolution knows the history of this art form. Stencil art is communal. What I mean by that is it's meant to be shared in the community as a way of starting discussion and presenting ideas through the visual.
Stencil Letters. Free Printable Stencil Letters, Fonts, Numbers, Templates, Large, Small to Print
Thank you for visiting our website Browse a wide selection of Free letter stencils from A-Z. Our printable stencils come in graphic image (JPG ) and PDF formats which you can easily view and print right on our website.

Here's another site for the letters you'll use in your message. Font is everything.
Free Stencil Patterns
Cutting your own stencils can be great fun, getting the children involved with the easier designs; you can even print out an extra copy for the little ones to use as a coloring book.

This site offers the kind of stuff that would look good as a border around your kitchen. Long gone are the days of uncreative wallpapers and one-colour walls.
Design Inspiration. Planet Stencil Library.: FREE STENCILS
Here's another site that's great for creative DIY home decor. The patterns are breathtaking and well worth the time it takes to cover a wall. You'll also save a ton of cash doing it yourself.



Ever heard of the OBEY clothing brand? Well it all started through the street art of Shepard Fairey and his obey giant stencil.
How to make a graffiti stencil
This is a video on how to make a stencil using a program and some free hand work as well. You can get great results, and with some practice be making the coolest stencils out there. This is part one in a three part series.

Have an idea of your own? Make it yourself.