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Basic Tools Every Kitchen Need

Working in the kitchen is more comfortable, safer and easier if you've fit-up your kitchen by your self with the right tools. I found the list of basic and essential gadgets for cook or baker's kitchen. Any body can find these items easy available to purchase at any store on online or in your local market of household wares.
Cooking Knives - How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives
Not all kitchen knives are equal - often a fashionable brand can be found selling poor quality knives at a high price, while it is possible to find a better quality set for cheaper with a lesser known brand. Since kitchen knives will be a...
Cheese and Chopping Board - Choosing the Right Cutting Board
Food52's Editorial Assistant (and college student) Brette Warshaw is curating her very own first kitchen -- and she needs your help. Today: how to choose the right cutting board. Sometimes, I wish I were a cutting board. Think about it.
Measuring Spoons and Cups - How to Use Measuring Spoons and Cups
How to Use Measuring Spoons and Cups. Most of us have measuring cups and spoons in our kitchens, but do we know how to use them? Measuring your ingredients carefully and correctly helps to produce a consistent outcome. Click any photo to...
Large Pot - Find a Cheap Yet High Quality Cookware Set
Q: I'm a college student living in my own place and I am a pretty avid hobby cook. I'm trying to find an inexpensive but good quality cookware set that will have the basics I need but won't take up too much room in my home or burn through my bank account.
Non-Stick Skillet - What Kind of Nonstick Pan Should You Buy?
Here's a good question from Elizabeth, and we actually found a great answer for her at the Home and Housewares Show this week. Read on for our answer... I need a new nonstick pan - what kind should I get? The coating on my All-Clad LTD 12-inch pan is gone.
Mixing Bowls - This Video Helps You Choose The Best Mixing Bowls for Your Kitchen
You might think that there's nothing special about mixing bowls. America's Test Kitchen would beg to differ, and in this video they explain what you should look for-and what you should avoid-when buying good mixing bowls for your kitchen. Mixing bowls aren't exactly a glamorous part of your kitchenware, but they're pretty important, considering everything that gets made in them.
Essential Utensils - The Kitchn's Guide to Essential Prep Tools & Utensils - Setting Up a Kitchen
What are the essential tools every cook needs in the kitchen? Both new and experienced cooks can benefit from going back to the basics. First up: essential prep tools and utensils. Note: We've offered a few product recommendations in each category based on personal preferences, experience, and editor and reader reviews.