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Must Try Sweets of United Arab Emirates – Treat Your Sweet Tooth

Mysterious exotic and alluring the UAE is undoubtedly the best place for experiencing something different. Keeping in line is the tantalizing range of sweets the country produces plenty of.

Emirates Infamous Jellab

You may like to call it bubble tea due to the little bubbles and grape molasses that are found in this refreshing drink. Definitely a must try for cooling down and enjoying a revitalising sugar high.

Cake Al Tamor

A soft cake made up of dates, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of fragrant Arabic coffee. The moist cake is a favourite for tiffin.

Delicious Chebabs

These are Emirati style pancakes. Containing cardamoms and saffron the soothing flavours of these pancakes are ideal with many accompaniments such as fresh cream, fruit or honey. In the past dates soaked in water were used instead of sugar for flavouring the pancakes.

Assidat al-Boubar or Pumpkin Halvah

A very traditional Arabic dish the Pumpkin Halvah is a kind of sweet porridge, locally known as Assidat al-Boubar. The dish consists of a thick pumpkin conserve blended with many other heavenly ingredients to create just the right balance of sweet and savoury. The dish tends to thicken when cooling down so it is best eaten when still warm as a lovely comfort food.

The Humble Bread Pudding – Um Ali

Each Arabic country has its own unique twist on this creamy bread pudding. Ingredients will vary between cinnamon, cardamoms, coconut, cashew etc. Either way it's a must try for a delicious version of bread pudding to take home.

Arva a Traditional Emirati Breakfast

Arva is a traditional breakfast consisting of fluffy sesame seed sprinkled Khameer and Chebabs which as mentioned above are Arabic pancakes. These are served on a Muhalla – similar to Indian Dosai – which in turn is sprinkled with dates, jam, honey and - yes! Only Kraft – cheese spread. It is said that only this brand is used for Arva in the UAE. Sounds heavenly then try a breakfast platter at a restaurant on Sir Bani Yas Island the UAE's infamous desert island getaway. You will find that breakfast, lunch and dinner are well accompanied with the best sweets in the UAE at the restaurants located here. Some of the best restaurants here are found at the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara.

Ranjina a Sweet Roux

Definitely a comfort food Ranjina is a sweet Roux that consist of butter and flour which is poured over a mix of sweet succulent dates. Do try it warm and treat your taste-buds to heaven.

Luqaimat - Ramadan Food

A traditional dish that is eaten during Ramadan Luqaimat or Lgemat as it is also called consists of little balls of batter that are deep fried and served with a sweet syrup.

Khabees – Breakfast Dish

This dish is usually eaten for breakfast during the season of Eid. The dish is skilfully made of flour and oil and an assortment of sweet mixes. Do try it for breakfast if you are visiting the fabulous United Arab Emirates.

Well folks that's not all, there is a world of sweet treats demanding your attention in the United Arab Emirates. Consider booking a holiday to Abu Dhabi and Sir Bani Yas Island for the best in cuisine sweet or otherwise.