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At OFS, our business is to create a digital edge for YOUR business. Whether you use software to help drive business, or software IS your business, OFS can help you create innovative software that will delight your customers and empower your employees in new ways. OFS has nearly 500 employees spread across our 4 US offices in Atlanta (HQ), New York, Philadelphia, and DC, and our development center in Chennai, India.



Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development
Enterprise Software Development - ObjectFrontier Software (OFS) is a leading enterprise application service provider in today's business world. We take pride in our competitive advantage in deploying successful enterprise application solutions for different industries.

3025 Windward Plaza

3025 Windward Plaza
ObjectFriontier US Headquarters
Atlanta-US Headquarters
3025 Windward Plaza
Suite 525
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Phone: 470-210-3330

Commercial Software Development

Commercial Software Development
Increasingly today, IT organizations have to view their own internally developed software with the same eye towards productization as commercial software firms. OFS has 15-year history of building commercial software for independent software vendors (ISVs).
Healthcare Software Development Company

ObjectFrontier provides healthcare software development and IT services to help healthcare service providers to design, build and maintain a variety of hospital, physician, and clinical products that meets the unique needs of this industry.


Outsourced Product Development

OFS is a leading outsourced product development (OPD), outsourced programmers and advanced software Product Company with strong technical team for giving the best services.
Software Must Enrich Your Brand - Video - Sponsord by OFS
John McCarthy, a VP & Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, Inc., will provide major insights on how the software assets of a company represent a key part of the brand experience and the firm's differentiation. Sponsored by ObjectFrontier Inc. (OFS) for the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC)
Independent Software Vendors

ObjectFrontier started as a independent software vendor itself, producing an AML product for the banking industry and a programmer productivity tool for database independence. Our software vendor customers serve various industries including: legal, healthcare, fitness, and tax preparation.


Leading Software Development Company

Leading Software Development Company
Object Frontier Software (OFS) is a leading software development company that takes on the entire life-cycle of software product development, maintenance, quality assurance testing, and support, all while keeping the costs low.
Podcast: Mobile or Hosted, Why All Custom Software Must Be Built Like a Product Now? by ObjectFrontier
Historically, companies found and maintained success by excelling in the core skills of their industry. This trend is dramatically changing. The best companies in every industry now find a common thread in excellence - software. Now you add mobile devices to this new product orientation, you have a whole new set of challenges that IT shops must overcome to stay competitive.

MEAN Stack Development

OFS has had great success using the MEAN Stack technologies , consisting of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js technologies, is in high demand lately as modern apps rapidly require the benefits these newer technologies offer. What exactly is this MEAN Stack Development? Well it’s a combination of the most dynamic JavaScript based technologies. MongoDB – this is a database that benefits these newer technologies offer.
A MEAN Stack Case Study - Lightning-Fast Mobile Breaking News System -

Client: A National Television Broadcasting Company Client Need: The Client's original mobile Breaking New Alerts and Distribution Hub was built to handle significantly fewer subscribers than the 16 million iOS subscribers and 9 million Android subscribers it had amassed over the years. On this older platform, there was a 16-minute lag from when news editors ...

OFS Trains 50 More Employees in MEAN Stack Technologies to Keep Up with 2015 Demand
Following the significant growth in the use of MEAN Stack technologies that OFS experienced with clients in 2014, the company is pleased to announce it has increased its investment in this technology by training 50 more employees in the MEAN Stack skillset in anticipation of 2015 client demands.
Check Out the Replay of OFS's Recent Webinar on Digital Transformation!
Missed OFS's webinar earlier this month? Now you can experience all the valuable insights from Forrester's John C. McCarthy and OFS's Rich Napoli at your own convenience! Featuring Forrester Analyst John C. McCarthy with OFS CEO Rich Napoli from December 2014 Digitally transforming your enterprise requires a whole new way of thinking and operating - not only in the IT department, but throughout the entire corporation.
A MEAN Stack Case Study - Smart TV App for a Leading Television Network
Client: A Leading Sports Television Network Client Need: The Client wanted to increase viewer engagement and extend viewership time during their broadcast of a major upcoming sporting event. By securing higher TV audience ratings, they could increase their advertising revenue from program sponsors.
Join Us This Thursday for OFS's Must-See Webinar on Digital Transformation!
Thursday, December 4, 2014 from 1:00-1:30pm ET With the pervasiveness of digital devices in today's world, firms must rethink their business strategy - from the outside in - to capitalize on the competitive advantages that today's digital technology provides. The best digital experiences are ones that understand a customer's complete journey, not just their current transactions with your company.
Customer Journey Mapping: What you need to know for your Digital Transformation!
Learn how to use Customer Journey Mapping to refocus your business using an outside-in perspective.
Understanding Your Digital Transformation Agenda - Upcoming Webinar!
Digitally transforming your enterprise requires a whole new way of thinking and operating - not only in the IT department, but throughout the entire corporation. It all starts with re-examining your customer's journey from their perspective to predict their next most likely actions, and then building your digital products and services around those needs.
The Top 3 Software Trends Affecting the Broadcast Media Industry -
The consumer viewing experience today has changed drastically from the traditional experience of watching television. Gone are the days when the entire family sat in front of a TV set and watched a show in its entirety, including commercials, without distractions from other devices or alternate sources of programming.
TechLifeSciNews - How mHealth Apps are Transforming Patient Care -

Check out OFS's latest article, featured as the cover story in this month's issue of NJTC's TechLifeSciNews! Click Here for Article These days, your smartphone fulfills many roles beyond just being a medium for audible conversation. It is your personal assistant, your calendar, your DJ, your TV, your camera, your library, your navigator, your researcher, ...

Making Money The New-Fashioned Way
New Tech-Enabled Financial Services Offerings for Small Investors and Small Businesses The Old-Fashioned Way In the late 1970s, the actor John Houseman starred in a famous commercial for a well-regarded old-line investment manager of the time.
Software Must Enrich Your Brand - Free Research Report
OFS invites you to enjoy a complimentary copy of Forrester Research, Inc.'s report Software Must Enrich Your Brand! Learn how software is driving your 21st century brand and how it has become core to your business success!
How to Build mHealth Apps That Won't End Up in the Digital Dumpster -

Our last two posts shared some evidence of the mobile revolution that is underway in the healthcare industry. A number of mHealth apps that provide true digital value to patients have emerged, and they are disrupting the status quo in the industry. Apps to manage diabetes, to treat vision problems, to test blood, and to ...

OFS CEO Rich Napoli Wins 2014 SmartCEO Technology Innovator Award
OFS is pleased to announce its CEO Rich Napoli has won the award for Innovative Medium-Sized Technology Company CEO in the 2014 SmartCEO Voltage Awards!
How Smart TV Apps Are Giving Brands a Digital Edge
Though smart TV's have been around for several years, businesses involved in television programming and ads are just now beginning to take advantage of the possibilities they offer for engaging viewers. Smart TV's add a whole new layer of engagement to the traditional TV viewing experience.
How mHealth Apps Will Transform Patient Care - Part 2!
Our last post, "mHealth Apps Will Transform Patient Care Amidst Digital Disruption" introduced the major impact that today's Digital Disruption is having and will have on the healthcare industry. A number of recent mHealth apps are paving the way for effective, inexpensive digital forms of patient treatment and care.