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Feminism evolution in films in the 20th Century

Feminism evolution in films in the 20th Century. We picked one film from each year.
1999 - Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
With Sally Kellerman, Ronnie Gilbert, Julie Harris, Amy Madigan. The story of Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and their life long fight to bring equal rights to women.
1998 - Run Lola Run
Directed by Tom Tykwer. With Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup, Nina Petri. A young woman in Germany has twenty minutes to find and bring 100,000 Deutschmarks to her boyfriend before he robs a supermarket.
1997 - Princess Mononoke
Princess Mononoke is a 1997 anime epic action historical fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It was animated by Studio Ghibli and produced by Toshio Suzuki. The film stars the voices of Yōji Matsuda, Yuriko Ishida, Yūko Tanaka, Kaoru Kobayashi, Masahiko Nishimura, Akihiro Miwa, Mitsuko Mori and Hisaya Morishige.
Radical Act (1996)
Directed by Tex Clark. With Kathleen Hanna, Evelyn McDonnell, Gretchen Phillips. Radical Act, a feature-length (and vintage) documentary about the contribution of female artists to the 1990's punk scene. Featuring: Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), Tribe 8, Toshi Reagon, Gretchen Phillips, Melissa York (Team Dresch, Vitapup, The Butchies), Meg Hentges, Kim Coletta (Jawbox, co-owner of DeSoto Records), Shirlé Hale (Mary Lou Lord, Gerty, Womyn of Destruction), Sincola, ...
Antonia's Line
Antonia's Line (Original title: Antonia ) is a 1995 Dutch film written and directed by Marleen Gorris. The film, described as a "feminist fairy tale," tells the story of the independent Antonia ( Willeke van Ammelrooy) who, after returning to the anonymous Dutch village of her birth, establishes and nurtures a close-knit matriarchal community.
The River Wild (1994)
Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 2 nominations. See more awards " Gail, an expert at white water rafting, takes her family on a trip down the river to their family's house. Along the way, the family encounters two men who are unexperienced rafters that need to find their friends down river.
I Was a Teenage Serial Killer (1993)
Mary was a good girl until she decides to kill all the "sexist pigs". She of course encounters many of which, and enjoys killing them. Taglines: See the horror of righteous dismemberment! Feel the triumph when sexist pigs are wasted! Hear the screams of terror!
Female Misbehavior (1992)
Directed by Monika Treut. With Camille Paglia, Annie Sprinkle. Four documentaries in one. One has Camille Paglia explaining her ways of thinking. One has Annie Sprinkle explaining her approach to performance art, which includes inviting audience members to view her cervix with a speculum. One interview investigates a professional woman's preoccupation with sadomasochism.
Thelma & Louise (1991)
Won 1 Oscar. Another 21 wins & 30 nominations. See more awards " Louise is working in a diner as a waitress and has some problems with her boyfriend Jimmy, who, as a musician, is always on the road.
An Angel at My Table (1990)
Directed by Jane Campion. With Kerry Fox, Alexia Keogh, Karen Fergusson, Iris Churn. In 1920s and 1930s New Zealand, Janet Frame grows up in a poor family with lots of brothers and sisters. Already at an early age she is different from the other kids.
Sweetie (1989)
Directed by Jane Campion. With Geneviève Lemon, Karen Colston, Tom Lycos, Jon Darling. Based solely on a tea leaf reading, superstitious and introspective Kay believes she and Louis are destined to fall in love with each other, he who she is able to convince of the same despite he just having gotten engaged to her co-worker, Cheryl.
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988)
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar. With Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas, Julieta Serrano, Rossy de Palma. A woman's lover leaves her, and she tries to contact him to find out why he's left. She confronts his wife and son, who are as clueless as she.
I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (1987)
Directed by Patricia Rozema. With Sheila McCarthy, Paule Baillargeon, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Richard Monette. Scatterbrained Polly gets a job as a secretary in Gabrielle's art gallery. Gabrielle has a romantic relationship with the painter Mary. Polly hangs a picture by Mary believing that Gabrielle made it.
Extremities (1986)
Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 1 win. See more awards " An intended rape victim manages to escape from her attacker but leaves her purse behind. Worried that he may visit her house and finish what he has started, she contacts the police but they are unable to help, saying that she has no proof.
The Color Purple (1985)
Nominated for 11 Oscars. Another 16 wins & 9 nominations. See more awards " This film follows the life of Celie, a young black girl growing up in the early 1900's. The first time we see Celie, she is 14 - and pregnant - by her father.
The Company of Wolves (1984)
Directed by Neil Jordan. With Sarah Patterson, Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Graham Crowden. A teenage girl in a country manor falls asleep while reading a magazine and she has a disturbing dream involving wolves which appears to take place in the woods visible from her bedroom window.
Dramatization of "Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy," by Isaac Bashevis Singer (1902-1991); originally published in Yiddish c. 1960, then in English c. 1983. The story: In an Ashkenazic shtetl in Poland, Yentl Mendel is the boyishly klutzy daughter and only child of long widowed Rebbe ("Talmud Teacher") Mendel, who teaches Talmud (a codification of Jewish Law) to local boys - and to Yentl, but secretly because girls were not allowed to learn the law in those days.
Directed by Lou Adler. With Peter Donat, Diane Lane, Marin Kanter, Laura Dern. The media and disaffected teens mistake the acerbic rants of an obnoxious teenage punk rocker as a rallying cry for the women of America, launching her and her talentless group to national stardom.
Marianne and Juliane (1981)
Directed by Margarethe von Trotta. With Jutta Lampe, Barbara Sukowa, Rüdiger Vogler, Doris Schade. Germany, 1968: The priest's daughters Marianna and Juliane both fight for changes in society, like making abortion legal. However their means are totally different: while Juliane's committed as a reporter, her sister joins a terroristic organization.
Nine to Five (1980)
Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 3 wins & 6 nominations. See more awards " Frank Hart is a pig. He takes advantage in the grossest manner of the women who work with him. When his three assistants manage to trap him in his own house they assume control of his department and productivity leaps, but just how long can they keep Hart tied up?
A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call.
An Unmarried Woman (1978)
Directed by Paul Mazursky. With Jill Clayburgh, Alan Bates, Michael Murphy, Cliff Gorman. A wealthy woman from Manhattan's Upper East Side struggles to deal with her new identity and her sexuality after her husband of 16 years leaves her for a younger woman.
Directed by Agnès Varda. With Thérèse Liotard, Valérie Mairesse, Robert Dadiès, Mona Mairesse. The intertwined lives of 2 women in 1970's France, set against the progress of the women's movement in which Agnes Varda was involved. Pomme and Suzanne meet when Pomme helps Suzanne obtain an abortion after a third pregnancy which she cannot afford.
Scum Manifesto (1976)
Directed by Carole Roussopoulos, Delphine Seyrig. With Delphine Seyrig. S.C.U.M.= Society for Cutting Up Men.
Directed by Chantal Akerman. With Delphine Seyrig, Jan Decorte, Henri Storck, Jacques Doniol-Valcroze. A lonely widowed housewife does her daily chores, takes care of her apartment where she lives with her teenage son, and turns the occasional trick to make ends meet. However, something happens that changes her safe routine.