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Updated by Ryan Goodin on Feb 20, 2015
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Securing the Trade Secrets of American Manufacturers

Trade secrets and Intellectual Property include any type of information or resource that is not generally known or reasonably ascertained by others, and used to gain an economic advantage over competitors. American Manufacturing drives innovation, with more than 90 percent of new patents coming from the manufacturing sector. However, in recent years, this innovation has been diminished as cyber criminals successfully hack-into our networks, computers and mobile devices, and steal our trade secrets.

Here is a list of trade secrets, specific to manufacturing, that must be protected by a strong data security posture.



Business Plans

Business Plans
Business plans are more than just a single, all encompassing document. Rather, they are a set of ongoing initiatives that are discussed at length via many communication channels. #Cybercriminals can intercept this information in emails, phone records, file repositories.

Chemical Formulations

Chemical Formulations
Chemical formulations are developed through extensive research and testing. #Cyberespionage pays off for #hackers because they can forego all the time and resources that go into developing superior products.

Supplier and Client Lists

Supplier and Client Lists
Supplier and client lists can be extremely valuable to a #cybercriminal, and detrimental to the company who loses them in a #databreach. Consider how many different ways this information is can be found in email address boxes on many computers throughout the organization, in mobile devices, and file repositories.

Distribution Methods

Distribution Methods
#Distribution is a significant cost center for most #manufacturers, and a well-honed distribution strategy is key to reducing expenses and increasing profit margins. It's not hard to understand why this information is valuable to competitors.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process
#LeanManufacturing eliminates waste while delivering quality products, on-time, at least cost with greater efficiency. The manufacturing process is a closely guarded trade secret because of the tremendous impact it has on a productivity and the bottom line.

Marketing & Sales Strategies

Marketing & Sales Strategies
Marketing & sales strategies are a manufacturer's lifeblood, creating awareness among your clients & prospects, and generating revenue for the organization. Ad strategies, technology, sales cycles, and pipelines are just some of the assets that #cybercriminals would love to get their hands on.

Research & Design

Research & Design
American manufacturers are responsible for more than two-thirds of all private sector R&D, which ultimately benefits other manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities. #DataSecurity is critical for protecting and nurturing this innovative process, and maintaining America's competitive edge globally.

Designs Specifications

Designs Specifications
Losing design specifications to a hacker can diminish your competitive advantage and impact demand. Loss of a client's specifications could have major legal consequences, inflicting financial damage that a business may not recover from.
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