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Remember Harper

Articles to remember for Oct 19th
Canada Is The Only UN Member To Reject Landmark Indigenous Rights Document
Posted: Canada singled itself out as the only country to raise objections over a landmark United Nations document re-establishing the protection of the rights of indigenous people last week. It was a gesture one prominent First Nation leader called "saddening, surprising."
Better Late Than Never: Politicians Are Speaking up Against Bill C-51
Posted: This is all thanks to you: Huge numbers of Canadians, including key Ottawa decision-makers, are pushing back hard against the government's Bill C-51, which proposes unprecedented new powers for Canada's security agencies. The bill effectively turns CSIS into a secret police force and would place every Canadian under a government microscope.
Harper may have just turned Indigenous activists into terrorists
Prime Minister Harper's Conservative government has introduced Bill C-51 The Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015, which it claims is needed to protect Canadians from terrorism. Experts and commentators have called the bill, which will create a secret police force for Harper: terrifying, illegal, unconstitutional, dictatorial and totalitarianism.
When fear triumphs over rationality: Harper's new anti-terror legislation
In the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of the word "fear" reads as follows: "an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm." Stephen Harper must have learned this definition by heart. The way he uses fear on the Canadian population to pass his proposed new anti-terror legislation is working to perfection, as least so far.
To the Harper government, it doesn't seem to be

To the Harper government, it doesn't seem to be important that regulators do their jobs so much as they do what they're told. In the case of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commissioner Linda Keen, she absolutely did her job to assess and manage the safety of Canada's nuclear industry.

Conservative campaigns add up | Toronto Star

The costs of ad blitzes by the Conservative government: Stephen Harper's government, having avoided a non-confidence vote in the Commons in late 2008, produced a budget in early 2009 with billions of dollars in spending to try to help Canada weather the global recession. The budget, labelled the Economic Action Plan, was promoted heavily in 2009-10.

Timeline Photos - Clowns Against Child Poverty | Facebook

Clowns Against Child Poverty posted this photo on 2015-05-03. 15 likes. 4 comments. 285 shares.

Stephen Harper's 2012 Indian limo tab rises to $1.2M

The final, official price tag for shipping Prime Minister Stephen Harper's armoured limos to India in 2012 is in and it's even higher than previously thought. The RCMP said it paid $1,200,260 to the Canadian Forces to transport two armoured Cadillacs and a bulletproof SUV to India in November of last year.

The UN Confirms It: Canada's Relationship With First Nations Is Broken

Monday, James Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, issued his highly anticipated report. Professor Anaya has reported a broken relationship between the federal government and Indigenous peoples. I urge every Canadian to take the time to read it -- it is a great way to "Idle KNOW More."

Government for all Canadians, not just the wealthy | Facebook

Opposition Leader Stephen Harper comments on Prime Minister Stephen Harper Create by: typoprone (

Stephen Harper, sore loser, rigs the game again

Every time the Harper government crosses a line between what democratically-elected governments do and what they must never do, we have to wonder: How much longer can it get away with it? Is the law really just a weapon to be wielded by those with power - in order to hold on to that power?

Tories' bill strips Elections Canada of power to promote voter turnout

The Conservative government is stripping Elections Canada of its authority to encourage Canadians to vote in federal ballots under changes to the agency's mandate. Legislation tabled this week sets out restrictions on what information the chief electoral officer can provide the public, limiting it to five matter-of-fact topics related to how to vote or become a candidate.

RAW: Vaughn says Harper cover up cost millions

Liberal MP Adam Vaughan says that the $21 million spent on the Senate audit was due to PMO cover up.

Broadcasters to go ahead with traditional TV debates with or without Harper

Stephen Harper's Conservatives say they will be a no-show at two federal political leaders' debates announced by major Canadian broadcasters Thursday. CTV News, CBC News, Global News and Radio-Canada announced that they've reached agreement in principle with Justin Trudeau's Liberals, Thomas Mulcair's NDP, Elizabeth May's Greens and the Bloc Québécois.

Canadian three-way split might enable Harper to pull a Cameron in fall election

Canada's increasingly unpopular Conservative government stumbled through a bruising spring in which it enraged the nation and alienated some of its most faithful supporters. But the prime minister, Stephen Harper, is entering the race for re-election this fall with the wind at its back.

Is Harper's Economic Record Really Worst Since The 1930s?

OTTAWA - "Prime Minister Harper has the worst record of any prime minister on economic growth since R. B. Bennett in the depths of the Great Depression." - Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Friday, May 15, 2015.

Is Harper the worst prime minister in history?

"I think Harper... can be vindictive, certainly not always grateful for what people have done for him in the past... So you can say he's ruthless, which is probably true... Maybe that's a personal failing."

Canada Blocks UN Plan To Rid World Of Nukes

OTTAWA - Israel has expressed its gratitude to Canada for helping to block a major international plan towards ridding the world of nuclear weapons. Elsewhere, however, there was widespread international disappointment that Canada and Britain supported the United States in opposing the document at the United Nations review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Report - Blue Betrayal: The Harper government's assault on Canada's freshwater | The Council of Canadians

This report will examine Prime Minister Stephen Harper's record on freshwater protection. It is important to state that the Harper government is not the first to have neglected Canada's freshwater heritage. Successive federal Liberal and Conservative governments have bought into the myth of water abundance and have allowed serious deterioration of our lakes, rivers and groundwater.

Why C-51 may prove to be Harper's Waterloo

Things are not going Stephen Harper's way. People aren't as scared as they used to be - and fear is the fuel that keeps his government going. Peter MacKay is just the latest high-profile Conservative to bolt before the election. Mike Duffy is back in the news; senators, PMO staffers and Nigel Wright himself are all on deck to testify.

Harper shows little enthusiasm for 'reconciliation' report

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is already distancing himself from a special commission that has called for fundamental changes to Canada's relationship with its indigenous people. Harper's position of studied indifference calls into question whether the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) will have a brutally short shelf-life.


STEPHEN HARPER KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HIS FRIENDS AND CAMPAIGN DONORS! HARPER'S BUSINESS TAX RATE IS THE 8TH LOWEST IN THE WORLD - compared, for example, to the United States at 67th lowest The general federal corporate income tax rate was 28% in 2000.

The Harper government and evangelical capitalism

Like this article? Chip in to keep stories likes these coming. We think of right-wing evangelical religion as an influence in American politics, but, unrecognized by the public and mostly unreported, it is a powerful influence on the Conservative caucus. That would explain the destruction of environmental policies and those omnibus bills.

Canada's Employment Insurance should be there to

Canada's Employment Insurance should be there to help the unemployed, and that's all there is to it. The idea that the current government takes your EI premiums to facilitate their reelection campaign with the illusion of a balanced budget while denying Employment Insurance to a stark majority of the unemployed is simply flat out outrageous.