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UAV Companies With FAA Drone Approval For Commercial Use - List

A list of FAA authorized drone companies to use unmanned aircraft for their work. The FAA have granted permissions across a number of sectors. These FAA exemptions include Film Industry, Real Estate, Construction, Railway, Mining, Oil and Gas.

FAA Commercially Approved Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone Operators) - Authorizations Granted Via Section 333 Exemptions. List provided by DroneZon.

There are a few FAA authorized companies without websites. These are not included in the list.

Astraeus Aerial - Closed Set Filming
One of a producer's biggest challenges is how to bring potent, memorable imagery to the screen with the highest production value for the least amount of money. The Astraeus Aerial Cinema System facilitates this with its unique ability to execute intricate, elegant camera moves efficiently and expediently.
Aerial Mob - Closed Set Filming
Pioneers in the development of UAS safety standards with the Motion Picture Association of America. Selected by the MPAA to lead campaign to lobby FAA for use of UAS in Film Production Established the "gold standard" of closed set safety/operational procedures with the the MPAA and the FAA. Performed the first ever FAA approved film production project with a UAS.
Pictorvision - Closed Set Filming
Pictorvision is a world leading supplier of stabilized camera systems to the broadcast, entertainment and commercial sectors

With over 30 years of experience, Pictorvision is the Art and Science behind your imagination with an Aerial Suite of products including the Pictorvision Eclipse™, Wescam 35mm, Cineflex systems, Wescam HD and Wescam SD products. Pictorvision's expert staff would be happy to work with you to find a system suitable for your needs within your budget.
HeliVideo Productions - Closed Set Filming
HeliVideo Production specializes in close range aerial filming using RC drone aircraft to fly Epic and other cameras.

Being one of the pioneers of this new age of Cinematography, our experience has set the standard of professionalism only a few can match. Using the latest technology, we are able to fly RED Dragon 6k, Canon 5D III, and other cameras in perfect 3 axis stabilization.
Snaproll Media - Closed Set Filming
SnapRoll Media isn't simply aerial footage. We are about capturing angles never seen before. We are about high value per shot. We are about saving time. Most importantly, we are about you. We want to insure the longevity of our work.

We want to insure the longevity of our work. Instead of relying on the basic requirements of today’s high definition standards, we proudly use RED Cinema cameras filming up to five times the resolution of today’s commonly used DSLR cameras. The footage we shoot for you today will hold up for years to come.
Vortex Aerial - Closed Set Filming
Vortex Aerial specializes in aerial cinematography, aerial video, aerial filming, and Aerial Cinematography. We provide service to anywhere including Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Miami, Moab Utah, Vancouver, South America.

With eight years in business and now fully exempt with full FAA clearance to operate on closed filming sets, our Los Angeles area, Southern California based operation possesses the creative edge and technical know how that makes Vortex Aerial the clear choice for your production goals and we have the long standing track record, "client list", and referral base to prove it!

Having Implemented all Freefly (MoVI-5, MoVI-10, MoVI-15) digital 3 axis hot heads as well as the RED 6K Dragon Carbon Fiber Epic and Panasocnic GH4 4K cameras into our equipment arsenal and coupling it all to our proprietary coaxial quad multi rotor helicopters

Drone Rental | RC Aerial Video | RC Aerial Filming
FLYING-CAM - Closed Set Filming
Flying-Cam provides its customers with a complete cutting-edge solution, while mastering in-house all the technologies and skills involved: helicopter platform, guidance, navigation and control system (autopilot), gyrohead and camera/sensor integration, human machine interface with tailor made mission-based applications, training, maintenance, field operations.

Clayco - Survey Construction Sites
Clayco is one of the top design-build contractors nationally, offering high quality full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture, engineering and design-build construction solutions delivered to clients on time, on budget and above and beyond expectations. Clayco plans to fly Skycatch multi-rotor drones to survey construction sites.

Top Design Build Contractors | Design Build Companies
Trimble UAS - Precision Aerial Surveying, Agriculture
Trimble UAS Aerial Imaging solutions are designed to drastically reduce time and cost to collect aerial data and guarantee the reliability you need. Within each of these industries, aerial imaging can be used to perform a variety of tasks and produce a range of deliverables.

Trimble UAS Aerial Imaging solutions are being used to perform boundary & topographic surveys, site & route planning, progress monitoring, as-builts, volume determination, vegetation health and disaster analysis.

Trimble UX5 Drone - A New Standard in Surveying and Mapping is setting the standard for fast and safe aerial data collection by offering a complete system with powerful technologies such as reversed thrust & automatic fail-safe procedures, a robust design and radically simplified workflow.
VDOS LLC - Flare Stack Inspection / Aerial Surveys
VDOS specializes in both on and off-shore inspections for the oil & gas industry.

Providing customized data products to fit your needs, including the following:

Inspection Services
VDOS Global uses the latest unmanned aerial system technology inspection services that are safe, efficient and effective for the oil and gas industry. Our at-height inspection services for flare stacks and production platforms enhance and improve incident response times, protect the environment and help avoid costly closures.

Aerial Photo Survey Services
- Terrain imaging
- Landslide detection
- Emergency response
- Land use management
- Forest classification and inventorying
- Wildlife monitoring and management

UAV Operations Support
End-to-end staffing support for your UAV enabled operation, including:
Training and operations
Logistics and customer support
Test range management
Airspace certification
Woolpert - Precision Aerial Surveying
Regardless of whether we're providing cutting-edge remote sensing services with our advanced, multi-spectral systems or simple traditional color orthoimagery, the quality of our work is what sets Woolpert apart from the competition.

From our technology to our acquisition and post-processing methods, our team of operators, technicians and project managers focuses on how we can consistently deliver a product we are proud to stand behind.

Woolpert - Aerial Mapping
Tierra Antigua - Real Estate Aerial Filming
Tierra Antigua Realty will use a Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter to enhance academic community awareness and augment real estate listing videos. Learn how Tierra Antigua agents will exceed your expectations in the Buying process.
ADAVSO - Precision Agriculture
Advanced Aviation Solutions, LLC, is composed of aviation professionals with over 100-years of combined aeronautical experience. We have diverse backgrounds as operators, instructors/educators, logicians, and executives in the civilian, military and government sectors. Our world-wide experience base includes aircraft flight operations, air traffic control, logistical airfield support, mission planning, search and rescue operations, and operational testing.

We are seasoned experts with classroom instruction, syllabus and course-ware development. Our executive experience has been proven in key leadership and managerial positions in organizations ranging from dozens to one hundred personnel or more. We specialize in the aerospace application of remotely piloted aircraft.

Advanced Aviation Solutions is sanctioned by the FAA in the field of UAS Commercial Operations
AEROCINE - Aerial Cinematography
Providing high quality aerial photography for the most demanding professional applications.

On March 12, 2014 at the British Film Institute, AeroCine was introduced to the world. From our inception, the purpose was clear, to move professional cinema cameras in ways no other had before, without sacrificing quality. On February, 21 2014, AeroCine completed an eleven minute, four second flight of an ARRI Alexa XT.
Burnz Eye View - Real Estate Aerial Filming
Creating Theatrical Trailers with Aerial Video & Walkthrough Tours for Luxury Real Estate.

Based in San Diego, California, Burnz Eye View creates emotionally-engaging theatrical trailers of luxury real estate and promotes these films globally through digital channels. Capitalizing on rapid advancements in video-capture, remote-controlled aircraft (FAA-Approved), social media, and mobile advertising, Burnz Eye View helps your listings gain more traffic, engage interested buyers, and close faster.
Total Safety - Flare Stack Inspection
No matter how large or detailed the scope of your project, you can count on Total Safety to provide a complete solution that considers all elements. We bring the expertise of the world's top safety experts to your team

Total Safety U.S. Inc. announced the company has been granted regulatory exemption for commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) - small drones - for operations involving the inspection of flare stacks.
TEAM5 - Aerial Filming / Motion Picture / Television
Team5 operates their UAS’s as if they were real aircraft with mandatory production crew safety briefings, intermittent traffic control as required, and all under our Motion Picture Movie Manual and associated FAA Plan of Activities.

Team5 believes that there doesn’t have to be any compromises when a shot calls for the unique properties of a UAS. Further, we are the only company to offer a seamless transition from full size motion picture aircraft to UAS’s – with experienced operations in each specialty, we have you covered

Helinet Aviation - Aerial Filming / Motion Picture / Television
Helinet Aviation Services, headquartered in Van Nuys, California, is a diversified helicopter transportation provider for a wide range of markets, including corporate travel, emergency medical service (patient and organ transport), electronic news gathering (news helicopters), motion picture, television and commercial production services, and helicopter management services.

We have built our reputation on providing our clients with the safest, most responsive, and most reliable rotor wing transportation. For over 25 years, Helinet has been dedicated to meeting every customer’s flight requirement. Throughout the industry, we are known for an unparalleled quality of service, an outstanding safety record, and a highly professional staff.

Hollywood’s go-to helicopter pilot can now fly drones instead.

Helinet could be the biggest boon for Hollywood, since they has been the go-to aerial coordinator on many of the biggest blockbusters of the last 20 years.
Helinet Technologies - Aerial Filming / Motion Picture / Television
Creating vital and successful aerial surveillance solutions involves far more than simply purchasing a list of equipment. Helinet Technologies streamlines and improves how agencies operate and maintain their aerial surveillance systems. Whether ground, airborne, or marine, we can create an optimized solution for your organization's mission requirements.

- We will evaluate your specific surveillance needs and challenges.
- Define the best integrated customized solution for your needs.
- Implement your complete solution utilizing experienced, trained experts.
- We will continue to support your solution to guarantee it remains vital and operational at all times.
- And when enhancements are required, we will assist with informed decisions to best insure your ongoing return on investment.
Pravia LLC - Agriculture Analysis / High-Resolution Aerial Imagery
Manned and Unmanned Aerial System UAS services. UAV and traditional aerial infra red IR, multi-spectral and communications solutions for precision agriculture, government, education and more.

With over 17 years of overall experience in aviation including military drone operations, ATP rated airline operations, aircraft maintenance, Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, SUAS experience and 7 years in the aerial photography business, Pravia, LLC has the ability to navigate the regulatory red tape and bring precision aviation applications to your organization.
Viafield - Precision Agriculture
Precision Agriculture is about real-world solutions to issues that are limiting yields. It is about using technologies to improve decision-making and production practices and focuses on the things that ensure that we get the maximum potential yield. That means we focus on the planter. From hitch pin to closing wheels. Anything that helps get seed at the right depth, the right spacing and in the right seed trench environments.

Your Cooperative is Your Source for Precision Agriculture Information

Whether you are having spacing, depth, speed, residue or seedbed problems the Viafield Agronomy and Precision Ag teams have the answer.

This past winter Viafield's agronomy team has invested in the most technologically advanced equipment and has participated in advanced training to help you understand and implement precision agriculture in your operation. And with a dedicated staff of precision ag specialists, our capabilities are only limited by your imagination.
Blue-Chip UAS - Industrial Aerial Photography
Blue-Chip Unmanned Aerial Solutions leads the way in creating intelligent solutions for your problems using unmanned aerial vehicles(drones). Blue-Chip provides solutions for industries such as oil and gas, infrastructure, agriculture, Department of Defense and many more.

Here at Blue-Chip, we tirelessly work with you to develop an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) program that best suits your needs, providing cost effective and intelligent solutions to your problem sets. We utilize our extensive skillsets adopted over a collective 30+ years in the UAS industry to maximize UAS integration into your business, increasing capabilities, saving money and ultimately increasing your delta.

In addition, our employment techniques boost economic growth, enhance job creation and provide a safe means of data gathering all while protecting the environment from the heavy carbon footprint produced by alternative means in use today

Oil and Gas Application | Department of Defense Consulting | Agriculture Research
Asymmetric Technologies - Bridge Inspections
We are uniquely qualified to assist public and private partners in maturing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into a true capability. Our company is expert at the process of transitioning technology to capability by taking a life-cycle approach.

We provide critical services to technology developers: product development and operational application consulting, training and advisory services, operations and planning, and life-cycle sustainment services. Our size, agility and dexterity allow us the ability to quickly meet clients' requirements and significantly reduce and control risk.
BNSF Railway Company - Evaluation and Analysis of Railroad Infrastructure and Operations

BNSF operates one of the largest freight railroad networks in North America, with 32,500 miles of rail across the western two-thirds of the United States. BNSF transports almost every industrial or consumer product found on the market, touching food, shelter, clothing, energy, transportation and even entertainment products.

Sky-Futures UAS Inc - Oil and Gas Platform Inspections

Sky-Futures is the world leader in Oil and Gas drone inspections and will now begin commercial operations in the USA. Sky-Futures has a strong track record in the global drone inspection market and has delivered commercial inspections to the world’s largest Oil and Gas companies that include Talisman, Chevron, Conoco Philips and Apache amongst others. It now adds the USA, the biggest potential single source marketplace for commercial drone technology, to its global operations footprint and looks forward to working with its substantial existing client base in the United States of America.

Sky-Futures USA, a Houston based company offering drone inspection services to the Oil and Gas industry is today awarded a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 Exemption permitting the use of its Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 drone in the United States National Air Space (NAS).