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Updated by Redback Conferencing on Jul 10, 2017
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Web Conferencing | Redback

Our Online Meeting Services allow you to connect at anytime of the day from anywhere in the world and without any prior notice. The convenience of our reservation-less conferencing means that your meetings can be scheduled ad hoc, with no notice and when preparation times are minimal. Say goodbye to endless packing, hurried trips to busy airports and best of all hefty travel expenses.
Web Conferencing Services | Redback Web Conferencing Providers
Fast and easy web conferencing with Redback, the Australian owned web conferencing company. Start your web conference now with a few clicks of a button!
Web Conferencing Services | Redback Web Conferencing Providers

The world's most feature rich and easy to use Web Conferencing platform. We believe in making web conferencing simple to join and accessible at anytime, from anywhere and without prior reservation. Our powerful Web Conferencing tool lets you see, share and update documents and designs online.

Redback | Presenting Perfectly – The Ultimate Guide to Presenting via the Redback Platform

So, you’re thinking about presenting your first webinar? While most of us have attended a virtual event, the thought of presenting online can be a little daunting. But fear not! The Redback Team have put together some tips and tricks on presenting to make sure your webinar is a success.

Case Study Six Degrees of Association 2016 - On Demand Webcasting

On Demand Webcasting. So you want to host an Online TV show with live audience participation but your presenters are all based in different states? In this case study we take a look at how clever use of technology and marketing before/during/after your event can help you to grow your audience and ensure the success of your event!

Digital Event Consulting

Digital Event Consulting is a Success Program that aligns your webinars and webcasts with your organisational strategy. It’s about creating memorable online pr…

How to Create the Perfect Online Presentation

I’m sure we have all created a PowerPoint presentation before. But what if I told you that in today’s world where every second person is a technology whizz, te…

Online Video Call Conference Services | Redback Conferencing Software

Australian Based Conferencing Provider. We make it faster and easier for you to connect, communicate and collaborate online. Contact us for a free trial!