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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 10.02 - 16.02.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 10.02 - 16.02.2015

Billionaire Nutella tycoon Michele Ferrero dies on Valentine's Day
On the day of the year when many people were exchanging chocolates with their sweethearts, Michele Ferrero, the "richest candyman on the planet," died. Ferrero, 89, died Saturday - Valentine's Day - after a months-long battle with an unspecified illness. His company, Ferrero chocolates, made him the richest person in Italy and one of the wealthiest businessmen on the planet.
Google Is Shutting Down Google Helpouts, Its Expert Video Chat Service
Updated: Google is shutting down its Google Helpouts service on April 20, 2015, the service's website has now been updated to reflect. Earlier this morning, we noticed the mobile applications for Google Helpouts, Google's service that uses Google Hangouts video chat to connect consumers with experts online, had disappeared from both Google Play and iTunes.
Zlatan - mój bohater
Mało jest postaci tak wyrazistych, tak niesamowicie zakręconych i jednocześnie o tak mocnym tąpnięciu medialnym co Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I nie chodzi wcale o to, że jest znanym piłkarzem. Chodzi o to, jakim jest człowiekiem. Zlatan ma wielkiego pecha. Jako piłkarz nigdy nie wygra żadnej indywidualnej nagrody, choć profesjonalistą w swoim fachu jest więcej niż wybitnym.
Dota 2 is Steam's first game with 1 million users playing at the same time
Dota 2 broke the 1 million mark for concurrent users this weekend - that figure means people signed in and playing the game at the same time - and is the first to do so in Steam history.
Affinity Photo Is a Feature-Rich Photoshop Alternative, Currently Free
OS X: The makers of one of our favorite Adobe Illustrator alternatives, Affinity Designer, are back with a high-end Photoshop replacement, Affinity Photo. And you can currently grab the beta for free. Adobe's Creative Suite is one of the best software packs out there for professionals, but the...
10 Years Later, YouTube is Still Pure Internet
YouTube is the internet in its purest form. For better or worse, this is the audio-visual mirror of humanity's digital experience. YouTube was launched 10 years ago as a video dating site inspired by the Hot or Not site. That's why its anniversary is Valentine's Day.
Facebook Uses Atlas to Analyze Messenger Campaign
Talk about corporate synergy: Facebook used its Atlas ad platform to analyze its recent campaign backing its Messenger application. Facebook specifically tapped Atlas to look into how successful its campaign for Messenger was at reaching people aged 18 through 49 with ads that were served in apps outside of Facebook. Follows the Crazy Life of a Booking Hero in W+K's New Campaign
Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam goes big in its new work for, with a 60-second spot that tells the epic story of a "booking hero" whose knack for finding the perfect accommodations helps him not only enjoy a great vacation-it helps him fulfill his destiny.
Valentine's Day on social media - lovely statistics for brands
Valentine's Day is one of the biggest social media events during the year, such like Super Bowl, Ice Bucket Challenge or Oscars' gala, it's not strange that brands are trying to leverage their social presence by joining the conversation about the hot topic.
Prowly integruje feed ze Spider's Web
Prowly, aplikacja CRM dla profesjonalistów PR, rozpoczyna współpracę partnerską z jednym z największych serwisów z blogami technologicznymi, Spider's Web. W ramach współpracy newsy przygotowywane przez PR-owców w aplikacji eksponowane będą w dedykowanym oknie na stronie głównej Spider...
Ad of the Day: Adidas Comes Out Swinging in Big New Brand Campaign
Some key things separate pro athletes from weekend warriors. Of course, there's the natural talent and physical skills. But there's also the mental approach. The pros excel at being able to learn from mistakes, and move on to the next play or game. In the clutch, regular people often dwell on the implications of failure.
This guy got paid $12,500 for figuring out how to delete nearly every photo on Facebook
Facebook has paid a security researcher $12,500 (£8,121) for uncovering a bug that allowed him to delete any person's photos or albums on the social network without that person's permission. Naked Security reports that Laxman Muthiyah figured out a way to trick the social network into thinking he was the owner of the photos - letting him delete them without warning.
Jamie Foxx, Steph Curry Star In Under Armour Campaign
Ads Invoke Shakespeare, Aristotle Under Armour is adding an A-list actor to its marketing roster while invoking a Greek philosopher and a literary giant for a new global campaign. The 19-year-old company says it will be its biggest ad effort to date.
Deposit Bits of Nature Into Old Spice's Weird Vending Machine, Get Even Stranger Stuff Back
To promote a new collection of scents-Timber, Amber and Citron-Old Spice has placed a rather generous and oddly specific machine in Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall. Nestled behind fake pine trees and prickly plastic grass, the giant vending machine lets passersby submit various items found in nature (snake skin, owl pellets, brain coral, etc.)
Brands Are in Love With the #WhatIsLoveIn4Words Game, but They Only Love Themselves
A Twitter hashtag game like #WhatIsLoveIn4Words is irresistible to brands. It's easy, and the answer is simple: With only a few exceptions, they love themselves first. Check out a slew of brand posts around the hashtag below. Beats by Dre gets our grudging respect for being so uncreative, they were actually creative.
PR Daily shares stories through Flipboard
Have you ever wanted PR Daily in your pocket so you could catch up on reading during your commute or while waiting in line at the grocery? Thanks to Flipboard, now you can. Flipboard is an app for Apple, Android and Windows devices that lets users follow news and interest-specific trends by following and flipping through articles and pictures on more than 34,000 topics.
Lay's is sweet on Valentine's Day
Nothing says true love like roses and chips. The PepsiCo brand is going after V-Day shoppers with its new sweet/salty offering. Not only has Lay's launched one of its more unique flavour combinations north of the border, the brand is hoping consumers will see it as an indulgent sweet treat that's perfect for Valentine's Day.
The new Hitman movie ads are just someone pretending to murder YouTube stars
Remember that time whenthe creators of Hitman Absolution released a trailer of Agent 47 fighting in what Polygon's Alexa Ray Corriea called the "the BDSM gun-toting nuns level," then ended up promising to edit the game after complaints about the protagonist slaughtering said sexy nuns?
Netflix pulls 'House of Cards' Season 3 after posting it 2 weeks early
Did Netflix just pull a Beyoncé? Surprising just about everybody, the streaming service released the third season of House of Cards more than two weeks early on Wednesday - and then promptly pulled it down in a matter of minutes. "Whoops, something went wrong..."
Carlsberg wraca do hasła sprzed 4 lat / Z branży - Portal PR
Dziś jest: Poniedziałek, 16.02.2015 r PROMOCJA W WYSZUKIWARKACH Carlsberg wraca do hasła sprzed 4 lat Marka Carlsberg zdecydowała się globalnie powrócić do hasła „Prawdopodobnie najlepsze piwo na świecie" („Probably the best beer in the world"), które obowiązywało od 1975 do 2011 r. Cztery lata temu duńska marka przeszła zdecydowany rebranding.
Ford pranks dudes by setting them up on a blind date with a stunt driver
Sorry, dudes - your hot date is actually just trying to sell us a car. Ford pulled another commercial turned stunt by setting unsuspecting bachelors up on a blind date with an attractive woman, who also happened to be a professional stunt driver.
Samsung TVs start inserting ads into your movies
Thought you could watch that video on your local hard drive without ads? Think again: A number of owners of Samsung's smart TVs are reporting this week that their TV sets started to interrupt their movie viewing with Pepsi ads, which seem to be dynamically inserted into third-party content.
Gap: A Soap Opera Reveals The Power of Instagram Video
Instagram video is turning into a powerful tool for digital advertising and brands immediately embraced it as an effective marketing effort. As soon as Instagram introduced the looping plays on its videos, marketers knew that this is a great addition. That's when Gap decided to take Instagram video marketing to the next level, by promoting their Spring collection through...
Instagram bug is pinning celebrity posts to the top of some users' feeds
If you've been on Instagram lately and noticed posts from celebrities appearing out of order on your feed, you're not alone. A bug in the service is causing posts from some celebrities and other high profile accounts to stay "pinned" to the top of some users' feeds.
Ikea's Emoticon App: The New Arbiter Of Domestic Squabbles?
Created ostensibly to address the "home situation misunderstandings occur most around clutter," Ikea has come up with new solution. No, not a hybrid cabinet-media center-bookshelf-closet to shove your stuff into. It has instead produced something that takes up a lot less space - emoticons.