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Acetylene Gas Plant

Error free acetylene gas plant is manufactured using Italian Boschi technology. Fully automatic plant offer maximum efficiency and specificity in gas generation process.
Acetylene Gas Plants
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Acetylene Generator Manufacturer

We are a well established company in India with collaboration of an Italian company to manufacture and supply acetylene gas plants. Our acetylene gas generators are unbeatable in quality, design and technology. Features of our acetylene generator: easy to run, automatic functioning, advanced design for trouble free working, automatic controls for feeding water, no gas loss and high yield, low power consumption & maintenance.

Acetylene Plant Manufacturers

Acetylene plants manufactured by our company are high performing plants that run at minimum power and maintenance cost. The acetylene plant generates acetylene for different medical and industrial applications. All weld joints of the systems are subject to DP test at every layer, 100% radiography and then finally subjected to hydraulic test.

Acetylene Gas Plant Manufacturers & Suppliers

Manufacturers & suppliers of acetylene gas plants, acetylene plant and acetylene gas production plant for industry purpose like welding, metal industry.

Acetylene Generator Plant

Acetylene plants generate acetylene gas, which finds application is a number of medical and industrial establishments. With the capacity ranging from 20 m3/hr to 200 m3/hr, the acetylene producing plants are based on the most modern and latest designs and drawings of ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy. Every part has been carefully designed by experienced engineers so that the machines perform exceptionally. Each equipment is made of the best material. Each part of the machines has been accurately made and carefully inspected before being assembled. We ensure that our customers get an efficient and dependable acetylene generating plant.

Manufacturers and Exporter of Acetylene Gas Plant

Acetylene gas plant is industrial equipment which is used generating acetylene for industrial application. For fabricating the plant machinery of high quality, we import the technology from the acclaimed European technology companies. Acetylene plants fabricated by us are quite popular with the customers. And, our popularity is demonstrated by the fact that we sold over 150 acetylene oxygen plants since our establishment in 1985.

Acetylene gas plant is an industrial system which is used for generating acetylene for meeting the requirements of various industries. Acetylene is used in large number of industrial applications including welding, cutting and heat treating. It is a colorless and highly flammable gas with a garlic taste. The highly flammable gas is generated by the chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The reaction gives a lot of heat, which must be moderated to prevent the acetylene gas from exploding.

Acetylene Generator Plant With Latest Technology

Acetylene generator plant is an industrial system which is used for generating acetylene for industrial application. For fabricating an acetylene generator plant with latest technology, we manufacture our plant machinery in technical collaboration with a famous Italian company which is renowned globally for fabricating high quality plants. We import the technology from the acclaimed European…

Acetylene Generator Manufacturers in India

Our acetylene generator produces pure acetylene gas for welding, metal repairs, and construction. We are leading supplier and exporter of oxy acetylene welding plants, c2h2 gas generation plant, acetylene making machine, acetylene gas plants, dissolved acetylene plant with best price.