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International Education

For parents and families looking to move into international education, our relocation provides information on the variety of educational systems on offer, including IB, IGCSE and AP
International Education in Singapore

What is the education system like in Singapore? How many international schools are there to choose from? Where can you find international schools? Find out all of this and more.
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The Singapore Education System

Education in Singapore is a very serious business indeed. Throughout its history, education has been a government priority and there have been a number of important reviews and restructurings over the years that have led to Singapore's current position today as a world education leader.
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The Best International Schools in Singapore

Our relocation guide has comprehensive listings on international schools, pre-schools and kindergartens in Singapore for expat families moving to or new to the city.
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Interactive Map of International Schools in Singapore

Our map of international schools in Singapore gives full address and contact details, as well as information on the curriculum on offer and how to get in touch with each school. Use the filter at the top of the map to search for schools via the curriculum they offer e.g., IBDP, or UK curriculum, etc.
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Pre-schools and Kindergartens in Singapore for Expats

Our relocation guide to Singapore lists the city's pre-schools and kindergartens to help expat families make important choices about their children's education.
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Special Schools in Singapore

For expat families moving to Singapore, our reception guide lists the city's special schools, as well as other international schools.
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Universities for International Students in Singapore

Post-secondary education in Singapore is of a high standard and tertiary students - both local and international - can choose from a wide range of high-calibre options. The four universities in Singapore are the National University of Singapore (NUT), Nanyang Technical University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).
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Choosing the Right International School for Expats

Safe, happy and well-educated As a soon-to-be or new expat, one of the most important and difficult decisions you will have to make is where your child will attend school. When considering school, most international parents have three main concerns: their children's safety; their happiness; and the quality of their education.

How to Apply for Admission to an International School

Everyone wants the business of starting in a new school to be as smooth, quick and painless as possible, especially if it's also in a new country.

The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) for International Schools

"The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organisation works with schools, governments and international organisations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

IGCSE and A-levels at International Schools

IGCSE The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is usually offered by schools that follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales (the British Curriculum). The IGCSE is an internationally recognised and valued qualification that is an excellent preparation for pupils who intend to go on to study for A-Levels or the IB (International Baccalaureate).

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses at International Schools

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses are standardised college-level courses usually available to secondary school students in institutions which follow the American curriculum. These courses are generally recognised as being equivalent to undergraduate courses and so participating colleges grant credit to students who score sufficiently well in their AP exams. Pupils usually undertake AP courses in maths and English, although they can be taken in almost any subject.

What's the Difference Between the US and UK Education Systems?

Any comparison of the two systems must start with the statement that one is not comparing like with like. The US doesn't have a single educational system in the sense that England does. American schools do, however, have a number of accreditation bodies, who ensure that they have certain standards and fundamentals in common.

An Inside Look at Hong Kong Academy

Our Hong Kong relocation guide provides comprehensive information not only on Hong Kong Academy, but also other international schools in the city, along with detailed information on the Hong Kong education system. Discover more at Expat Essentials

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai – Shanghai's Best International Schools

Our Shanghai relocation offers expats moving to the city comprehensive information on not only Yew Chung International School, but other international schools in the city. We also offer a detailed analysis of the education system in Shanghai and the educational choices open to expat parents. Discover more at Expat Essentials

Life as an Expat Student at an International School in China

I moved to Shanghai in China from South Korea when I was 13 and applied to a British international school to learn English. At first, everything was so frustrating and it was also scary for me to learn another language and to be around new groups of people from all around the world. Learn more about international education and schools in Shanghai at Expat Essentials

Cost to send child to international school in Singapore tops S$500,000

Expats sending their children to international schools in Singapore and Hong Kong can expect to pay more than S$500,000 in school fees over the course of their child's education, according to a report. Learn more about international schools and education in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Total cost of international school fees in Singapore for UK expats tops S$500,000

British expatriates sending their children to international school in Singapore can expect to pay over S$500,000 in school fees over the course of their child’s education, according to new research commissioned by financial advisory firm, The Fry Group. Learn more about international schools in Singapore and what an international education has to offer at Expat Essentials

Choosing The Best International School For Your Child

At the end of each school year, as parents you are either reflecting upon the year at your present school or preparing to move to a new posting in another country. Selecting a school for your family is one of the most important, yet difficult, decisions that you will make. Learn more about international education at Expat Essentials

Shanghai Community International School – Find the Best International Schools in Shanghai

US, IB, SAT 2200+ pupils RMB100,000-245,000 1161 Hongqiao Lu, by Yili Lu, Hongqiao (Puxi) +86 21 6261 4338 ext. 1 2212 Hongqiao Lu, by Hongmei Lu, Hongqiao (Puxi) +86 21 6295 1222 198 Hengqiao Lu, Zhoupu Town by Hunan Lu (Pudong) +86 21 5812-9888 Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) was founded in 1996 with the goal of serving Shanghai's diverse international community of students.

5 Tips To Develop Your Child's Chinese Language Skills

Whether you have been living in China for one month or for many years, it's likely the case that your time here has been rich with experiences you might never have had back in your home country. Discover more about Chinese language learning at Yew Chung International School of Shanghai at Expat Essentials

Tips for parents on choosing the best international school

Elaine Stallard, CEO of Winter's International Schools Finder, shares some tips for expat parents on how to choose the best international school. Elaine gives advice on what to look for when you're exploring what international schools have to offer and the questions expat parents should ask. Learn more at Expat Essentials

How Technology Is Changing International Education

Carolyn Savage is Head of International Education at Winter’s International School Finder. In this guest blog, she discusses the effects technological developments are having on schools and learning. Learn more about international education at Expat Essentials.

Dulwich College Beijing | Guide for Expat Families Moving to Beijing

Dulwich College Beijing has partnered with Expat Essentials Relocation Guides to produce a comprehensive guide to international schools in Beijing, and everything else expat families moving to the city need to know. Read the guide below, or find out more about Dulwich College Beijing at Expat Essentials

The Keys to a Good International School

International education is one of the primary concerns of parents and families relocating to Shanghai. In this expat blog post, the Principal of Britannica International School in Shanghai discusses what the keys are to a successful international school.