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Top Tools For Extending Your Content Footprint

Want to know how to easily repurpose your content assets? This list outlines how we took a webinar recording and did just that -- as well as where we distributed the content.
No Such Thing as Social Media
Social Media is a much used term. Beneath the name the categories of tools have emerged and evolved. This deck explains how Social Media is two things and how you can leverage content that builds your brand. You'll notice that opens the slideshare within the list -- pretty cool! As it keeps you on our blog page. But if you want to explore Slideshare, and set up your own account, go to
Camtasia Studio (Mac & Windows) to Edit the Webinar Recording
Record your webinar -- ALWAYS. It's an easy option. If you're using GoTo Webinar, you will likely need to convert the recording once the webinar is over. Once we have that .mov file, we put it into Camtasia Studio and edit so that it flows really nicely - removing the housekeeping part (where you tell people how to participate in the webinar, etc). This step takes us about 15 to 20 minutes. Then we export the .MP4, as well as exporting the Audio (.M4A) file (which is used in the Transcription step, and in the Audio Distribution step).
Audio Transcription Services: MP3s, Video and more... CastingWords
Quick, high quality, audio transcription service - just upload your file and go. Straightforward rates, fast ordering and a range of turnarounds. We have used them a bunch for all sorts of transcriptions, and they have been highly reliable. There are three different price points depending upon how quickly you need the transcript.
Upload the audio to
upload the audio file to -- you can create a free account, and add your audio. We used the .mp4 from the webinar. Make sure you include the Webinar Title and description, and you can add tags as well. This will help your content be indexed and found - so pay attention to the way you complete the meta data. Again - will play the audio right in the list (when you click the picture or title of the list. You can view our SoundCloud profile, or you can go directly to and create your profile.
Upload the edited video to YouTube
To extend the life of the webinar, and to repurpose that content in video format, we upload the webinar replay (edited) video to our YouTube account. In this case, we created a new playlist, and we'll add the other two videos in the Webinar series to that playlist. The YouTube account is one that we created for Genoo and has a bunch of great videos already on it, since this is a channel we've been exploring for some time now. You can view our YouTube channel here. The most recent video we uploaded was for this webinar. YouTube is the SECOND most searched site (second to Google), and it's also the most indexed by both Google and Bing, over all the other video platforms.
Edit PDF to add links & Upload to Scribd
We received the transcript (ordered for a 24 hour turnaround) and then we inserted our logos, created the links, and saved it as a PDF (We used Word for this editing). We also provided a link at the top of the Transcript to the Blog post about the webinar, and a link to the NEXT webinar in the series.

We posted this at SCRIBD -- note that there is a subscription fee. We couldn't find the price of a subscription -- they really encourage you to share Scribd on social, and for every person who joins, you get another month free. It's also easy to upload your content and to share it on social media. We didn't use this feature - as we are creating our own shares to our social network pages.
ISSUU - Digital Publishing Platform for Magazines, Catalogs, and more
Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers.

We created our account at and could very easily upload the PDF to our account. Note that you can do this for free, however, the links in your document will not be "live" unless you upgrade to a premium account. Comments are also turned OFF unless you upgrade. We've not yet upgraded.

If you want to see our document at Issuu, just click on the picture with this item. If you want to check out our profile at Issuu, click here.
Add an Article Post to LinkedIn
I took the transcript, and I added it to LinkedIn as an Article. This is a social network post as it revolves around the people who are connected with me, and whether it gets any traction (so go check it out and like it!). You don't get to change the URL, and your name is in the URL, as you can see if you click the link and go to the post. But once I had the transcript and had it all edited in Word, it was easy to add that post to LinkedIn. I just copied and pasted it -- and I uploaded the cover graphic for the webinar. Then I added another slide from the webinar further down the article as well. I included links to the next webinar in the series as well.
Posted to Google+ from myself and also on our Genoo page.
Another social network share, and it moves down the feed really quickly. I also shared the video distinctly to the Genoo Google+ page (since we uploaded it to the YouTube account that Genoo has). We'll do the same with our Facebook page. But you get the idea of what we did -- a combination of LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook.