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Classroom Management

Here is a list to help with classroom management.
10 Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Management
By Jennifer Gonzalez You know the basics: Establish clear rules and consequences, be consistent, keep students engaged. But even with all that in place, the small things you do could be wreaking havoc on your whole system. Here are some habits you might have developed that are messing with your classroom management, along with more effective alternatives.
The Dos and Don'ts of Classroom Management: Your 25 Best Tips
83070 Views Classroom management is a delicate balancing act often learned through experience and trial-and-error experimentation. Whether you're a new or experienced teacher, having strategies for effective classroom management is essential for creating positive, successful learning spaces (and staying sane!). In this guide you'll find 25 tips for managing your classroom.
Why Most Difficult Students Just Need Good Classroom Management
Teachers tend to be overly focused on their most difficult students. They stress-out about them. They strategize over them. They spend more time dealing with them than the rest of their class put together. They try this approach, then that one. They powwow again and again with colleagues and counselors, parents and psychologists.
5 Tips for Classroom Management with Mobile Devices
This is reblogged from the original post at Edudemic and is the premise of presentation I will be leading in November at Miami Device. When adopting technology in the classroom, one of the key concerns for teachers and administrators is classroom management. I am often asked if there is a way to "lock down an iPad...
Effective Classroom Management: How to Maintain Discipline In A Classroom
When you initially walk into a classroom, you do not access its effectiveness based on the students' grades, writing skills, or state test scores. Instead, you look to see how effective the classroom management is. Such as how well the students conduct themselves, how well they can work collaboratively with each other, and how effective the teacher's discipline is on them.
Response: Positive Classroom Management Strategies - Part One
This week's question is: What are your suggestions for effective classroom management strategies? At various times, I would imagine that classroom management is a challenge to many of us who teach -- it certainly is to me! New years, new classes, new students (who all come from different backgrounds and previous school experiences) all can contribute to an occasional or often challenging environment.
10 Things I Would Tell Myself As a First Year Teacher - Education to the Core
If I could tell myself 10 things as a first year teacher, this would be it! As I embark on a new year in a new grade level at a new school, I keep thinking how grateful I am and how lucky I am to have the experiences I went through in just three fast years.
5 Back to School Tips for New Teachers
Supporting new teachers in a way that's relevant to their needs is important. I spent over ten years as a school principal, and it led me to become an advocate for actively supporting teacher practice. Observing teachers new to the profession allowed me to have a better sense of the day-to-day challenges teachers face and the skills needed to be successful.
10 Resources for Setting Up Your Classroom
Given how much time teachers spend in their classrooms, it's like a home away from home. This year, design a classroom that is comfortable, inspiring, and promotes learning. We've curated a list of resources with ideas to make this process fun! 1.
Google Classroom - Set Up and Tips for Teachers
Published on For the first time, Google has designed a product for a specific industry. Fortunately for educators, that product is for them! Google Classroom is a brand new tool designed to help ease the burden of ... For the first time, Google has designed a product for a specific industry.
Can a Teacher Be Too Dedicated?
His college buddies were hired at schools with mid-afternoon dismissals and two and a half months of summer vacation. For not much more pay, Cavanagh worked nearly all of August and this fall is putting in 12-hour days, plus attending graduate school.
Teacher Burnout Is Real -- 4 Ways to Avoid It
You wake up one morning sweaty, out of breath and with a throbbing headache. You take every pain medicine available, but you still feel like crap. Determined to finish out the school year strong, you continue to teach until the last day of school.
10 simple tips for new teachers nervous about the school year - Daily Genius
The new school year is right around the corner and you know what that means: stress. Lots of it. There's a lot to worry about and plan for when it comes to building the perfect classroom, group of students, and lesson plans. If you're a seasoned teacher, you know (roughly) what to do in terms ...
8 Back-to-school classroom activities that will get students laughing and learning - Daily Genius
Yesterday, we looked at some of the things that are weighing down teachers' to-do lists during this back to school season. Some of the items that showed up on the list? Classroom set-up. Establishing activities for the first few days of school. Setting expectations for your classroom. Lesson planning. Community building.
How To Create Interactive Lessons for the iPad - Daily Genius
As a teacher, you are used to create your own lessons. The xerox, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint are your trusted companions. But how can you effectively use iPads in your lessons? The ebooks provided by publishers are mostly static and just not interesting enough for today's students.
Easily create an eBook with these 3 powerful apps - Daily Genius
Digital books are transforming the way students of all ages learn today. The interactive elements of digital books enhance the learning experience, making it far more informative and interesting than before. Many teachers today are embracing this new media and producing some high quality student-made eBooks in their classrooms. One of the most fascinating ways ...
If we're abandoning handwriting, let's revive the ancient art of blogging - Daily Genius
Whatever they do in Finland's schools, the presumption is that they are ahead of the game. Everyone assumes they've cracked it, when it comes to education - less so on beach holidays and suicide rates, but definitely on education.
How to easily find the top 5 education links every day - Daily Genius
There's so much noise in the world of education. There's a blog, hashtag chat, Facebook group, and app for just about everything. If you're a teacher, student, or administrator then you don't have time to monitor what's trending every day. That's why we built DashEDU.
A crowdsourced list of 10 top education apps worth trying - Daily Genius
We're hard at work improving Daily Genius and our newest product DashEDU. In case you're new to the community, Daily Genius is a place where professionals can learn something new every day. DashEDU just launched and is a 'dashboard for education' where you can easily submit links to interesting stories, products, events, jobs, etc.
The best Google Drive cheat sheets - Daily Genius
Do you use Google Drive to manage your digital life? Most of us do. In fact, many online students use it to submit homework and projects to their online school. So, when it comes to online learning, Google Drive and it's myriad of features are a must-try suite of tools for you.
Which of the top edtech trends are best for classrooms? - Daily Genius
There are about a dozen top edtech trends that are being implemented in classrooms around the world. There's the flipped classroom, online learning, MOOCs, and a slew of other initiatives that involve bringing technology into the classroom. In this post, we're going to walk through some of the major trends that are being used and ...
Is technology a distraction from learning? - Daily Genius
The classroom model for education emerged out of the Industrial Revolution. Based on the factory (and later the office) model, it was based on co-location in a single room, working on shared goals and measured at the same rate. The classroom prepared us for work.
What does an engaged student look like? - Daily Genius
Teachers want their students to learn, but they also want them to be interested in learning and excited about learning, which will ameliorate both the experience and the process. If you've ever tried getting students excited about subject material that is less than exciting, you know this isn't always easy.
Adapting English language digital content for non-native speakers - Daily Genius
It is much easier, these days, to repurpose digital content than ever it was before. Content management systems allow us to splice, mix and repackage text, video, and the spoken word. Even Google+ can now turn our still photos, video and text into stories and presentations, all set to appropriate upbeat ukulele music, without so much as a human ever getting involved.
Just how widespread are the 4 types of blended learning? - Daily Genius
Blended learning is one of the most important learning trends happening in today's classrooms. It's not always called 'blended learning' but make no mistake. It's happening. That's because blended learning is one of the driving forces of educational change right now. It's a big way schools are integrating education technology, trying out new learning techniques, ...