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Are You a Connector?

Are You a 'Connector'? -

We all know people like them, people who seem to know everyone. They're always able to help -- or if they can't, they know someone who can. You meet them for the first time and in 15 minutes, you're talking with them like you're childhood friends.

Are You a Natural Born Connector? |

I asked myself "Are you a connector?". I started thinking about people and the result of that conversation is this post. What kind of connector are you? If we were playing a word association game Connector goes with People, but I think there are three types of connectors. People, Ideas & Risk.

gladwell dot com - are you a connector?

In Chapter Two, I talk about the central role that three personality types--that I call Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen-- play in social epidemics. In this excerpt, I describe a simple test that anyone can take to tell whether they fall into the first of those categories, the Connector.

Know Your Strength for More Success: Are you a Connector, a Maven, or a Salesman?

Mary Jaksch is an author, Zen Master, and psychotherapist who likes dancing tango in skimpy dresses. Her blogGoodlife Zen focuses on personal growth for intelligent people. Get her FREE eBook Overcome Anything: Finding Light after Darknessclick here.

Mavens, Connectors, Evangelists - What are you? - Ideas Matter

Entrepreneurs create value in society. But there are different types of entrepreneurs. An interesting way of understanding types of entrepreneurs comes from Bijoy Goswami, Malcolm Gladwell and -- originally perhaps -- from the The Baghavad Gita. Recall that in Gladwell's The Tipping Point there were three basic behavioral types for...

Are you a love connector or disconnector?

I recently read a great article describing 9 important skills that highly successful people use to create wealth. As usual, I am translating these valuable life skills into love making, love connecting, and love enhancing skills. Do you know, among your close circle of friends or outer circle of influence, a few outgoing, high people connectors?

What Is An Idea Connector And Are You One?

When I hear the term "Idea Connector" I think of someone holding Legos standing in between two people with ideas. I don't know why, but that is what I imagine. But actually I am not far off in my somewhat immature imagery for this business position.