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Home Selling Tips

Here are some great articles to help with selling your home. Whether you want to learn about pricing, marketing, staging your home or more this list is for you! There are plenty of great resources to help make sure your home sells quick and for the most money.
Check out for more information on the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate markets.

Expert Tips For Selling Your Home In The Fall

Selling your home in the fall involves some different considerations as compared to selling during other times of the year. Read this article for more info.

Tips On How To Keep You And Your Home Safe While Trying To Sell

While the process of selling your home is not necessarily an unsafe one that does not mean you shouldn’t be taking safety tips to protect your loved ones and personal belongings. Some of these tips have dual purposes too in that not only do they help increase you safety during the time your home is on sale but also serve a purpose in making your home more appealing to buyers. By following these tips you can better protect yourself and ensure a smooth home sale process.

Should I Sell My Home During The Holidays?

Learn about how the holidays can affect a home sale and what you can do to take the best advantage of selling during the holiday.

Wintertime Curb Appeal Tips For Homes All Over The Nation

Winter curb appeal ideas broken down by US regions including the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and Northwest. Plus tips from 18 pros!

Incredibly Smart Strategies For Selling Your Luxury Home

Learn about five smart strategies that can help elevate the presentation of your luxury home. These strategies will help bring in buyers who will be ready to make an offer.

Are Zestimates accurate?
Zestimates from Zillow are not all they are cracked up to be. Read this great post to get more details.
Improper home pricing methods.
There is a right way and a wrong way to price your home. Bill Gassett does a great job in this post explaining the issues with various incorrect methods of pricing their home.
Pricing your home should not be a game show.
Don't price your home like you were on a game show. There are plenty of pitfalls in the pricing game. Read this excellent post on what not to do when pricing.
Wintertime Home Selling Tips

While winter may be coming that does not mean home sales stop or that people don’t want to buy homes anymore. Certainly the home buyer traffic does slow down as compared to the spring and summer time selling season but people still want to buy homes regardless of the time of year. The question is if you have to sell your home in the winter time what do you do to ensure the best chances of selling your home? This article will take you through some great wintertime home selling tips in order to help maximize your chances of selling your home.

Does It Make Sense To Sell Your Home During The Holiday Season?

Tips and Advice for Selling Your Home During the Holidays by Anita Clark at Coldwell Banker SSK, Realtors, in Warner Robins Georgia.

Three Important Areas To Focus On When Selling A Home

When selling your home focus on the 3 critical P's of preparation, pricing and professional photography and you'll do just fine!

Zestimates and Assessed Values, are they useful to price your home?
Dan Miller does some extensive research here and provides great information on whether zestimates and assessed values are a good way to figure out the price your home should go on the market for.
Ready to sell and not sure of what price to start at?
Here is a post by me on what are some good ways and not good ways to price your home for sale.
Home buyers and the home price.
This post by Debbie Drummond shows you what the buyers are thinking when they are looking at your house.
Pricing mistake pitfalls
Kyle Hiscock covers some pricing mistake pitfalls that you must avoid to ensure your home sells in a timely fashion.
10 Smart Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Selling your home, while vacant, can be stressful. Here are 10 tips for selling your vacant home & reduce your stress level while it is listed!

The Problems With Pricing Your Home Too High

What are the risks of pricing your home too high? Discover why overpricing a home can lead to missed sales, lost money and a lot of stress.

How To Sell Your Home Faster Than Your Neighbors

Here are 5 tips to help sell you house faster than your neighbors in Colorado Springs.

Flexibility Is Critical With Buyer Showings

Home selling in this day and age of continual distractions and too many things to do, the last thing a home seller should be is difficult when it comes to showing their home.

How To Sell The Home No One Wants?

Every home has its own set of unique features but not every one will be easy to sell. When a house is less than desirable to home buyers, what can a seller do to create positive interest? Below are some tips on making the most with the house you are selling.

Compilation From the Pros on How Best To Sell Your Home In The Fall

Thinking about what to write is much more difficult, than to write it. These days I was searching for some hot topics to write about and realised, that everything is already done by the industry leaders. So I’ve just made up my mind to summarize and provide you a post with all the awesome tips for both home sellers and home buyers to sell and buy homes this Fall. Let’s see what the PROs say:

Attracting The Right Buyer When Selling Your Home In The Fall Or Winter Seasons

For decades, the real estate market has been dictated by school calendars and the seasons. A Majority of buyers search most actively in the spring and early summer, the reason is so they can get a property and close before September, when the school year starts.

Getting The Mood Right When Selling Your Home In The Fall

There are many benefits to selling your home in the fall. Take advantage!

When Your Home Sale Has Seemed To Stall These 4 Tips May Help

Typically, a home that is well priced and shows well should have sold within its first six weeks of being in the market. If the home stays on the market for too long, potential buyers may think that it is flawed, stale or tired.

Smart Thoughts On Pricing Your Home For Sale

Nothing is more important than pricing your home right. Find out what four top REALTORS have to say about pricing your home.