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Essential Oils A-Z

Essential oils are natural plant essences. The have therapeutic properties and are the precursors to pharmacology. They are the source of aromatic compounds, such as those used to make real, fine perfumes.
Allspice | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Allspice Botanical Name: pimento officinalis Method of Extraction: steam distillation Countries: West Indies, South America Parts Used: Berries Note: Middle Aroma: fresh, warm, spicy, sweet Traditional Uses: Allspice has an affinity with the digestive system, aiding with difficult to digest foods and discomforts along the way.


Common Name: Amber Botanical Name: Liquidamber orientalis Method of Extraction: CO2, absolute Countries: India Parts Used: Resin, gum Note: Middle, Fixative Aroma: Sweet, earthy, sensual Traditional Uses: Perfumery. Amber essence is a crystallized mixture of aromatic resins and oils native to India.
Amyris | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Amyris Botanical Name: Amyris balsamifera Method of Extraction: steam distillation Countries: Jamaica, South American, Central American, Haiti Parts Used: Seasoned wood Note: Base Aroma: Soft, woody, warm, musty Traditional Uses: Local fisherman and traders call it "candlewood" because of its high oil content and common use as a torch.
Angelica | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Angelica Botanical Name: Angelica archangelica Method of Extraction: steam distillation Countries: Hungary, Canada, Siberia Parts Used: root Note: top Aroma: Sharp, green, herbaceous, with peppery overtones Traditional Uses: In Chinese medicine Angelica is known for promoting fertility.
Anise | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Anise, Star Botanical Name: illicium verum Method of Extraction: steam distilled Countries: China, India Parts Used: fruit Note: middle Aroma: strong, pungent and sharp Traditional Uses: appetite, digestion, flatulence, flavoring in baked goods and candies Therapeutic Properties: Therapeutic Treatment: Rheumatism, bronchitis, coughing, colic, indigestion, cramping, colds, flu Chemotypes/Constituents: e-anethole, foeniuculim, methyl vhavicol, limilene, linanool, nerolidol, cinnamyl acetatge
Aniseed | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Aniseed Botanical Name: pimpinella anisum Method of Extraction: steam distilled Countries: Spain, Egypt, China Parts Used: seed Note: middle Aroma: fresh, sweet, pungent, spicy Traditional Uses: Anise seed has a long history of use as a spice and medicine. Raki, a popular drink in Turkey, is flavored with the seed.
Arnica | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Arnica Botanical Name: Arnica Montana Method of Extraction: CO2, steam distilled Countries: France, Spain Parts Used: Flowers and roots Note: middle Aroma: herbacious Traditional Uses: Topical homeopathic, muscles, aches, injuries Therapeutic Properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory. Diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, stimulant, vulnerary. Stimulates circulation. Rasies blood pressure.
Balsam Fir
Common Name: Balsam Fir Common / Botanical Name: Silver Fir - Abies alba Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation Countries: Bulgaria, France, and Germany Parts Used: Needles (Leaves) Note: Middle Aroma: Fresh, green, soft balsamic Traditional Uses: Fir needle has mainly been used for respiratory complaints such as coughs and bronchitis, and as a disinfectant.
Basil | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Basil, Sweet Basil Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum Method of Extraction: Steam distillation Countries: Vietnam, USA, France, and Hungary Parts Used: Flowering plant Note: Top Aroma: fresh, herbaceous, warm Traditional Uses: Basil is a sacred plant in India, and used in ayurvedic medicine.
Bay Laurel
Common Name: Bay, Bay Laurel Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis Method of Extraction: Steam distillation Countries: Morocco, France, and Spain Parts Used: Leaves and twigsNote: base Aroma: Strong, spicy, medicinal, herbaceous Traditional Uses: Cooking, topical rub Therapeutic Properties: Analgesic, anesthetic, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antirheumatic, antiseptic, aperitive, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic, sedative
Bay Rum | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Bay Rum, Bay West Indies Botanical Name: Pimenta racemosa Method of Extraction: Steam distillation Countries: West Indies, South and Central America Parts Used: Leaves Note: top or middle Aroma: Sweet, spicy, balsamic, medicinal Traditional Uses: Men's toiletries Therapeutic Properties: Analgesic, anticonvulsant, antineuralgic, antiseptic, astringent, expectorant, hair tonic, stimulant.
Benzoin | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Benzoin Botanical Name: Styrax Benzoin Method of Extraction: Solvent and CO2 Countries: Morocco and Indonesia Parts Used: Resin, Gum Note: base. fixative Aroma: Sweet, warm, musky Traditional Uses: Benzoin has been used for centuries in Asia and India as an incense and perfume.
Bergamot | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Bergamot Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia Method of Extraction: Cold expression Countries: Italy, California, and Mediterranean countries Parts Used: Fruit peel Note: Top Aroma: spicy, floral, citrus Traditional Uses: Bergamot has been used as a remedy for fever in Italian folk tradition, and has a long history of use in potpourri and perfumes.
Bergamot Mint | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Bergamot Mint Botanical Name: Mentha citrata Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation Countries: USA and India Parts Used: Flowering tops Note: Top Aroma: Soft mint, green, slight citrus aroma Traditional Uses: This oil is believed to be emotionally uplifting, and calming for the nerves.


Common Name: Birch, Sweet Botanical Name: Betula Lenta Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation Countries: North America Parts Used: Bark Note: Middle Aroma: sweet like candy yet pungent and bracing Traditional Uses: Used in liniment for muscles rub to treat backache, muscle aches and pains, and for spasm and to relax the muscles.
Black Pepper
Common Name: Black Pepper Botanical Name: Piper Nigrum Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation Countries: Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia Parts Used: Dried fruit Note: Middle Aroma: Dry, spicy, woody, sharp Traditional Uses: Black pepper is one of the oldest spices. Its uses date back to the Greeks and Romans, and the Egyptians utilized it in the embalming process.
Blue Tansy
Common Name: Blue Tansy Botanical Name: Tanacetum Annuum Method of Extraction: Countries: Parts Used: Note: Middle Aroma: herbaceaous and mild Traditional Uses: Relaxant and anti-inflammatory Therapeutic Properties: Therapeutic Treatment: Induces relaxation and can be used to ease nervous tension and stress.
Cajeput | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Cajeput Botanical Name: Melaleuca Cajeputi Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation Countries: Nepal, Indonesia, and Australia Parts Used: Leaves and twigs Note: Top Aroma: Strong, camphoraceous, medicinal. Traditional Uses: It is known for producing a sensation of warmth and quickening the pulse.
Calendula | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Marigold, Calendula Botanical Name: Calendula Officinalis Method of Extraction: Solvent or Steam Distilled, CO2 Countries: South Africa, Egypt Parts Used: Flowers Note: Base Aroma: Herbaceous, pungent Traditional Uses: It is extensively used in perfumery and aromatic industries. It is used in the treatment of skin problems including nappy rash, rough skin, varicose veins etc.
Camphor | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: White Camphor Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation Countries: China, India, and Sri Lanka Parts Used: Wood Note: Middle Aroma: Sharp, camphoraceous, woody undertone Traditional Uses: Traditional uses include the prevention of infectious disease, respiratory, colds, flu and muscle aches. Therapeutic Properties:
Caraway | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Caraway Botanical Name: Carum Carvi Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation Countries: Hungary and Germany Parts Used: Seed Note: Middle Aroma: Strong, warm, sweet, spicy Traditional Uses: Caraway has an affinity with the digestive system. It has many culinary applications, and gives rye bread its characteristic flavor. Therapeutic Properties:
Cardamom | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Cardamom Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum Method of Extraction: Steam Distilation Countries: Guatemala, India, and Sri Lanka Parts Used: Fruit Note: Middle Aroma: Warm, green, spicy, balsamic Traditional Uses: Cardamom is native to India, and is used in Ayurvedic medicine for flatulence, colic, and poor digestion.
Catnip | AlchemistsRoom
Common Name: Catnip Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria Method of Extraction: Steam distilled Countries: USA and CanadaParts Used: Leaf and flowerNote: Aroma: Rich, herbaceous, mild floral Traditional Uses: Traditionally used as an insect repellant. There is more research on the herb, which is a stimulant for felines, and a sedative for humans, and these actions may transfer to the essential oil.