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Updated by Guide To Cybersecurity on Jun 11, 2021
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Guide to Cybersecurity - Job Demand

NSA Aiming to Right the Demand-Supply Disparity for Cybersecurity Professionals
The recent data breach outbreak in the retail and financial sectors drives home the fact the United States faces a massive cybersecurity conundrum - but this should not come as a surprise to anyone.
High Demand Pushes Average Cyber Security Salary Over $93,000 | SecurityWeek.Com
Despite concerns over unemployment and the challenging job market, the IT job market has been fairly healthy, and demand for cyber-security professionals remained high in 2013, according to a new jobs study. The number of job postings for cyber-security positions grew twice as fast as the number for overall IT job postings in 2013, Burning Glass Technologies found in its latest installment of the Job Market Intelligence report.
Rising interest in IT security careers
Posted on 03 October 2014. Demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing 3.5 times faster than the overall IT job market, and 12 times faster than the total labor market, according to Raytheon and the NCSA.
The Cybersecurity Industry Is Hiring, But Young People Aren't Interested
This could be you, if you knew these jobs were actually available. Via the Air Force Check it out, I'm working on a reboot of The Graduate, set in 2013.
cybersecurity job demand - Google Search
Oct 16, 2014 ... A report from Cisco (CSCO) found demand for cybersecurity experts has grown at three and a half times the pace of the overall I.T. job market, ...
Today's Top Skill Sets in Security -- and Why They're in Demand
The old adage that the only thing that's constant is change certainly applies to the world of information security. Whether it's the ever-shifting threat scenarios or the technologies designed to thwart them, new developments seem to be happening all the time.
Talent: America's Most Challenging Cybersecurity Threat
As President Barack Obama opens the cybersecurity summit in California today, perhaps he might want to addresses the current, and future, skills gap challenge facing the United States, suggests Guest Contributor Gary Beach. "America's most serious future cybersecurity threat is summed up in three simple words: not enough people," he writes.
Evidence that the D.C. area really is a hotbed for cybersecurity jobs
For evidence of the boom in cybersecurity jobs in the Washington region, one could simply take a drive up Interstate 95 toward Fort Meade: The crop of upscale apartments and restaurants make clear that white-collar professionals are moving into the area as it is being remade into the federal government's hub for cybersecurity work.
Cybersecurity Pros in High Demand, Highly Paid and Highly Selective
Experts in cybersecurity are among the most sought-after professionals in the tech sector, with demand for workers in that field outpacing other IT jobs by a wide margin. A new survey by Semper Secure, a public-private partnership in Virginia formed to advance the cybersecurity profession, offers a fresh glimpse at what security workers earn, what they look for in an employer and where the hubs of innovation are located.
20 Cool InfoSec & Cybersecurity Jobs
The thrill of the hunt! You never encounter the same crime twice! Job Description This expert analyzes how intruders breached the infrastructure in order to identify additional systems/networks that have been compromised. Investigating traces left by complex attacks requires a forensic expert who is not only proficient in the latest forensic, response, and reverse engineering skills, but is astute in the latest exploit methodologies.
Stephen Northcutt's Emerging Trends in IT and Security 2013 - 2015

After starting the program, I was promoted to Information Security Officer. I believe my involvement in the program was a contributing factor in that happening. - John Brozycki, Alumni of SANS Technology Institute

This is a great time to start a career in cybersecurity

Are you feeling a little restless in your career? Could it be time for something new? This is a great time to consider a new career as a cybersecurity professional. Experts in cybersecurity are among the most sought-after professionals in the tech sector, with demand for workers in that field outpacing other IT jobs by a wide margin.

Homeland Security Struggles to Tempt, Retain Cyber Talent

WASHINGTON - In the race to attract cybersecurity experts to protect the government's computer networks, the Department of Homeland Security has a handicap money can't fix. Navigating the federal hiring system takes many months, which is too long in the fast-paced tech world.