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Microsoft Dynamic Development CRM, NAV & AX

Social Media & CRM - A Relationship of Brand
One of the leading MNC tried doing something differently, & managed to enhance their sales by 400% in the first quarter itself. This initiative earned the company, 300 followers on LinkedIn, helping them reach out to these 300 followers, and people on their individual networks. They also got connected across 54000 to 1.3 million people.
How Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a way to Optimize Business Productivity?
Microsoft Dynamics Time is an important factor influencing productivity, and productivity is of prime importance for any business. When work is done efficiently and productivity is high, it helps deliver better value.
Influence Of Social Media On Customer Relationship Management
Influence Of Social Media On Customer Relationship Management Understanding CRM Social Media Outreach Social Media Inspired CRM Tapping the Potential Whatever business you do, eventually everything boils down to customer gratification. Businesses can grow and clients can be appeased only when you device ways and means of reaching out to them, understanding their needs, touching their lives and making a difference.
How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to Drive Revenue & Serve Customers?
Microsoft dynamics CRM helps businesses build effective customer service culture by helping them manage customer interactions and hence develop profitable relations with them. It can also help business work their way up strengthening their marketing and sales strategies and become extremely responsive to customer requirements and grievances.
CRM Trends for 2015 and What Implies?
Past few years have been quite eventful – Development of a number of supremely advanced tools has changed the course of business operations in the corporate world. Among the innumerable tools, CRM or Customer Relationship management has emerged as a very powerful and effective tool.
Improve your Social Listening With New MS Dynamics CRM Spring '14 Wave
Microsoft has come up with a latest update; the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring '14 Wave. This update brings to you a host of new social listening features and works like a dream for every marketer. Every 'type & size' of business thrives because of its customers.
CRM for Manufacturers Drives Business and Improves Sales

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system that involves initiating and managing interaction between a business and its existing and prospective customers. This involves the use of technology, whichsupports organizing, automating, marketing, synchronizing sales and extending technical support. How have manufacturing companies evolved and why do they need CRM?

5 Reasons Vs Challenges to Choose Microsoft SharePoint…!!!

Microsoft SharePoint is a web platform and hence is recommended by lot of SharePoint development experts including myself. It has the ability to change as and when the product changes. It evolves in a more established way along with office 365. It can be conveniently accessible across the organization making it perfectly amazing, and especially in the year 2015, the BYOD (Bring Your Own device) concept would add much more glamor to it.

Tips to Ease Working with Checks in Dynamics AX

Here are a few tips on working with checks in AX to enhance your operational efficiencies. Increased number of MS Dynamics AX users has increased the number of companies that print checks making it one of the most commonly modified reports across Dynamics AX.

CRM Approach - A Well Planed Business Strategy Not a Mere Technology

Customer relationship management (CRM) has transitioned and evolved over the last few years. Its adoption is powered by the rapid growth and popularity of SaaS tools. Too many companies have adopted CRM in order to cater to customers in a better manner and hence build loyalty.

Go for CRM Integration with Sales Enablement App to Streamline your Business Operations...!!!

CRM integration has a multitude of benefits which not only streamlines the sales, but also makes links other department like marketing, IT, product development, training, administrative creating a more coordinated environment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - "xact abort" Enabled Settings May Want You to Watch Out for Zombies

This is for all those programmers, developers and users – if in case you have been wise enough, read by oversight" to turn on the xact abort connection setting option for your Microsoft Dyamics NAV SQL server instance – please immediately look out for Zombies.

Dynamics NAV Corfu Update - Microsoft Convergence 2015

Microsoft Convergence 2015, one of the most important events last month in 2015, where Microsoft Dynamics representatives pushed across the envelope with some of the upcoming features for the next Dynamics NAV release, code named 'Corfu', by this autumn. He proudly announced the increasing popularity saying "Year 2007 saw NAV's install base of approx.

MS Dynamics CRM - Does it really help Turbo Charge Your Salesforce and Marketing?

CRM – an approach that compliments your sales and marketing activities and, delivering value to your business. If CRMs were not that very effective why increasing number of businesses, keep changing their CRMs so very often or upgrade it to the next level – regularly.

Which is the best fit for your organization - MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV?

Both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are designed to specifically to provide you with full functionalities and integrated ERP systems. Equipped to perform in a single plant or across various functions – they also support multiple languages and multiple currencies for operations across geographies.

Customer Relationship Management Software that Cares and Saves Time for Startups and Small Businesses

Startups or small businesses - are not well equipped with the same kind of resources and tools, technologies and way ahead alike their counterparts, or established businesses. The infographic here is an effort to convey the benefits of an appropriate Customer Relationship Solution, and the empowerment like big businesses, it provides to small businesses.

Why Do Small Businesses need Customer Relationship Management Solution...

We live in a society, amongst communities who forget a lot. Customer Relationship Management solution (CRM) – a term that now a days, even a lay man would be aware about – but we have forgotten the benefits, pros and cons and mainly the business segment that should be utilizing it for enhanced ROI and operational efficiencies. Increasing number of businesses yield benefits of this technology; may it be small, medium or multilevel – multidisciplinary.

Successful Brands Build Fans, Not Audiences

The new generation of consumers, GEN Z, is more demanding, and it seems it is due to overexposure to advertising and they have developed a natural defense mechanism against advertisements. So believe me, gone are the days of passive audience that willingly or unwillingly received marketing messages at the fancy of advertisers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Does your business need it and Why?

The entire concept where you being a business owner, are either planning to move on to a business management system or are about to adapt to a new one, seems very crushing. However; Microsoft Dynamics NAV articulated this situation well and developed a simplified process with easy deployment options – that certainly helps you to keep pace with change. This positively means your business does need Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Let’s see why your business needs it.

5 Tips for Successful CRM Implementation

Have you ever imagined; who in your organization are the first to understand the value derived by having a cohesive customer view? They are the c-levels or the managers, who have been managing your business - your customer services, though with the help of rolodexes or pen and paper in the old days.

Microsoft Dynamics Increases Mobile Functionality - Do you agree?

Increased Mobile Functionalities are often on priority for businesses using several enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software platforms. Increased usage of mobile devices in professional world, may it be through the tablets issued by businesses to their employees or the usage of smartphones under a BYOD - bring your own device arrangement, has actively changed the way companies in several markets do business.

Navigation Feature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 To Benchmark Customer Relationship

Microsoft CRM is getting bigger, adding features, opportunities and possibilities all the time, for you and your businesses. Microsoft aims to have 2 updates every year for CRM Online and 1 every year for CRM on Premise.

FieldOne Acquisition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Continues its Legacy

Microsoft furthered their Dynamics CRM services. They reached an agreement to acquire field services solutions provider FieldOne Systems LLC, the cloud based field service management solutions, that are designed for enterprise and mid market segments.

Office 365 Integration Feature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 To Benchmark Customer Relationship

In this article we will take a look at Office 365's key integration features with Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1, as to how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Benchmarks Customer Relationship.

BPM with CRM, Certainly Works To Your Advantage

Integrate your BPM and CRM; the idea or concept might sound a bit abrupt - but believe me it has, and will always work to your advantage. It not only helps you to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of your customer facing processes, but also helps you gain that additional insight about your customers.

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