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Updated by Loralee Hutton on Oct 20, 2015
Headline for 2015 B-School Bonus Roundup
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2015 B-School Bonus Roundup

Roundup post of Bschool Bonuses offered for Marie Forleo's RHH B-School class of 2015
Creating Fame and Lucky Bitch Bootcamp
Bonus #1 - Creating Fame for FREE
Bonus #2 - "Back Pocket" Bonus (Start Creating Fame when you're ready)
Bonus #3 - The Lucky Bitch Bootcamp for FREE
Birth to Birth B-School Bonuses (for birth workers... I think!)
Marie Forleo B-school Review + B-school Bonus Roundup - Alexis Neely
Maximize Your Investment into Marie Forleo's B-school and Receive... It's B-School time, baby! Marie Forleo's highly acclaimed 8-week training has transformed the lives and businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs like you, and the fact that you are here on this page right now means you are a super smart entrepreneur, my friend.
Off the Charts and Business Building courses with Nathalie Lussier
  • Websites Made Easy
    - Simple Search Engine Optimization
    - 30-Day List-Building Challenge
    - Expand Your Reach & Get Even More Subscribers
    - Plus, All Previous Off The Charts Live Recorded Talks
B-School - Gabrielle Bernstein, Inc.
If you are a freelancer, consultant, or business owner, you probably know the feeling of being overwhelmed all too well. Running the show is awesome, but all the pressure is on you to make the right business moves. What do you do first, second, ... Watch the Video >
Laura Belgray - Talking Shrimp 1-on-1 Copy Rescue
Free 1-on-1 copy help from Marie Forleo's own go-to copywriter and collaborator!

We'll make your About page, Homepage, opt-in, or any piece of writing you choose more compelling, entertaining, and money-making. (Normally $750/ hour)

Plus, a private Facebook group with tips, live biz/ copy Q&As and more.
Marie Forleo RHH B-School Review (Rich Happy & Hot B-School) - Melissa Cassera
Exclusive 2015 B-School Bonus from Guest Teacher Melissa Cassera... Coming Soon!
Health Coach Carla Golden Wellness
In June 2012 I participated in Marie Forleo's 8 Week Online B-School (short for Business School) program which forever changed the way I experience my business and life. Through the program I learned how to make this very website, create & send weekly newsletters (sign up here), rebrand & expand my offline and online business, design & deliver...
Private Coaching Group + with Jenny Shih, Kendrick Shope and Bev Barnes
  • Membership in an exclusive, private coaching group just for B-Schoolers – run by me
    - The B-School “What’s Next Guide” – a class I’ve designed specifically for B-Schoolers
    - Authentic Selling: *The B-School Missing Module – a class by Kendrick Shope, a woman who will forever change your relationship to sales
    - The *
    B-School Fear-Buster
    – a class by my fear-fighting friend and Master Coach Bev Barnes
    - The B-School Overwhelm Eliminator – a week-by-week guide by Certified Coach Jess Ryan
Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo - Free Event and B-School Bonus: Bigger Than Ever
Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo answer your questions LIVE! We will talk BIGGER BETTER BUSINESS and you will see my new B-School bonus!
ForeverBarcelona and Skype Support
  • Exclusive Tour of th Sagrada Familia Church for 2 people
  • Support Skype Call during B-School
  • Support Skype Call after B-School
  • Private Access to the list of resources I use to run my online business
  • Lifetime access to the ForeverBarcelona Premium Suite of Barcelona Guidebooks
Smart Women Make Money with Sherold Barr
Check out how you can remove your money blocks and learn mindset secrets thatwill help you be a successful online entrepreneur If you're an entrepreneur you've probably heard about Marie Forleo's B-School.
#1: A free spot in my program, Smart Women Make Money
#2: A brand new 4-class series called “How to Get Out of Your Own Way”
#3: Business Breakthrough Group Training Calls
Astrostyle - Private Business Astrology chart reading + 2015 Planetary Planner
  • A 30-minute private business astrology chart reading *with Ophira or Tali, to understand your birth chart and to plan your best businesses moves with divine timing.
    - Our *
    “Decode Your Destiny” webinar
    —your life purpose & path revealed
    -Our 2015 Planetary Planner ebook
Non-Affiliate Dutch Review from Esther de Charon
An honest B-School review from a Dutch NON-affiliate. For my fellow Creative Business Owners. Last year, exactly 12 months ago, I fretted and agonized for weeks over this dillema: "Shall I invest 2.000 of my hard earned dollars in something like an online course that will not even give me a proper diploma?"
Manifstation Masters Program + Facebook Group with Jen Mazer
  • Bonus # 1. One complimentary admission to the next round of my Manifestation Masters Program. (a $697 value)
    - Bonus # 2. The VIP Upgrade Package to ‘Manifesting with the Masters‘ which includes 21 audio interviews with the world’s top leading experts on manifestation. (a $197 value)
    - Bonus #3. A private facebook group just for Manifestation Master B-Schoolers where you can team up with an accountability partner, share ideas, and support each other. I’ll pop in and offer feedback too! (a $297 value)
    - Bonus #4. And if all of that weren’t enough, I’m also offering you an exclusive one-on-one session with me. (an $1800 value)
    That’s over $2991 worth of bonuses. So literally, you’re getting B-School for free when you sign up through me.
Support from Christine Hassler
Today's update is for those of you who either have or desire to have your own business. If that is you, keep reading. If that is NOT YOU, please consider forwarding this information to an aspiring heart-centered entrepreneur.
Make Money, Change The World -
Attention seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs alike: B-School is the one program you need in order to create massive online success. This program only comes around once per year (every February) and is the most highly sought-after online business training in the world. For real.
Business Training for Entrepreneurs
This article is specifically for people who want to start their own business or who want to increase the success of their current business. If that's not you, you can safely click away. If that does describe you though, read on! A couple of years ago I took Marie Forleo's B-School online training program.
Brand Camp with Kristen Kalp
I first stumbled across B-School in the 2011 round of the program, then revisited it in 2012 and again in 2013 & 2014. Instead of going on and on about what it can do for you in vague terms, I figured I'd go ahead and tell you exactly how Marie Forleo's B-School has made me over $100,000 in the past coupla years.
Copy Course + Healing for Entrepreneurs + Support from Sarah Grear and Dr. Michele Colon
  • DIY Copy Course for Healers + Creatives *led by Sarah Grear, released later this year to teach you how to make an emotional connection with your copy + profit from your website. Value: $997
    - *
    Ongoing support
    in a private Facebook community hosted by Sarah Grear where savvy entrepreneurs can learn to leverage technology + profit from understanding how to use online strategies.
    - Healing for Entrepreneurs Course led by Dr. Michele Colon released later this year to teach you how to stay healthy before, during, + after your launch. Value: $697
    - Ongoing support in a private Facebook community hosted by Michele Summers Colon for entrepreneurs that want healing guidance through yoga and Ayurvedic.
    - Weekly group email support from Sarah Grear and Dr. Michele throughout the B-School course. Value: $297
Mastermind + Kick Ass at Life Bootcamp with Laura Ann Allahverdi
Let's get to the good stuff right away: In 2014 when I took B-School for the first time I: - TRIPLED my revenue from 2013 - Got a brand new website and brand - Really came into my own and learned to be me in my biz - Made new awesome entrepreneur friends all over the globe that I connect with regularly - Left any bridge/consulting jobs and only focus on my biz now - Got super amped up about my biz in general and haven't looked back How did this happen??
Damsel in Defense plus coaching with Genavieve Shingle
:: FOUR LEGAL TEMPLATES WITH POWERPOINT TUTORIALS: Client Agreement, Product & Purchase Agreement, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy
:: POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS WITH AUDIO ON: Trademarks, Copyright, Entity Formation, Employees vs. Independent Contracts, Confident/Non-Disclosure Agreements

- LIFETIME access to the private membership site
- Six monthly live Q&A calls with yours truly to answer any questions you may have regarding business or law
- 10% off all other legal templates
- A private Facebook group to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs
Free, stunning website when you sign up for B-School!
I'll build you a gorgeous free website with Marie Forleo's B-School! DIYing it isn't everyone's cup of tea, so I thought I'd help you out...
Amy Porterfields 's 2015 B-School - Bonus Experience
About two (difficult!) years into building my own business, I made a fateful decision to simplify my business (things were too overwhelming) and streamline my focus. Little did I know that simplifying things would lead to a QUANTUM LEAP in my business.
Social Media Bonus with Karen Yankovich
Hi there - I'm Karen Yankovich, and I'm a Social Media Strategist. I'm guessing that you are a woman (or a cool man!) with a big dream. A to take what you are passionate about, and build a business around it. A dream that will allow you to make a difference in the world.