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Präsentationen - Haiku - SWAY

Produkte, Tipps und Tricks
Presentation Software that Inspires | Haiku Deck
Be inspired by the week's best decks from a wide range of topics, hand-picked by our team, in our Featured and Popular Galleries " Haiku Deck is designed for the way we work, create, and communicate now.
Sway: Reimagine the way your ideas come to life.
Sway is an intelligent app that helps you easily create an interactive web-based canvas of your ideas. Pull your content from a variety of sources with minimal effort and use the built-in layout engine to craft a cohesive look and feel that looks great on any screen.
Ten Reasons Visual Communication Can't Be Ignored - A Haiku Deck by Team Haiku Deck
Why visual communication is arguably the best way to reach your audiences, and five tips for using images in your content
Presentation Ideas | Haiku Deck Blog
How to identify, select, and customize presentation templates from Haiku Deck's collection of stylish themes to give your slides a perfectly polished look.
Professional Profile Template - A Haiku Deck by Catherine Carr
It's really powerful to articulate your personal mission, especially with a well-chosen visual. If there's a particular career objective you're shooting for, you could note that here. This is a good place to use Haiku Deck's integrated Creative Commons image search. More about that here: Photo by italianjob17
Simple, beautiful, flexible presentation template to share an idea. Ideas: present at a meetup or conference, embed in blog or website, post to social media channels.
Startup Pitch Template - A Haiku Deck by Jeremy Caplan
What are the next steps you need to take? What are the key things you need to do to advance the project in the coming weeks and months? What is your timeline for moving forward? What does the roadmap for your project look like? What are your goals for the upcoming period?
Presentation Software that Inspires | Haiku Deck
Click CONVERT THEME to open in the Web App in a different theme. Click CANCEL and edit on your iPad to keep your theme intact.
"About Me" Haiku Decks
Haiku Deck is not just for "stand-up-and-talk" presentations--it's a unique, fun way to introduce yourself and say what you're all about, what you believe, what makes you tick. Tell your story! | See more about presentation, decks and education.
Haiku Deck - Resizing and Cropping Photos

Once you select an image, it will be automatically placed as your slide background. If you'd like to resize or reposition your image on the iPad, simply tap the blue IMAGE icon again, then use your fingers to make any adjustments in the PREVIEW pane on the right.
Feb. 2015

SlideTalk - share presentations as engaging talking videos

Create a free talking video now Use SlideTalk to turn your PowerPoint or any sequence of images into an engaging talking video ready to be shared with your audience. Use the FREE publishing option to share the video on the SlideTalk page, or pick one of our premium options to share it on YouTube or to download it locally. Feburar 2015

3 Free (But Powerful) Presentation Tools For Teachers

Teachers are presenters. Let's be frank. They get up in front of a room of people and present. They then encourage the students to work together and continue the presentation through other methods. in other words, teachers need to know how to present and create slideshows.Feburar 2015

Knovio: Free Video Online Presentation Tool for Desktop and Mobile

Hundreds of applications: Explain a concept. Pitch an idea. Sell a product. Enhance a resumé. Teach a course. Market a service. Practice a speech. Document your travels. Illustrate a process. Champion a cause. Tell a story. Get it Right Knovio makes it easy to correct those mistakes and flubs, with its unique "re-record" capability. Februar 2015

How to Use Prezi to Create Visual Lessons

Using Prezi, you can create a visual classroom without succumbing to death by PowerPoint. Its interactive features, zooming display, and creative options will enable your visual lessons to engage students without distracting them from lesson objectives. With all those bells and whistles, Prezi might sound complicated, but it's actually quite simple to use. Feburar 2015

Presentation Inspiration #5 - A Haiku Deck by Erin Michael

Try making one version using the same layout on each slide, and another one with a different layout for each slide. To really save time, you can copy the first deck you make and adjust it accordingly! To copy your deck, use the gear icon on its preview thumbnail in the Main Menu (iPad) or My Decks (web). Tipp 5. Feburar 2015

Instant Presentations | Haiku Deck Zuru

Haiku Deck Zuru uses the power of artificial intelligence to transform your ideas into polished presentations. Become a charter member to get 6 months free. März 2015

Haiku Deck's AI Tool Automatically Creates Your Presentation

Web presentation tool Haiku Deck has unveiled its secret master plan. The company, which also has iPhone and iPad apps, has built up a library of over three million slide decks since it launched three years ago. And it had a plan for them the whole time. März 2015

Inspiring case studies, tips, and presentation ideas to help you set your story free, from the Haiku Deck team and our creative community. März 2015

What is Sway - video | Aug. 2015

Sway is a free app from Microsoft Office. It lets you create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, newsletters, vacation memories, school and work projects, and more. In this video, you'll see an example of getting started creating your first Sway! Try out Sway at

​How to Create a Newsletter in Sway | Aug. 2015

Writing a newsletter or brochure, and plan to distribute it online? This video shows you how to make a beautiful newsletter using Sway, a free app from Microsoft Office. Sway lets you create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, newsletters, vacation memories, school and work projects, and more.

Office Sway iOS App | Aug 2015

View In iTunes This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad Languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Microsoft Sway: Powerpoint-Nachfolger ab sofort gratis downloaden | Aug. 2015

Mit Sway hat Microsoft ein neues Tool veröffentlicht, mit dem sich verschiedenste Inhalte elegant auf Websites und Smartphones präsentieren lassen. Für Berichte, Präsentationen, Newsletter und persönliche Geschichten soll Sway sich eignen. Im Oktober vergangenen Jahres hatte Microsoft Sway erstmals als Preview veröffentlicht - jetzt gibt es das Tool in finaler Version und zum ersten Mal auch als App für Windows 10.

Microsoft stellt Präsentations-Tool Sway für iPhone, iPad und Windows 10 bereit - | Aug. 2015

Damit verlässt das Tool die seit Dezember andauernde Preview-Phase. Microsoft sieht Sway als Ergänzung zu Microsoft Office - keineswegs aber als Ersatz für Powerpoint. Es geh vielmehr darum, Nutzern zu helfen, ansprechende digitale Magazine und Präsentationen zu erstellen. Nach knapp acht Monaten hat Microsoft die Preview-Phase seines neuen Präsentations-Werkzeugs Sway bendet und die Final freigegeben.

Der neue Online-Dienst von Microsoft bringt unterschiedliche Dateiformate zusammen und ermöglicht Nutzern, Präsentationen direkt im Web zu erstellen und zu verbreiten. Microsoft hat die Präsentations-Anwendung "Sway" offiziell freigegeben. Mit dem kostenlosen Online-Dienst... (click to read full article)

Microsoft Sway: Finale Version und Windows-10-App veröffentlicht | Aug. 2015

Microsofts alternative Präsentations-Anwendung „Sway" ist ja seit der Vorstellung mein kleiner Schützling hier im Blog. Jetzt verlässt der Dienst die Previewphase und bekommt seine eigene App für Windows 10. Sway will seit der Vorstellung vor ziemlich genau zehn Monaten Präsentationen auf allen Geräten, sowohl mobil als auch am Desktop, ansprechend und ähnlich gestalten.