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ERP Development Services & Solution

What Features Make An ERP System The Best For Your Business?
Enterprise Application Development and implementation of an ERP system is the most important IT decision for an organization. It has a substantial impact on the success of your business in the present and in future. The right approach for companies who want to implement ERP systems is to look for a supplier who can assure consistency, reliability and visibility.
Enterprise Governance In A SharePoint Environment
Enterprises are increasingly deploying SharePoint accompanied by a strong governance plan. This is because, a well crafted governance plan can help enterprises set policies, assign roles and responsibilities and further control how an organization’s business divisions and technical teams collaborate to achieve business goals in a SharePoint environment.
Change Management With ERP Implementation

Implementing an ERP system without proper change management can have a cascading effect on the morale of your employees as well as on their performance and productivity. So the question is how to make it easy and smooth, here are few effective change management tips.

Mobility Becomes Imperative For Businesses across the Globe

How Mobility can transform the way your business operates, and also why it is important for business to go mobile and stay connected with their customers, and employees even on the go.

Grow Your Business with ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning helps build a strong foundation for your business. ERP business solution helps integrate technology with all the business processes and functions being performed with single software.

Advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning System Development

Enterprise Resource Planning system development is crucial and imperative for an organization thinking of growth. With today's competitive market and fast paced technology it is crucial to be above the game and hence enterprise resource planning system helps give that edge.

Data Access Redesign in MS Dynamics NAV – Convenient for New but Complex for Existing Users

Microsoft Dynamics introduced a feature inclined towards redesigning data access layers between Dynamics NAV server Tier and SQL Server RDBMS. The reason for doing so, it seems, is to adjust to ADO.NET interface & support enhanced features within SQL Server. Let’s see some of the features introduced with changes:

New Rules of Secure Data Network for Enterprise Mobility Management in 2015

Work-while-you-are-on-a-go! - This has become the primary motto of today's fast-moving world. And now, with the competition getting tougher and pressure to excel mounting inadvertently has resulted in the rise of Enterprise Mobility Management! This has given immense liberty and "mobility" to the employees to carry on with the essential operations from anywhere - Even while they are on a business trip or at the office.

Identify & Address 3 Common BYOD Adoption Problems

With an abundance of mobile phones, tablets, and other personal devices; delivering Enterprise Mobility Solutions has become much more easier as compared to early years, however; the new avenues that have opened up for Enterprise Mobility Consulting in India brings in new, interesting and unforeseen challenges as well.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 - Enterprise Portal Web Controls Development

It was a bright Monday morning and I was sipping on my tea at the desk trying - preparing a “to do list” for the week that started. A developer from the team working on modifying Enterprise Portal Web Controls in AX 2012 R3 CU8 for one of our customers in Netherlands; approached me. He wanted to share some vital information to me, so that I can in turn write and publish the same for the benefit of everyone.

8 Important Enterprise Mobility Insights for 2015

The industry has matured and hence there is much more to witness in the year 2015. There are some so very strong signs on several developments that are likely to influence entire 2015 and many more to come. The chances are that some of the trends/predictions below are the ones which you may find controversial – but then that is the only way out to brain storm the concept of enterprise mobility.

Third Industrial Revolution; DevOps leads the way for digital transformation

The third Industrial revolution has begun and optimum use of digital infrastructure and massive databases floating around us are the decisive factors for competitive advantage...

New Startup Businesses May Bleed Money, ERP solution Can Stop It

Have you ever wondered what would be that one phrase that can bring about jitters to a professional in, senior management or junior management, alike? I think it is an urgent email from the CFO or the COO to discuss the budget. What say? Especially as a, p...

How to Evaluate BI Tools in Context of your Organization?

Selecting a business intelligence solution for your business is as unique a process as selecting a life partner, as both are there to stay and stay for long. Their presence or absence could help you succeed or face the biggest failure of your life, professionally and personally.

ERP Evaluation Criteria and Functionality Checklist to Select the Best ERP Solution

You are supposed to evaluate an ERP system for possible acquisition, believe me it can come to you and your selection committee/stakeholders - as a nightmare. Have you ever thought about the amount of research material and operational data you will need to take into consideration an ERP module that suits all your business needs?

MS Dynamics ERP or CRM Always Helps, Multitasking May Not

Businesses and organizations want to grow as huge as Google and Facebook. They look up to these giants as to how they tackle several projects at once. But believe me, they fail miserably when a small company with just a few team members, come up with idea for a social network, search engine, mobile chat app and even a virtual reality project.

MS Dynamics CRM or MS Dynamics ERP; what should you opt for?

Businesses, though in the same segment, face unique challenges. In a bid to resolve these issues, small or midsize businesses are sold solutions that are too complex, costly and built for organization double their size. But when it comes to your business, why should you compromise?

Did you do a ROI Analysis, before opting for an ERP Project?

In last few years, we spent most of our time working in the world of ERP, apart from other major assignments as well. These three letters "ERP" are the ones that bring jitters to several business leaders. They are right at their place as ERP projects are extremely high risk and have a massive failure rate, but they necessarily don't have to.

Let the ERP software manage your expenses

These days, manufacturers are increasingly adopting and unlocking the potential of advanced tools like Microsoft Dynamics NAV that offer innovative solutions for improved supply chain management (SCM), augmented manufacturing capabilities and enhanced productivity.

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