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Accelerating your business online

Through this list we hope to deliver great content that would give you useful insights on your business online.
Live chat software comparison
In a previous article, I compared 1Click's live video chat with Zopim and Olark live chat software. In that article, I had explained three specific differences between the three softwares that made 1Click unique from the other two. While Zopim and Olark are live text chat software, 1Click is a live video chat.
Five Live Chat Softwares to boost any business' Customer Support
A live chat software, like I mentioned earlier, is any business' best friend. It helps business' stay in constant touch with their customers, giving birth to a healthy and steady relationship. A live chat software, be it audio or video, also allows business' to improve the customer support they provide customers with.
14 Tips to building the perfect Ecommerce homepage
Customer demands are evolving with technology while the B2C E-Commerce Sales worldwide has crossed $1 Trillion. It's easier to lose a customer to a competitor these days, with competition in terms of offers and products growing. So is providing quality customer support the key to retaining a customer?
Customer Journey Map Online
A product or service is merely a solution, an end and by no means anything close to what consumers are trying to achieve. A man doesn't want to ride a bus, he merely wants to go back to his loved ones.
Attracting the million dollar investor for your business online
Ever been in a dilemma of whether you should take a risk or not? Whether this risk will return considerable advantages for all the apprehensive moments you've spent on it? Well, this is the exact undertaking investors go through, right before investing in a promising entrepreneur's company.
6 Ways to grab the customers emotions using live customer service chat
People these days are spending unprecedented amounts of money. Especially online, as evidenced by the expenditure rates provided by The US Government, and this study says there is a 4.4% increase from November 2013 to November 2014 in online consumer expenditure.
How video interactions build trust for your business
"One customer well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10000 worth of advertising", said Jim Rohn. Each one of us will acknowledge the above quote, for customers are the "eyes" of the "business apples". In every business, it is of prime significance to cater to the needs of the customer, and service in the right way.
Benefits of live customer service online
What does a customer do if he needs to contact your business online? How long does it take for you to support and engage with your customer online? The concept of a live customer service was brought about to bridge this gap between your customer and you so that you can ensure speedy delivery and service right through your website.
3 Steps to sending effective B2B cold Emails
This step is as important as creating the template to send out. You need to gather emails based on how you can reach out to your personas. Personas are customer that are ideal to sell to, they perfectly fit the profile of your target market, which is based on criterias such as Industry, designation, etc.
5 Ways to increase conversions on your website

To add that extra touch to what your product delivers, it's essential to show the customer the value that your products bring in. This not only justifies your pricing, but also gives you the chance to differentiate yourself from your competitor!

Live chat v/s phone support online

What would do better for your business? Live chat or Phone support? There are many channels through which customers online can connect with your business such as email, phone or live chat. In order to provide great customer service, the business needs to reduce the effort of the customer to the maximum.


Technology is rapidly evolving, and businesses across the online world are embracing technologies that influence the customer's purchase and loyalty decisions. These tools are designed to enhance the customer's experience and provide the organisation with the option to do more for the customer.

How to look good while video chatting! -

In today's fast paced world, rapidly improving technology is changing the world and making it a smaller place. Technology and communication play a colossal role in our day to day lives. Science and technology have developed so much that people in different parts of the world can see, communicate with each other through live video chatting.

6 Types of Customers that Engage in a Live Video Chat Support -

The aim of any online business is to attract customers, provide a very positive experience for them and inspire loyalty. This ensures that a customer will keep coming back, as well as telling other people about your business.

3 Types of Live Chat Software -

Customer service plays a crucial role in expanding and improving a business. It involves solving a customer's problems to help him/her have a better shopping experience. In today's world, a lot of people all around the globe prefer to do their shopping online, as it is much more convenient and easier than going from shop to shop looking for the products they need.

Free Co-browsing Software Available Online -

Co-browsing software is the up and coming, next big online craze. It is a software using which two people can access the same screen even though they may be miles apart. You might ask, how's that any different from screen sharing? I'll tell you how. For screen-sharing, you'll have to download additional 3rd party software.

Co-browsing vs Screen Sharing -

The ability to project your screen onto other devices in different parts of the world is truly a remarkable technology.Co-browsing is a relatively new technology when compared to screen sharing . Tech-savvy people all around the world, cannot differentiate between the two technologies yet. You can't really blame them.

How Live Customer Support Reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment -

Online shopping has become a major part of our lives today. It's convenient, hassle-free and delivered right to your doorstep. This doesn't seem so bad at all! Yet, in the days before Co-browsing and other fantastic technology available today, there were a growing number of cases where potential customers just abandoned their shopping carts without making any purchases.

Application Of Live Customer Service To E-commerce Websites -

Nowadays, everybody's talking about live customer service. Live customer service has forever changed the way we shop online.We all know that it has plenty of uses in today's inter-connected world. It has made shopping online a much more enjoyable experience.