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Car Accident - Causes

Some common reasons car accidents occur and practical steps you can take to avoid an automobile accident.
Following too Close - St. Louis Tailgating Accident
If you were recently injured in a rear end collision, chances are you were the victim of tailgating. Our law firm can assist you in filing a car accident claim if you were injured by a driver who was following too closely behind you.
St. Louis T-Bone Car Accident Attorney
Side-impact collisions - also known as T-bone accidents - occur when the front of a vehicle collides with the side of another. T-bone accidents can cause significant damage to vehicles, and they often result in severe injuries to car drivers and their passengers. Speak to an experienced St.
Not Recognizing a 2-Way Stop Sign Intersection
Our team of St. Louis car accident attorneys have helped many of our clients recover damages from accidents that occurred at a stop sign intersection. Call us today at (314) 361-4242 to schedule an appointment to see if you have a valid claim to be compensated for the damages resulting in from your car accident.
Construction Zone Accident Lawyer
Although traffic is contained and generally slower in construction zones, they are still a common location for traffic accidents. Interstate 64 (I-64) in the St. Louis area is a frequent construction zone. With signage and heavy equipment blocking the view, shifting and unclear lanes, and large numbers of people on the roadway, it can be extremely difficult for motorists to navigate these traffic and road conditions.
St. Louis Uninsured Motorist Lawyer
The law requires all drivers to have auto insurance. However, in Missouri it is estimated that as many as 14% of drivers are uninsured. From July 2010 to July 2011, more than 6,000 accidents involved uninsured motorists.
Speeding Car Accidents
Responsible drivers know that speed limits are in place to help protect drivers from the serious harm that will be caused by a car accident. If you have recently been injured by a speeding driver, our law firm can help. Injuries from these types of accidents can be severe with long hospital stays and expensive doctor bills.
T-Bone Collisions Involving Infants
Parents generally take every possible precaution when taking their baby out in the car. Their small child is hopefully belted securely into a specialized seat that is also belted into the back seat of their vehicle. They believe that in the event of a car accident, this special seat will keep their baby free from injury.
Running A Red Light - Red Light Accidents
Thousands of people run red lights every year. The statistics surrounding those that make this type of traffic violation are staggering. Here are some of them according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: More than 1/2 of all American's admit red-light running.
St. Louis Hit-and-Run Car Accident Lawyer - Car Wreck Lawyer
If you have been involved in an accident where the other driver has left the scene, you need an experienced attorney in your corner to protect your rights to compensation. At The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C., we are one of the premiere injury law firms in Missouri.
St. Louis Underinsured Motorist Lawyer
The law in Missouri requires all drivers to have auto insurance. There are many uninsured motorists on the roads. However, thousands of Missouri drivers are involved in accidents with underinsured motorists. Sometimes when people want to reduce their monthly expenses, they cut back on their car insurance, opting for only minimum coverage.
Improper Left Turn across Oncoming Traffic
Our team of St. Louis car accident lawyers can assist you in recovering the damages that you are incurring as a result. Busy intersections can be confusing places for drivers, as well as a common place to get hit by another car.
St. Louis Head On Collision Attorney
A head on collision occurs when the fronts of two vehicles collide. These types of traffic accidents can include cars, trucks, buses, and trains. They are not as common as t-bone or rear-end collisions, but they can result in very serious injury. They are often caused by more than just a simple mistake.
Texting and Driving
Distracted drivers can cause catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries to others on the road. Whether people are using their cellphones, GPS or laptop computers while driving, they are creating a serious danger to everyone around them. At T he Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C., we have been assisting injured victims and families who have lost loved ones in car accidents for more than 15 years.
St. Louis Reckless Driving Lawyer
Have you been injured in an accident caused by the reckless driving of another individual? If so, The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. can assist you in recovering any damages you have sustained. We use our more than 15 years of experience to vigorously protect the interests of our clients so they can focus on recovering.
Stop Sign Violation - Running Stop Signs
Millions of people drive, ride or walk through stop sign intersections every day. However, there are nearly 70,000 accidents each year due to a person running a stop sign. A third of those accidents result in injuries. There are a number of scenarios that a person may find themselves in.
St. Louis Rear End Collision Attorney
Rear-end collisions are one of the most common type of car accidents today. While they usually do not result in fatal wounds, they often cause serious and costly injuries. At The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C., we help people throughout Missouri and Illinois bring lawsuits against the negligent parties that caused their accident.
St. Louis Intersection Accidents
Each year in the United States, millions of people are killed or seriously injured due to intersection accidents. Pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists are all at an increased risk for injury or death while passing through an intersection. Though intersections are controlled by traffic lights or signs, they become dangerous when people are negligent or reckless while driving through them.
Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer
Drunk driving is the cause of numerous car and truck accidents on Missouri and Illinois highways. Each year hundreds of thousands of people are injured and tens of thousands killed in alcohol-related accidents nationwide.
St. Louis Bad Faith Insurance Attorney
Insurance companies are required by law to pay financial recovery on all valid claims and to do so in a reasonable amount of time. You have a right to expect that the insurance company will act in good faith and pay your claim after an accident. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.
Weather-Related Car Accident - St. Louis Car Crash
Rain, snow, ice, and fog often create unsafe road conditions for drivers in Missouri and Illinois. When a car is going too fast the driver may not have enough time to stop on a slippery road surface and may cause an automobile accident.
St. Louis Car Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

There are various penalties and fines (in some states) levied against drivers who are caught using a cell phone while driving a vehicle. Apart from the fines, you may also end up getting stuck in a lawsuit if you are involved in a car accident while talking on the phone.

Missouri’s Texting and Driving Laws – St. Louis Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a distracted driving accident, consult a St. Louis accident attorney to understand your rights and legal options.

Eating and Driving Proves to be Dangerous – Auto Accident Injury Lawyers

Every day, distracted driving kills more than nine people and injures another 1,060 individuals.

What Can Curb Distracted Driving? – St. Louis Car Wreck Law Firm

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a distracted driving accident, seek legal help from a St. Louis automobile crash lawyer.

Are Backover Car Accidents Really That Common?

Every week, 50 children are backed over because a driver could not see them. Call (314) 361-4242 for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.