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Whale Watching Destinations in Sri Lanka, where giants frolic

The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka has secured a reputation as a premier whale watching destination. The locations listed below are excellent places to watch these leviathans of the deep.


Mirissa is considered to be one of Sri Lanka's most renowned whale watching locations. Many inquisitive tourists who desire a close encounter with these splendid creatures congregate at this locality where these fascinating mammals may readily be seen. Whale watching boats depart early each morning from the local harbour, staffed by experienced professionals who are masters of their craft. At Mirissa you will be able to watch blue whales, sperm whales, Bryde's whales, pilot whales and killer whales. You will also have the opportunity to observe several kinds of dolphins at this renowned location which ranks as one of the best places to watch these marine mammals.


Kalpitiya is another well-known highlight when it comes to whale watching in Sri Lanka. At this picturesque location you are very likely to spot large sperm whales, which have the distinction of being the world's largest kind of toothed whale. The presence of giant squid and other prey in the seas off Kalpitiya make it a perfect habitat for this kind of whale. If you are lucky you may also spot the immense blue whale, the world's largest living creature, in this area. You may also have the opportunity to see other kinds of whales such as Minke, dwarf sperm and melon-headed whales at this appealing marine locality.


Hikkaduwa also ranks highly amongst Sri Lanka's whale watching hotspots. Hikkaduwa is a scenic attraction which is regarded as a popular tourist destination. Although this appealing seaside town has many features of interest it is also a recognized whale watching destination where you can observe these magnificent creations of nature. Whales are readily seen in Sri Lankan waters as this part of the Indian Ocean provides an optimal habitat for these gentle giants. Some of the whales seen locally are permanent denizens of the area, whilst others are seen during seasonal migrations from the seas of Arabia to the vast stretches of the Bay of Bengal.


The appealing seaside locality of Tangalle is well-reputed as a significant whale watching location. Many whale watching excursions depart from this picturesque locality, so as to access a major migration route where whales pass by on their seasonal travels. In fact many visitors to the area make it a point to take advantage of this opportunity to observe these splendid wonders of nature. Sri Lanka's balmy tropical climate is another highlight for visitors from colder climes, creating an enjoyable ambience for a pleasant whale watching excursion. In order to make the most of your holiday in Sri Lanka you should arrange your Sri Lanka holiday travel with one of the reputed specialists in the field.


The historically significant town of Galle is another well-known starting point for whale watching expeditions. This fascinating town which boasts a number of striking cultural attractions is also very popular amongst tourists to the country. Galle is an excellent location from which to access Dondra Point, a major locality for whale watching. At this marine location you will have the opportunity to observe numerous species of whales, including blue whales and sperm whales. Several operators depart from Galle on whale watching and dolphin watching expeditions.