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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Mar 30, 2023
Headline for The Cat's Meow: 10 DIY Valentine Gifts for Your Kitty
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The Cat's Meow: 10 DIY Valentine Gifts for Your Kitty

If your cat is your Valentine this year, make sure you shower them in the best DIY kitty gifts. Despite popular belief, a cat-lady is never lonely and a cat owners know what true love is.
DIY Kitty Scratch Pad
Let your kitty sharpen their claws on this DIY scratch pad. Cats strut with extra pride when their nails are sharp enough to take down any human. They'll attack, but they certainly will not attack on command.
Cat Tent
It's not like cats like to camp or anything, they're really just trying to get some cat time away from the human-animals. They would use a cave if possible, but a cat-tent will have to do.
Cat Water Fountain
You should have nothing but the best fresh water for your cat, otherwise you might regret it. New water fountains can be expensive, so try this DIY one. Happy cat, happy life.
Cat Bed
Sleeping is a cat's favourite hobby. Surprise your kitty with the softest bed on V-day and they'll love you forever (but they'll still love napping more).
Cat Nip Toy
Cat's love getting high on this stuff, and it's legal. Give your sweet purring valentine a good time.
Cat Hammock
Everyday is a vacation for a cat, so obviously they have to have the ultimate vacation accessory: the hammock. You can make a bunch and have them all over the house.
Cat Window Perch
When they're not napping, they're spending time daydreaming out the window. I'm sure they have wild escape fantasies, or are working out complicated existential problems.
Quick and Easy Cat Crafts
If you forget that it's Valentines day and you don't want to disappoint your true kitty love, you can whip up these quick projects. They don't take much time, but your kitty will get some quality play time out of them.
Pet Bed
This is a video version of the pet bed, so if you're bad with written instructions, this is for you. They call it a dog bed in the video, but obviously you can make it for your cat.
Write Your Cat a Poem
And last but certainly not least, write your cat a poem to prove just how much you love them. They will appreciate the time and effort you put into the written word for this Valentines day. Pour out your heart and soul, and I'm sure your cat wont maul them to death.