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10 Best Microsoft Office 365 Features Set to Rule Business World in 2015, Experts Claim…!!!
2015 was welcomed with great enthusiasm across various industrial verticals – Global business leaders analyzed the past mistakes as well as the supposedly upcoming technologies and trends potent enough to create ripples in the market during this current year. One such technology has been in news since last few days is Microsoft Office 365 – With a Roadmap ready as early as first quarter of 2014; the market gurus are keeping an eye latest developments. And needless to say, some of its features have caught the attention of the business managers.
Interesting Facts pertaining to PHP Web Development and the Benefits Associated with it
PHP script was designed with a purpose to make it easy for web developers to create dynamic websites. PHP language is extensively documented and follows a classic approach. It is high on usability and some of the most well known and widely used websites like Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia have been developed using PHP.
Year 2015: What has business intelligence in store for businesses?
Since general business settings are going on a more digitalised path and with competitions getting fiercer with each passing day; it is almost impossible to ignore it.
Why Outsourcing .Net Services is a Growing Trend?

The use of .net for app development is an emerging trend. Companies are focusing on the. Net platform for wide ranging reasons that we shall elaborate here; Learn more on .Net growing trends.

Indian Software Outsourcing Industry Growth

India is the preferred destination, for software outsourcing services. The country has a wealth of highly skilled software professionals who provide quality work, excellent professionalism and security at extremely economical rates.

Expectations from PHP 7 - first release candidate (RC) appearing mid-June 2015

PHP 5.0.0 is now PHP 7, as agreed upon the new name or version for the next major version of PHP to be available for users most likely mid June 2015.

Internet of Things - Internet of Everything; a Smart Revolution in the Offing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure (Sources: Wikipedia). Believe it or not, by 2019, IoT-related devices will sell more than 200% of smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart car, and wearable units, combined! Based on these lines, a new concept - Internet of Everything [...]

Expectations from PHP 7 - Part 2

As mentioned in my earlier article – PHP 7 is likely to hit markets this year, making this – a good time to check out what’s new and improved. In the previous edition of this twin article series, we checked out on some of the most important inconsistency fixes in new PHP 7, followed with two gigantic new features. This article, as committed in my last one, will primarily focus on another six big features to land in PHP 7 that everyone’s so eager to know about.

Internet of Things, Business Intelligence & retail sector - awesome threesome...

Internet of Things gives rise to Business Intelligence in the Retail sector making the competition really tough; giving nightmares to the retailers...

Energy consumption calculator - Monitae - Socially Inspired Monitoring

The client needs to develop a site to manage the Energy consumption level for each building and monitor the readings. There will be a dashboard for the user to view the Readings of each Building.

Database Management System - Investor Relationship

This is for a UK based client who wants to develop a database management system for their Investor Relation Team. They have been using a system from Thomson Reuters and our objective is to replace that system as they feel they need better facilities for coordinated contact management, data management, analysis and reporting.

A Document Management System -

DocFlow as it is titled is made for a leading document processing service provider in Belgium to digitize, index and modify the documents of their clients. These documents are to be stored in a server repository with the feature of check-in and check-out.

iPad Application Development for Lamp Audit

The project can be any of the facility like residence house, commercial office, factory, Hotel, Hospital etc. They wanted an application by which they can audit the overall energy consumption with the current lighting and then suggest them the cost effective solution which saves the energy and so the cost on the long term basis.

iPhone App Development for Social Capital

Social Capital application helps you focus and direct the power of your Social Network toward achievement of your Goals. It is based on scholarly theories in the field of Social Science. Social Capital is a value (Capital) encapsulated within our relationships that we can draw upon to obtain real life benefits.

Immersive Excel & Office Groups feature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 To Benchmark Customer Relationship

In this article we will see how advanced features of Immersive Excel & Office Groups. I hope my articles were interesting and informative to all of you. You would have always imagined, but never found a solution to the tedious task which salespeople or the leadership team have to fulfill in terms of performing what if analysis, make necessary changes and all this without hampering the sales workflow.

CMS? What is it? Do I really need one?

CMS, the Content Management System is the one that makes the process to update and manage your website - a convenience. A good CMS, as they say, empowers you to add and manage the content on your websites. There are a few, who feel that internet surfing and checking on websites, is like reading a book.

Joomla development - Solaire System - Alternative Solaire

One of our Canada based client wants us to develop Soalire CMS system in Joomla Framework. The site developed with multi-lingual functionality (i.e. French and English). Client wants to promote their products and content using CMS application. The site have facility to upload videos, pictures or add/edit embed video code.

Social Networking Website Development

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Copyright © Crispy Codes - All Rights | Email : [email protected] 401, Hi-Tech House, Gurukul, Ahmedabad - 380052, Gujarat, India. Voice (India): +91-794 -000-3266 Client owns the social engine website

E-shop for Computer Components

Client wants to build ecommerce store for computer components. They need to create complete eshop with simple user interface and also it includes customized features.

Joomla, WordPress or Drupal; your best CMS - IT Blogs | MyTechLogy

You write a content piece, upload it on the CMS and it promptly gives out a nice page bearing your article plus the menus, sidebars, and all the fixings - now that is CMS. CMS, the Content Management System is the one that makes it a convenient process to update and manage your website.

Social - Next Big Thing for eCommerce

Social channels were not a meaningful source of direct traffic and sales. Till 2013, social channels contributed only 1.55% of all traffic to some of the top eCommerce sites on the web. They were commonly regarded as a means of promoting products, but not necessarily the force that drives conversions and sales.But believe me, this is all set to change, and change for good.

Created a Global Online Clean Technology Marketplace using PHP

CleanTek Market is a global online clean technology marketplace, connecting you with current and future technology providers, investors, advisors and other market players. CleanTek Market was founded in Melbourne, Australia to promote clean technology investment, reduce transaction costs, connect investors and advisors with early stage solution providers and encourage dialogue among current and potential clean technology participants through our Cluster portal.

CMS Website Development for Children Summer Camp

Set your desired dimension then copy the code below to your blog/website. Client owns a site Malibu Beach Camp. He needs to rebuild the site with new look and feel having the functionalities of a CMS Website. The Content and images are transferred from the existing website to the new website To continue, complete human verification below.

Online E-Shop Development for Computer Components

Client is growing computer parts reseller and his primary object was to have an eCommerce built from the ground up. The main functions to be included would be a client interface (in Order for customers to manage/track they’re profile’s and order’s), the Online store portion which would include an interactive menu for customers to choose and select parts based on compatibility and also the client need to have a to build a menu that would enable a user to build his computer based on Compatibility as well as to include a shopping cart for payment and Checkout.

Innovative yet Effective Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Businesses, worldwide are increasingly becoming mobile! Innovative enterprise mobility solutions have become an integral part of almost every business domain. Development and deployment of mobility solutions within an enterprise is a lengthy and cumbersome process. Therefore, it is critical that before you begin the process, you should consider various factors to ensure your organization is ready for a successful mobile solution.