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Here is a list of my recent blog posts. Also check out my list of byline articles.
The 10 Best Small Businesses of 2014

These startups are the perfect representation of our nation's excellence in innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity and it's important that they are recognized. These 10 businesses stood out amongst the crowd of the 28 million small businesses currently operating in America based on the following qualifications: Quality - Devotion to quality products and outstanding customer experience.

For Marketers, It's No More Either/Or, Think AND.

Marketers have reached a crossroads. The Internet is disruptive. Media consumption and consumer behavior have changed drastically and it has become increasingly difficult to break through the clutter. Understanding the challenges brands face and successfully navigating this change underscores the introduction of our new brand, Cofactor, which combines the DNA of long-standing digital leaders Shoplocal and PointRoll.

5 Questions with Mat Herman, Co-founder and CEO of Apt2B
When I lost my job in the home furnishings business in 2008. As a result, I lost my house in the Hollywood Hills and essentially went from the penthouse to the outhouse almost overnight.
5 Questions With Scott Lerner, Founder of Solixir
Solixir was created out of my own need. I was working out regularly at 5:00 a.m. and I needed a boost. I was relegated to drinking Red Bull and I wasn't happy with its ingredient profile. I searched the market for something all natural and healthy.
What is Apple iBeacon and Geo Fence Marketing?
Twenty years ago a national brand could not have imagined that it could produce a marketing message based on a consumer's exact physical location. Maybe in future-based movies, like Total Recall or Metropolis, but not in reality.
Uber App Review - 3 Reasons Why it's the Best App
If you Google 'Uber' you'll find countless stories about controversies with taxi companies, complaints about 'surge pricing' and critics poking holes in the Uber business model. Success comes at a price and this review isn't a confirmation or condemnation of the controversy, instead a first-hand account of what makes Uber successful can what other companies big and small can learn from Uber.
What Amazon Can Teach Any Business About Localized Marketing
Seattle-based Amazon found a way to convince a consumer in Boston to buy paper towels and wait two days for delivery instead of visiting a local grocery store. How does that happen? Amazon's challenged brick and mortar stores since its inception, even being sued by Barnes & Noble for calling themselves "the world's biggest bookstore" when B&N claimed they were actually a book broker.
Mobile Is More Than A Channel; It's A Behavior
If there's one thing I'm sure of as a marketer, it's that mobile is more than its channel - it's a behavior. The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets has created an ultra-connected mobile consumer, which has permanently disrupted the shopping experience.
Cut Through The Confusion: 5 Truths Marketers Should Know About Native Advertising
For all the hype about native advertising by marketers, agency creative folks and traditional news publishers, the genre is nothing more than a fancifully dressed up, repackaged iteration of the original magazine advertorial. GigaOM founder Om Malik described native advertising as "a sales pitch that fits right into the flow of the information being shown."
3 Tips for Building 'Curious Disbelief'
What if every marketing program was guaranteed to succeed? And what if success was measured not in the number of Facebook 'Likes' or 'Re-tweets,' but how well a marketer delivered on what I call 'Curious Disbelief?' Let's start with a definition. Curious Disbelief is simply getting consumers to: I'll take each individually.
5 Tips for Kick-Starting Omni-Channel Retailing
We've gone too far with the "next best marketing craze" buzzwords. From SoLoMo (the Convergence of Social, Local and Mobile) to my new favorite, omni-channel retailing. While I am all for innovation, I think many retailers are getting distracted by the "next best marketing craze" buzzwords.
5 Best News Aggregators for getting the most out of your phone
As print readership continues to spiral downward, smartphone adaption is exploding. We live in a multi-screen world where mobile will keep disrupting journalism with the gap between reading news on print and mobile devices shrinking. According to Pew Research, less than ten percent of people under the age of 30 reported that they had read a newspaper the previous day.
5 Questions with Master Marketer Bob Thacker
When Bob Thacker retired from Office Max his team presented him with a wall-sized card that read, "Bob Thacker is like ..." Bob is a master marketer with a knack for waxing poetic with simple analogies that put words into perspective.
5 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Their Online Presence to Win at Local Marketing
The recent convergence of mobile social and location technologies is providing small and medium business (SMB) with both better opportunities and new challenges to grow their businesses. Customers are now empowered using mobile technologies and smartphones that are completely changing interactions between product, service and pricing transparency.
Big Data Marketing from 3 Top CMOs
edo recently gathered top Dallas marketers to discuss best practices in marketing, and how big data is changing the way we think about measurement and messaging. CMO leaders across nationally recognized brands shared key takeaways on incorporating data-driven, performance based marketing to better connect with customers.
5 Ways to Reach the Mobile Consumer
Given the increase in popularity of mobile devices, it's no surprise that smartphone and tablet internet traffic is expected to eclipse desktop web visits in the coming months. We've seen mobile email open rates already overtake desktop: according to Litmus, mobile email open rates are now 43 percent vs.
Why Target and Facebook Cartwheel is a #Fail
This is the first post in a series looking at the Target Cartwheel user experience. Read Jeff's follow-up Cartwheel app review here. Target Cartwheel is: Dubbed as a Beta launch, I'd expect better from the two brand powerhouses in Target and Facebook.