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Knowing This List Will Make Your Sprinkler Systems Look Amazing

Sprinkler systems are sprinklers providing irrigation to vegetation, or for recreation, as a cooling system, or for the control of airborne dust.
Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
We have a large range of Irrigation lawn sprinkler systems to suit small gardens, large lawns as well as commercial parks and playing fields. At Dural Irrigation we only carry professional quality popup sprinklers from the quality brands you can trust such as Hunter, Toro and Rainbird.
Sprinkler System Troubleshooting
A sprinkler system is one of the best ways for watering your garden or lawn. This article provides some troubleshooting tips for the same. – PowerPoint PPT presentation
How to Install In-Ground Sprinklers?
Difficulty: Moderate to hard 16 to 20 hours about $1,000 to $1,400 for a two-zone system A landscape flush with green grass, healthy trees, and colorful flowers increases a home's curb appeal. Automatic sprinklers are the best way to maintain such a luxuriant setting while minimizing water use.
Install Your Own Underground Sprinkler System
If you're tired of dragging that old lawn sprinkler around every few days, you may want to consider installing your own underground sprinkler system. By doing the job yourself, you can save 30 to 40 percent of the cost of a professional installation, and today's sprinkler components are easier than ever to assemble.
Automated Sprinkler System Anyone Can Do!
So, the idea is to place regular lawn sprinklers in "permanent" locations. Ask yourself the following questions: How much of your yard do you want to water? Where can you put a sprinkler to reach the maximum amount of area, yet remain out of sight?
Sprinkler Head Types
An important material or part of a sprinkler system is the sprinkler heads. This knowledge comes in handy for people who have houses with giant lawns, or also those who get sprinklers installed as a fire safety precaution. Description Installing the right sprinkler system is extremely essential for lawn care.
Lawn Sprinkler Systems - Your Way To The Greenest Lawn In Town
A healthy lawn needs a good irrigation method. Using a lawn sprinkler system is the most efficient and effective way of filling this requirement for having a good lawn
How to Install Sprinkler Systems?
In-ground irrigation systems, or automatic sprinkler systems, have gained popularity as water resource management has become an issue in our rapidly expanding exurbs. In addition to using native grasses and using mulch rather than chemical fertilizer, these systems can conserve water and keep lawns green through the summer without having to get up...