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Great Health Tips from experts

List of some really useful health information from expert doctors
Must know about Schizophrenia , a common psychiatric illness worldwide
Schizophrenia - not less than a battleBattling schizophrenia is not easy for the suffered, as it is a complex neurological disorder that cannot be cured. However it can be managed with the help of medicine and other treatments that are available in today's age. It was found that Schizophrenia affects 0.3-0.7% (approx.)
Moments during study no doctor can forget
Weird moments every doctor faced during study1. Entering first time in the hostel, in front of senior doctors2. Expressions of seniors for coming junior students3. Attending the lectures with nothing going inside brain 4.A day before exam image found on : www.poetsandquants.com5. Piles of books on tableimage coutsey: 6.
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Effective and Safe Male Breasts Reduction Treatment
If you are a man who is
embarrassed about having large women-like breasts, then the only way that you
can remove this issue is by getting yourself enrolled for a gynecomastia
surgery or a male breast reduction procedure. While the principal factors
causing gynecomastia is still somewhat of a mystery, it is believed that usage
of steroids, hormonal imbalances or drug abuse can be some of the major reasons
why some men suffer from this condition. Obese or overweight men having
deposits of fat around the chest can also develop gynecomastia.
What your poop can tell about your hidden health problems
Have health problems, your poop may answer someYou might be thinking what shit are we talking about?? But that's true even the waste product of your body indicates something about your health. To be more precise stool is the unwanted product that is thrown out of the body after digestion in the form of poop. The whole movement of food particle from the mouth towards gut is a digestive process and the last step of this process is called bowel movement. Did you know that daily solid waste and at least two quarter of liquid pass through your body and that solid waste product is called a stool.  A healthy stool is defined as one that contains undigested fluid (mostly fiber), some amount of fluid and wore out cells of the intestinal lining. But you do not have a microscope in your eyes; 
Tips to relieve sore throat without medicines
Tired of sore throat, tried everything, Are you sure ? Try this.
What you must know about cesarean section
Planning for caesarean ,Know about LSCSLSCS stands for Lower Segment Caesarean Section 
Prevention of Summer diseases
             Prevention of summer diseases

Summer is approaching in most part of the country and it is
expected to have severe heat, as predicted by weather forecasts. Just like
water scarcity, health diseases during summer also a serious matter of concern.  Most common diseases during summer areDysenteryFlu

First aid for nose bleeding

First Aid for nose bleedBleeding from the nose is unusual, and so when it happens, it makes us frightened. Most of the time, bleeding from nose suggests some serious issues. So what to do when a nose is bleeding?What to do first?Bleeding must stop, whenever it happens, whether on surface of body or inside thebody. Bleeding causes decreased circulating blood in vessels, and decreases blood pressure.Pinch the nose from (below the nasal bone, against the face).Pinch it for 5 minutes. 

A quick guide to hypothyroidism, low thyroid hormone level

Suffering from low levels of thyroid, Manage itSo what if I have low levels of thyroid in body? 

Your must know list about Hyperthyroidism

Are you Hyperthyroidic, Get your facts rightThyroid is a gland that is located in front of the neck below voice box. It is involved in the production of two principle hormones which is involved in regulating the process of how your cell must use its energy. The T3 (tetraiodothyronine) and T4 (triiodothyronine) are the hormone that regulates your body’s energy levels and maintain the balance in your body. 

What is underlying your nausea and vomit, know the reasons

Facts about nausea and vomitingWe usually take nausea and vomiting on a light note, claiming that something must be wrong with yesterday nights food. Its fortunate that this is the case majority of the time but when to take it seriously one must know that.

Deadliest diseases for Humans on this planet

Deadliest diseases, are they preventable?You might be thinking that world deadliest disease would be the one that are not preventable and might be of highest complexity but that is not true!! Much of the world renowned deadliest disease are preventable if it is well published and mass is aware about it. So read on to save yourself from getting into the trap of diseases that may take away your life  In recent months you have come across the dead due to Ebola virus, or cancer, but can you imagine tuberculosis and diarrhoea are also included in this list!

Keep this in mind before planning pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy, read this pocket guide Pregnancy is an unusual and pleasant experience for mother and family, 


Most reliable health tips, health articles, patient education, continual medical education and expert answers of health questions.

Battling HIV or AIDS, Know the rules

HIV or AIDS – Know the rules

We all are really not completely aware about the deadly disease
known as “AIDS or HIV”, 

Hiccups?? - Stop it with these remedies

A. Home Remedies to stop hiccupHold your breath.Drink a glass of water Put a teaspoon of sugar on the tongue and let it ....

7 Ways you can prevent pregnancy

Birth control measures – Plan well!! It’s good that you are thinking of family planning and looking out for method of birth control. The article will enlighten natural and other scientific method to prevent pregnancy but it’s totally your choice to go for which option. 

10 common childhood skin problems

Common childhood skin diseases

You might have seen rashes, bumps, redness, welt, pimples on child skin. And they are menifestations os skin diseases and other diseases.

Know about anemia in pregnancy

Pregnant and Anaemic – Do not panic!Pregnancy causes lots of changes in mother’s body – some are better and some not so good. For instance increase in amount of blood that leads to higher requirements of iron and vitamins to produce haemoglobin. 

Tooth abscess

A periapical tooth abscess occurs when bacteria invade the dental pulp 

Why Soda is an obstacle to Healthy Life

Soda – your health’s enemySoda is an aerated drink that contains lots of sugar and calories.