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Updated by Dr. Ryan Chamberlin on Apr 15, 2015
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Medical Devices for Preppers

Every prepper group needs a medic. provides insight and discussion into which conditions preppers will face in the dark days ahead!
5 Must Have Medical Devices for Master Preppers - Part I | Medical Devices
Calamities fill the air with thick and inescapable particulate matter; choking out those trying to escape. This predisposes preppers to pulmonary infections and toxic poisonings of every sort.
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Learn how to tell the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia with your stethoscope and pulse oximeter, and how to treat both. If you read this post carefully and watch the short videos, we guarantee if you do it will be well, well worth your time!
Can Preppers Survive Lightning Strikes? How to Ensure Survival!
Lightning strikes can create huge problems while bugging-out. In this post we'll be discussing how to treat those who've been hit... and it's easier than you think! Did you know that there's always a lightning storm, 24 hours a day, occurring somewhere on the planet?
$90 for the Equipment Preppers Need for Pandemics and Ebola
Will you know what to do if Ebola gets loose here? What if we have a major outbreak, or even an all-out epidemic? Do you know how to take care of a sick family member at home? You might have to if the healthcare system fails.
Three Reasons Every Prepper Needs a Cautery Pen!
Battery powered cautery pens are handy $10 devices that you should consider getting for your medical kit. The most inexpensive places to find these are fishing and sporting goods stores. Where apparently they're used for fly tying and other hobbies. The closest thing a prepper has to Captain Kirk's phaser, many people don't know about their many potential medical uses.
Can You Super Glue Wounds - Or Do You Need Sutures/Stitches?
Can You Really Super Glue Wounds Closed? What made doctors first think they could throw out their sutures and just super glue wounds back together? In this post we'll see that it was all an accidental consequence of WWII. And that while rarely does something ... Read more ›
Learn How to Repair Lacerations with This Super Easy Technique!
Commonly known as "putting in stitches," suturing is not complicated. And if you choose to use a straight needle - it's even simpler. In this post we'll show you how to repair lacerations the simple and easy way. Best of all, our technique requires almost no equipment and takes only minutes to learn and perform!
Can Preppers Catch Hepatitis THROUGH Their Protective Gloves?
The protective gloves you choose are as important as having them. Preppers have several to choose from, and in this post we'll discuss those you must avoid.
The Best Footwear for Painful Feet & Knees, Tweak Yours!
Preppers! Want to Learn How to Tweak Your Footwear to Treat Painful Knee Conditions? In Minutes We'll Show You the Best Footwear for Painful feet & Knees