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Nonprofit Blog Carnival: What's Your Best Productivity Tip

This is a list of submissions about personal productivity online and offline for nonprofit professionals submitted for the Jan. 2015 Blog Carnival
Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Personal Productivity Tips for Nonprofits
The first Nonprofit Blog Carnival of 2015 is on the theme is personal productivity. If you're like most nonprofit folks, you've probably made a few New Year's resolutions, including being more effective at your job. But maintaining productivity, especially online, can be challenging.
How To Train Your Attention and Be Effective When Working Online
Take a guess. Be honest. How long can you pay attention when working online before your mind wanders? According to the Statistic Brain site list of attention span stats, in 2000 we had a 12 second attention span compared with an 8 second attention in 2013.
Why "Time Management" is No Longer Relevant - Regain Your Time
Search engines, billions of websites, targeted advertisement and easy access to digital content provide us with myriad ways of taking care of our most complex informational and entertainment needs. What is now scarce, and therefore valuable, is the user's attention, which explains the intense efforts made to obtain it through focused advertising, pop-ups, short videos ...
Quality vs. Quantity: Reframing Personal Productivity Online
Most articles about online productivity are framed as helping you to do more - automate this, multi-task that, consume more faster, etc. Most professionals I know - especially those in the nonprofit world - are already consuming too much information, most of it online.
Marion Conway - Consultant to Nonprofits
The topic for this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival is personal productivity online. In a nutshell my advice is to spend time on your blue chips and don't let the monkeys sit in your lap.Let me explain.
My Personal Productivity Tips
Over the years I have developed a set of productivity tips that seems to work well for me. I have shared them with my coworkers from time time with positive results, so I figured that they would make for a good post to get my blog back up and running.
50 minute work segments: my key to maximum productivity
What do I do when I really need to get things done? I get things done. How? Through 50 minute work segments. I'm always entertained by the countless applications and 'hacks' geared to accomplishing more in a workday, because for me, it's simple. If I need to write, then...I write.
A Grant Writer's Quest to Move: 2015 - DH Leonard Consulting
It's been over two years. Two years of days happily walking along while writing grants, writing grant related blogs, and writing curriculum for grant related webinars (okay, and occasionally dancing along to the music on my Spotify playlist) from the treadmill desk in my office.
Communications poking holes in your money-time continuum?
Time is money. It's a cliché we've all heard and understand. But in the nonprofit world, the relationship between time and money is not always so straightforward. You might have volunteers and other non-monetary resources available to you, and your hard work translates into a gradually better world -- a tricky thing to quantify on an hourly basis.
How are you improving your productivity in 2015?
For the last few decades, I've been on a quest to become more productive with the time I've been given. My counselor introduced me to the idea of mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises. Microsoft introduced all of us to Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. David Allen and Stephen Covey introduced us to time management strategies,...
3 Amazing Non-profit Management Tools (Tool Tips Tues 3rd Edition)
Tool Tips Tuesday, the blog post where I tell you about three of my favourite digital tools, is back for the third month in a row. This month I've rounded up a list of tools that will help you run your non-profit.
Getting a Handle on All There is To Do - Ignited Fundraising
Last week I talked about changing my story this year to one of being enough. That also means I may have to change, update, or simply use systems to keep myself organized and feeling like things aren't slipping through the cracks.
Hello, Trello: Why We're Simply Loving It
With seven people working from multiple cities and locations, my team doesn't have an option when it comes to online productivity. Our job is to be online all day finding the latest and greatest in nonprofit happenings. That means reading blogs, writing articles and (gasp!) being on social media.
Staff Burnout Can Be a Matter of Life and Death
I want to share with you an unflattering personal story about how a certain, very common management style (mine) nearly resulted in the death of a dear friend and colleague. No exaggeration (ok, maybe just a tiny bit.) I hope by sharing my story you can avoid making this mistake at your nonprofit.
What "Chopped" can Teach Fundraisers about Productivity and Passion - Clairification
One of my secret pleasures is watching the show "Chopped" show on the Food Network. Today I watched an episode that just had me bawling at the end. It was the most heartwarming show I've ever seen. And it reminded me of why all of you do the work that you do in the social [...]
Rockwood Leadership Blog
One of the six practices we teach social change leaders here at Rockwood Leadership Institute is personal ecology: maintaining balance, pacing and efficiency to sustain your energy over a lifetime of activism. For the past seven years, we've found that a wonderful way to support our staff's personal ecology is by instituting a four-day, 32-hour workweek.
Your social media content strategy on an hour a day - Dog-eared Social
Social media, that's just 140 characters, right? Easy! Unfortunately, that's not the case. Social media is a lot more than writing a tweet. It's knowing how your audience is going to react before they do. It's not just knowing what to say, it's knowing when and how to say it.
Blogging the Cause: 10 Tools to Help You Work Faster, Write Better and Score More Readers
Last month, I wrote a post for Hubspot titled 5 Ways Blogging Can Advance Your Nonprofit Career (and 3 Ways to Get Started). I heard from several people who agreed that blogging would be a great way to advance their nonprofit careers.
Top Productivity Hacks for Nonprofit Social Media Professionals
Top Productivity Hacks for Nonprofit Social Media Professionals By Ritu Sharma, Executive Director, Social Media for Nonprofits Time management plays an integral part in the success of any nonprofit social media professional. Developing effective time management skills might be a process of trial and error, as not all methods work for all people and all nonprofits.
Nonprofit Social Media Help: Linkedin Tools
In today's podcast, " LinkedIn Evangelist", Maria Semple tells us why this social media channel is indispensible to nonprofits. As principal of The Prospect Finder, she regularly helps nonprofits and small businesses understand how to use Linkedin tools to increase visibility and gain valuable connections. Do you think Linkedin is just for posting resumes?
Is Your Inbox Taking Over the World?
My inbox was taking over the world. Well, it was taking over MY world anyway. Because I received waaaay too many emails, I consistently had hundreds - sometimes thousands - of unread emails. I also was routinely distracted from my "real" work because I checked my email every [...]
Walking As Work: Why Movement Is the Killer App
Last year, when I got my annual physical, my cholesterol numbers were not good. For this month's Connect theme, a number of speakers are previewing the great breakout sessions they are preparing for the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin, TX March 4-6. Following is a preview of one of over 100 breakout sessions.
Time Management for Nonprofit Social Media Professionals: What's Your Best Tip?
In the nonprofit sector, time is our most valuable resource. It can't be recycled if we squander it. Distractions are time wasters and you need to manage them not the other way around. Some interruptions come from our physical environment. Co-workers stop at your desk to chat
5 Methods for Avoiding Procrastination for Nonprofits
I found this wonderful comic on Mashable " The Field Guide to Procrastination" that identifies 12 different methods for work avoidance or procrastination, defined in Wikipedia as " putting off tasks for a later date." We all do it. The comic is funny but a fairly accurate depiction of how we procrastinate.