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15 Amazing DIY Organic Cosmetics

Do you know what are the exact ingredients they put into your cosmetic products? Especially when you are dealing with allergies and rashes? Weather such harmful products are tested on animals or not? Well worry no more, because here is a list of DIY homemade organic products that enhance your beauty naturally without any chemicals.
Homemade Mascara
A few simple ingredients is all you will need to get healthy, lush, flirty-worthy lashes.
DIY Shower Jelly
Shower jelly is just a gelatinous form of shower gel. At room temperature, it falls somewhere between liquid shower gel and bar soap in terems of consistency—like Jell-O. You can use it as is, which makes showering more fun (I smush it into a loofah); you can chill it in the fridge if you like a more bracing shower experience (it feels REALLY COOL to loofah something cold onto your skin in hot water, trust); or you can freeze it if you prefer a more bar-soap-y feel.
Coffee Under Eye Cream
You can either make this recipe for one large container or pour the cream into smaller sized lip balm pots for gifting and sharing.
Coconut Milk Shampoo
Like many beauty products, the ingredients can be altered to fit your scent preference, as long as these two stay the same: coconut milk and castile soap.
Bubble Bars
You can make as many as 10 Bubble Bars for the price of one (YEAH!) Bubble Bar from store.
Honey Lemon Body Butter
Get the freshness of lemon in this homemade body butter and enjoy a supple skin whole day long!
Luxury Night Moisturiser
This luxury night moisturiser is 100% natural, lovely and very moisturising. It takes time to soak in and therefore use it as night cream.
Handmade Organic Lip Balm
This organic lip balm works wonders on your sensitive lip skin! Keeps it moisturised all day long.
Homemade Body Butter
A simple homemade body butter that works great for shaving your legs too.
Lemon Fresh Deodorant
Afraid of using chemicals on your underarms which may darken your skin? Well worry no more. This amazing lemon deodorant will solve all your problems.
Eye Shadows
This eye shadow is better than the synthetic ones you get in the stores. If you don't believe me, try it yourself and see.
Foundation Powder
Homemade foundation powder is made with ingredients that are be safe to eat. In fact, many of these ingredients you may already be using in your real food kitchen.
Green Tea Repairing Face Cream
This Repairing Face Cream is perfect. Green tea has been known to repair some sun damage and possibly reduce signs of aging. Plus, it smells yummy. The Rose hip seed oil focuses on skin repair and regeneration, which makes this cream great for chapped areas. Rose hip seed oil is also used for aging skin, increasing its ability to repair itself. Coconut and Almond oils are great moisturizers, and bee wax helps lock in that effect. Its all natural, smells delicious and is great for your skin!!
Bath Bomb
What’s hotter than a bath? A bath with bombs! To soak away a stressful day, all you have to do is toss a bath bomb into your tub. It will set off a fizzy reaction that releases super-relaxing essential oils. Plus, they make great gifts! Pamper yourself (or your loved one) and make your own DIY bath bombs.
Charcoal Mask
This mask is easy to prepare, store and use once or twice a week for a purified and even skin tone.
Coconut Coffee Scrub
You already know that coconut oil is like the 8th wonder of the world. And the caffeine in coffee grounds is a genius way to reduce cellulite. The caffeine absorbs into your skin and dehydrates the fluid in those pesky cellulite areas, so your skin is (temporarily) tighter and firmer.