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Updated by Urvi Shah on Aug 29, 2019
Headline for Best Inspiring Clean India/ Swachh Bharat films
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Best Inspiring Clean India/ Swachh Bharat films

We all look around the unhygienic conditions and blame the system for everything. How many of us have taken the initiative of cleaning the country and inspired others to do the same as well? But here is a list of such inspiring videos made by some responsible citizens of India to encourage each one of us to take a step closer to cleanliness.
The First Step -Clean India Campaign-Swachh Bharat Mission Film
No more talks. Actions speak louder than words. Before blaming everyone why don't we change!
Swachh Bharat Clean India - Green India | Motivational Short Film
Swachh Bharat : Clean India, a short film, is one inspiring story of how an uneducated, handicapped and underprivileged beggar is more responsible than a sophisticated, literate Indian man towards the betterment of the society we live in.
Keep Clean your city - Best inspiring commercial ever
This creative boy did the best use of his creativity in showing how will our country look after a few years if the cleaners did not clean. Piles of waste everywhere and we will still walk over it!
The Swachh Bharat Experiment | Shocking Responses |
This video is an amazing social experiment conducted in India. It shows how we don't practice what we preach.
"He CAN , Can YOU ?" | Swachh Bharat Abhiyan | Short film
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign was officially launched on 2 October 2014 by Prime Minister "Sir Narendra Modi". A short film from the Team ALARM FILMS to boost the campaign. A initiative to keep our country clean. ALARM FILMS presents "He CAN, Can YOU?".
Short film on Swachh bharat abhiyan clean india
A short film made by HJ and team on #Swachhbharatabhiyan #cleanindia #greenindia with a motive to spread the message of cleanliness throughout India.
Would You Stop Someone From Littering? SOCIAL EXPERIMENT | SHOCKING RESULTS
People complain about how dirty our roads are, people complain how the government doesn't do anything about it, people complain all the time. But, are they willing to do what is in their hands? That's what the filmers wanted to find out when they did this social experiment. They littered in front of 100 people and only 1 of them picked the litter and threw it in the bin. Only one hero. If you are a hero, don't be ashamed to throw the litter in the right place.
Learn How to Clean your India like this child.
This Mumbai kid teaches you how to keep your city clean A big salute to this boy.
CLEAN INDIA | A Silent Short Film
Sometimes kids are smarter than elders in all respects. But at times they enlighten you with their enthusiasm and responsibility towards their country . Do watch.
Little Steps | Clean India | A Short Film | By KAT Productions
Our kids are visual learners. They learn by what they see. Be an inspiration . Teach them to keep India clean. As they are the Future of our Nation.