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Data Processing Solutions

HabileData is one of the leaders in outsourcing industry and a frontrunner in offering quality data processing services to its clients worldwide.


Positive Effects of Outsourcing to India | HabileData

Outsourcing to India helps companies reinvent their business strategies. Find out why companies prefer India, effects in Indian outsourcing industry and the benefits of outsourcing to India.

Taking a cue from the Ryanair screen scraping judgment
Screen scraping is the best way to aggregate web data much faster than a human possibly can. However, is there any such thing known as ethical web scraping? Well it's not scraping in itself that is good or bad. What matters is how you use the scraped data. It would be extremely unethical to steal data, republish it or use it to cause harm to a business. This was clearly established when the EU passed a judgment in favour of Ryanair.

BPO the Road Ahead: 8 Strategies Transforming the Business Processes

BPO the Road Ahead: 8 Strategies Transforming the Business Processes
Today BPO has adopted a more holistic approach towards transforming business process by delivering a smooth blend of operational, strategic and technological levers. While earlier, the only identity of BPO was continuous improvements and ERP roll outs, today it promises innovation and immense capabilities, which add value to your business.
Re-Engineered Business Solutions an Emerging Need for Business Processes

Re-engineering your business process will give your organization a face lift Solutions include benefits of reduced operational costs, increased accuracy & precision, enhanced performance and productivity, better service and setting up a high benchmark, to name a few.

Big Data Transforms Business

More clarity required on 'Big Data' to determine what future holds for those into data management. Data Collection, conversion in appropriate formats and analysis are basis activities of constructing business growth. Many business process management seminars are organized world wide and often companies conduct in-house workshop to understand the value of 'Big Data'.

How to Help Small Businesses Outsource Effortlessly?

If you are a small business firm, outsourcing a part of your business is surely a wise decision. A small business firm has many important tasks on hand to focus on. It should thus easily avail services of external agencies to get its work done in the most appropriate and professional manner.

Positive Effects of Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing industry is fast growing and this needs no proof or evidence. The way a country like India is expanding in terms of outsourcing business as compared to other countries across the globe has taken everyone by surprise. All thanks to outsourcing! Outsourcing is otherwise too known as a good business approach!

Why you should conduct Market Research before Venturing into Business?

Research Your Market, Competitors, Industries & Companies. Contact best online business marketing research outsourcing firms in India that provides offshore outsourcing services.

3 Steps to Collect and Process Impeccable Data

Businesses across the world are going through a transition phase – And this transition has resulted into a tsunami of information that comes pouring in almost every other day. It is important that these unrefined data is processed effectively to lay your hand on appropriate information that can hit the bull’s eye.

Data Extraction Services will Change the Face of Travel Industry

Travel industry has come a long way! - With time and technological progress; travel sector has also done a new-age hat and has gone online. In fact, if you just type a random place; you will along with other search results, get links of numerous site providing hotel and ticket bookings.

Harvest Data from Websites; But How Ethical is Web Scraping?

We have entered an age where relevant, comprehensive and apt information has a pivotal role to play! In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that around 80% of business processes across the world, today, somewhere relies on effective online data harvesting and scraping.

Image Editing For Online Store: Best Strategy to Convert Visitors into Customers

Optimize online store images to make an impact on conversion ration of products. Image editing and retouching services demonstrate better quality of products available.

Are You Planning to Hire a Virtual Assistant? Consider These Points!

Virtual assistants for hire are definitely going to reduce your burden; but when you cannot find the right one; it backfires. Top Outsourcing Services provide best virtual assistants – you just keep aforementioned tips in mind.

Web Research to Bring about Peripheral Changes in Educational Sector

Web research results into excellent deal for the students and educators, helping them to get some relief from the cumbersome task of internet researching.

4 Amazing Multi-Tasking Benefits When You Hire a Virtual Assistant...!!!!!

Concept of virtual assistant is a big time hit! Thanks to the increasing competitiveness, business world is getting more and more volatile; making it important that entrepreneurs are constantly on their toes! This has obviously led to severe time-constraints; resulting in neglecting some so-called-trivial administrative tasks (By the way, these tasks are equally important).

Extensive Benefits of Data Mining Services to Marketing - Retail and Outreach Sectors...!!!

Data mining services work like a magnet – It helps you in finding the right kind of information from huge databases available in the digital world. And with databases getting mammoth every minute, the importance of partnering with a professional and reliable data mining company cannot be overlooked.

Web Scraping Services Imperative for Effective Business Decision Making Process

This article has outlined some of the decisive aspects of a business where web scraping service becomes indispensable. Web scraping or data extraction services have been shrouded with of lot of controversies. Some believe it is not ethical; we have already discussed in one of our previous articles – Harvest Data from Websites…But How Ethical is Web Scraping?

PDF to eBook Data Conversion to Deliver Your Content Fast and Convenient

Publication industry is going through one of the most evolutionary phases expanding in all directions. In fact, with the number of self-publishing cases, writers/authors now want a format that can get them maximum audience. Increasing number of people are reading eBooks, and this is due to the convenience and affordability it offers.

3 Data Management Tips to have a Solid Database!!!

Data management is extremely challenging especially when there are variety of information sources. And effective management more or less depends on these ‘different variety of data’; with such variations, data management becomes more complex and thus, people end up with something that is not even close to actual data administration.

Few Elements that your Transcription Business Must Contain..!!!

In this article, we shall concentrate on various elements that you can include in making a very robust and effective business plan for the growth of your transcription services.

6 Tips to Turn Web Consumer Research Rocket Science work To Your Advantage

A famous brand — that has been ruling the market since years and has sort of created a monopoly — Considered almost Invincible — But, gradually starts losing its grip — Year after year loses a great share of market and eventually gets replaced by some new brand. Moral of the story — well, depends on who reads it! But one thing is very clear that markets are extremely volatile; you never know what will happen next.

Save and Convert Webpages to PDF files and Give a Cutting Edge to Your...

With a plethora of exciting features; PDF has been the easiest and most authentic way of distributing information of various online platforms. This universal recognition of PDF has resulted into an increase in document conversion services; specifically targeting the PDF conversion. Effectively customizing PDF data is one of the most creative ways to present your-self across a wider audience.

Digitized Patient Records Set to Change Diagnoses and Course of Medical Treatment

Everything is going the digital way - No office or no industry is untouched by this digital revolution. With this rise of digitization; data entry services has experienced a tremendous boom in the last couple of years.

Systematic Product Data Entry Gets You an Efficient Ecommerce Store

Sky is the limit for Ecommerce market. It is widely anticipated that the market will witness an extremely steep upsurge in coming years. And hence, several merchants and sellers are bracing themselves to get into this new-age market with advanced online stores to apparently give a boost to their business.

Data mining services - how real estate industry can benefit by identifying customer preferences

Data mining services help businesses analyse and understand buyer requirements and preferences and hence plan their business strategy and device marketing tactics based on this information. Customers are the most important entities, and catering to their requirements is the most important activity that can drive business growth and boost sales.