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Best Attractions in Bentota, a delightful visitor destination

The charming town of Bentota is always an engrossing place to visit. In this appealing locality you will find a host of interesting attractions which will captivate the visitor, as described below.

Kande Viharaya Temple

Kande Viharaya Temple
This picturesque temple will capture the imagination of the visitor with its serene beauty. The temple is best known for its immense seated Buddha statue which at 160 ft in height has the distinction of being the tallest of its kind on the globe. Innumerable devotees visit this renowned place of worship seeking spiritual respite from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Visitors will be able to observe the faithful pilgrims going about their devotional rites. Kande Viharaya is a tranquil and peaceful site which always enthrals the traveller with its calm and soothing ambience.

Bentota River Safari

Bentota River Safari
No visit to Bentota would be complete without experiencing a delightful safari on the invitingly scenic Bentota River. A comfortable river vessel will take you along this tranquil waterway at a relaxed pace, giving you ample time to admire the lovely local countryside. You will notice the region's well-known mangroves and you will be able to visit local cultural attractions such as the ancient Wanawasala Temple. If you select an extensive safari excursion you will have the opportunity to visit a quaint local village and enjoy a delectable traditional Sri Lankan meal. On your way along the river you may have the opportunity to observe local wildlife like various birds and water monitors.

Sapugoda Viharaya

Sapugoda Viharaya
This well-known temple has many features of interest that will capture the interest of the visitor. One of its primary attractions is its splendid image house which contains numerous ancient paintings of considerable religious value. Another feature that will draw your attention is a magnificent 'Makara Thorana', a decorative image featuring dragons and religious symbols. Another of these ancient artworks depicts images of dragons, lions, the royal crown and symbols of state. You will also find numerous Buddha statues within this entrancing place of worship. Visitors considering resorts in Bentota will find an excellent choice in the AVANI Bentota Resort, a quality accommodation that always meets the expectations of its guests.

Brief Garden

This picturesque garden is the creation of the acclaimed landscaping designer Bevis Bawa who is renowned for his remarkable works in the country. The Brief Garden was originally a rubber plantation but is now a lovely garden with various features of interest like nooks, alcoves, bowers and an array of ornamental sculptures. You will see that this picturesque garden has been subdivided into a number of themed areas including a Japanese themed water garden. Additionally visitors will also have the opportunity to explore Bawa's former residence which as one might expect offers many features of interest. Here you will see beautiful Dutch style furniture, sculptures, wall hangings and a number of attractive paintings.

Restaurants and Nightlife

As Bentota is a recognized tourist destination you will find a host of attractive restaurants in the town. There are sure to be dining options here that will appeal to you irrespective of your budget or preferences. In Bentota you will find classy restaurants, delicious seafood, local specialties, international dining and more. You will also find discotheques, bars and pubs where you can enjoy a drink, dance or relax in a comfortable setting. Many of the restaurants are located on the beachfront so that you can enjoy a delectable meal in a truly romantic setting. With so many attractions a visit to Bentota is sure to be memorable.